latex mattress for side sleeper on edge of mattress?

As others have noted - thank you for the excellent forum and great information.

I live in S Florida. I originally became interested in latex mattresses when I saw the prana sleep mattress. I loved the feel of the mattresses but the pricing lead me to shop else where. I ended up with a vera wang which I believe has a latex top on the pillow top.

After about 6 years, I am back on the market. I am looking at either the Spindle or Sleep EZ latex mattresses. Maybe a firm, firm, medium combination. I am a side sleeper and bigger guy (6’2 230). My concern is that i like to sleep towards the edge of the mattress. I saw a post recently stating the natural latex for Spindle felt much supportive for sitting on the edge of the mattress. Would that be an issue with a latex mattress - expecially having unglued layers?

Also I am thinking about the euro slats but not sure if the extra expense vs a static slat frame is worth it. Overall I like the option of mail order because of the cost factor and the delivery of a quality product. I always have the option of changing layers and need to replace the guest bedroom bed if worst comes to worst. Appreciate any feedback.

Hi Willfl33433,

If the mattress as a whole and the support layers in particular are firm enough for your body type then edge support isn’t usually an issue with a latex mattress (see post #3 here).

I’m not sure which version of euroslats or flexible slat system you are considering but just like most things that are connected to mattresses they can be detrimental, beneficial, or neutral depending on the specifics of the person and the specifics of the mattress above them. Like any “active” or flexible layer of a sleeping system that is deeper in the mattress (or sleeping system) the effect of deeper layers depends on the type and thickness of the layers and components above them. If the mattress above them is thicker then the effect of flexible slat systems will be reduced and their effect will tend to be more noticeable with thinner mattresses. The only way to really assess the effect of a slat system is your personal testing or experience in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) so you can use your own personal experience to decide whether the addition of the slat system is beneficial, detrimental, or “neutral” (where it really makes little to no difference). Some of the flexible slat systems also allow you to adjust the firmness of the slats under specific parts of the body so you can have softer or firmer areas under the parts of the body that can benefit from this (firmer under the pelvis and softer under the shoulders would be “typical”)

If you can’t test the combination in person or if you are dealing with an online manufacturer or retailer that sells them as an option for their mattresses then they would be in the best position to tell you about how the flexible slat system they sell will affect a particular mattress you are considering but in most cases the suggestions of an online retailer or manufacturer will be based on using a solid non flexing foundation or platform bed and adding a flexible slat system underneath a mattress can change the feel and performance of the mattress vs the more common solid non flexing foundation or platform bed that their suggestions would be based on.

The tutorial post includes a link to the members here that sell mattresses online and many of them sell latex mattresses that have a wide range of options, prices, features, and designs including component mattresses where you can customize, re-arrange or exchange individual layers which gives you good options to customize or fine tune a mattress both before and after a purchase. All of them compete well with the best in the industry in terms of quality, value and service so you can make a choice that is the best “match” for the parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you.

I’m not sure where you are in South Florida but if you are in the Miama / Ft Lauderdale area then the better options or possibilities I’m aware of in your area are in post #2 here.