Latex Mattress Retailers on Oahu (and the rest of Hawaii)

I live on the island of Oahu, and I’ve only been able to find two stores that sells latex mattresses. One store called Sleepworld only sells one very expensive mattress called the Lago by OMI. I think it was $4000+, which is too pricey. I did lie on the model at the showroom, but it was a bit too soft for me. I just found out Sears sells latex mattress too from a company called Classic Brands. I have tried it out in person, but I do know it’s not organic and it also contains a polyfoam base, which I am not fond of. Those are the only two stores I know that sells latex mattresses here. Do you know of any other stores in Hawaii that sells latex mattresses? I’m actually considering visiting a few mattress shops on the West Coast mainland to try out a few mattresses in person.

Hi jmattress,

Post #2 here and the links it contains to other posts and threads will give you more information about the somewhat more limited options I’m aware of that are available in Oahu.

I agree with you that while OMI makes some very high quality latex mattresses … they are not in the best value range compared to other similar latex mattresses.

I didn’t realize that Sears there carried the Classic Brands and when I called them in Honolulu they said they didn’t have it on the floor (they are sold online by Wayfair). The only “so called” latex mattress they carried was the Stearns & Foster which I would avoid because they have as much or more polyfoam in the comfort layers than they do latex, the latex is mostly synthetic Dunlop, and they are not good value.

Did one of the stores you visited have the Classic Brands on the floor?

If they did … they can be good value but I would want to know the type and blend of latex they used, the layering of the mattress, and the quality/density of the polyfoam they used. They can be a low cost latex/polyfoam hybrid choice. Their base polyfoam layer is 1.8 lbs and if the latex is Talalay it comes from Latex International.

Hope this helps.


I meant to say, I haven’t tried it out in person yet, but according to the Sears website, the Classic Brands mattress is in stock. I guess I’ll lie on it if they have in on the floor just to see what it feels like in order to set some sort of comfort level baseline.

Hi jmattress,

They don’t carry it in the stores. It’s sold through Wayfair and only available online.