latex mattress help

Thanks for the very informative site. I have learned a lot, but I like many people feel overwhelmed. My wife wants an adjustable base with our new mattress. We are learning toward the ergomotion 400. So now we are try to pick the right mattress. I was thinking about the ultimate dreams eurotop dreamform based on the online reviews. When I called about a price for the base the salesman stated asking questions about what kind of mattress I was looking at because of course they also sell mattresses. When I told him (dreamform eurotop) the first thing he said was I was looking at a hybrid latex and we would be much better of with a full latex mattresses. He then told me about pure bliss latex mattress and they are all latex. One other point he made was that the pure bliss layers were glued together so they would not shift with the adjustable frame. when I starting researching pure bliss latex the reviews were not real strong. So now I am confused .

Hi jdhr,

The first place I would start your research is the tutorial post here which has all the basic information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make the best possible choices and make more meaningful comparisons between mattresses. I would also take what most mattress salespeople in the mainstream market (unlike factory direct manufacturers or some of the better retailers) tell you with a grain of salt.

Post #3 here and the adjustable bed thread it links to has more information about adjustable beds and some good sources that you can use as a “value reference” because there is no need to test a specific base in person so you can buy an adjustable bed anywhere.

You can read more about some of the pros and cons of a latex/polyfoam hybrid vs an all latex mattress in post #2 here.

Latex Bliss mattresses use high quality materials (Talalay latex) and they are certainly “better than average” quaity/value compared to most mainstream mattresses but they are also in a higher budget range than many other all latex mattresses that use the same materials that are available in the market. They also make latex hybrid mattresses.

You can read more about glued vs unglued latex layers in post #2 here. As you can see … latex is “sticky” and doesn’t generally have an issue with shifting.

If you follow the steps in the tutorial post one at a time you will have the best possible chance of “connecting” with a knowledgeable and experienced retailer that will give you accurate information, puts your best interests above their own, and helps you make a great choice based on your own personal value equation and the criteria (including your budget) that are most important to you.


Well we finally made it to a store that had some pure bliss beds on the sales floor to try. The only two models they had available were the nature and the beautiful. My wife preferred the beautiful model over the nature. She thought the nature was too firm. From reading lots of reviews people stating that once home and using the bed it feels different then it did in the store. Would we be better getting the firmer bed and adding a topper? Vs buying the beautiful and it being too soft after we have slept on it for awhile. thanks

Hi jdhr,

The models you are testing are probably already broken in so if you are only deciding between these two options then I would make sure you test them carefully and objectively using the testing guidelines and then choose the one that your testing indicates is the best match for both of you in terms of PPP.

A mattress/topper combination can be a good idea if you can test the combination in person but if you can’t test the combination in person then choosing a topper that works well for you on a specific mattress can involve some trial and error so it’s normally less risky to choose something that your actual testing and experience indicates is a good match for you and leave the addition of a topper that you can’t test as a backup plan for a mattress that is too firm.