Local Manufacturer Near Belleville/Kingston/Peterborough Ontario?

Hi Phoenix,

I just discovered this site yesterday and, wow, there is a tonne of great info. Great work!

Like others here, my wife and I made the expensive Spring Air Regeneration II mistake a few years back. What was especially frustrating is that we did a fair amount of research on latex beds before our purchase and, by far, this has been our biggest bust in beds to date. This bed was not built to be durable.

So…we are in the market for a new bed and are thinking latex again. I will continue to educate myself using the information here before making decisions about the bed specifics. Rather than buy a brand name we will purchase locally. In earlier posts, you have listed factory direct places in the GTA, London, Windsor and Ottawa areas. This may be a bit of a long shot but - do you know of, and could you recommend, any local manufacturer(s) closer to the Belleville, Kingston and Peterborough areas? We live about 40 minutes north of Belleville.

Thanks for your help.

Hi mjfn,

You seem to be up in lake country where unfortunately as you suspected there aren’t a great deal of alternative choices near you.

I did a search around Kingston, Belleville, and Perterborough to see if there were any local stores that might offer better value or have alternative brands. What I found includes …

http://masterbedroom.ca/. Peterborough, Belleville, Whitby, Pickering. Carries Galaxy and Strata mattresses which are local Toronto manufacturers

http://www.twoheyhome.com/ Peterborough, ON. Kingsdown.

http://www.olympicmattress.ca/ Belleville, ON. Local manufacturer that makes a range of memory foam and innerspring mattresses. I haven’t talked with them so make sure that they will provide you with the foam quality/density specs you need to make an informed choice.

http://mattressmart.ca/ Belleville, Kingston, ON. Endless Comfort which is a local manufacturer based in Vaughan.

http://www.baysidemattress.com/ Belleville, ON. Yorkdale (Dreamstar) which is also a local Toronto manufacturer.

http://diyparksfactory.tripod.com/index.htm Belleville, ON. While they don’t have any all latex mattresses … they do carry a range of mattresses including latex/innerspring mattresses made by Galaxy Bedding (a local Toronto manufacturer) which include some polyfoam in the quilting. They told me they were more than happy to share the specs of any mattress they sell or call the manufacturer if they don’t have it.

http://www.jamesreidfurniture.net/ Kingston, ON. Marshall Mattress which is also a Toronto manufacturer but they are generally in higher budget ranges and I would make sure you can find out all the specs you need to make an informed choice.

If I come across any others, I’ll certainly add them to this list.

A little further away … the list for the Greater Toronto area is in post #1 here.


Thanks for this information Phoenix. I will contact the local retailer about their Englander beds. I have read a little about them. They certainly have a dizzying amount of model names. Consumer reviews suggest that quality has become more spotty over the years with different manufacturers getting into the mix. One retailer does recommend buying an Englander mattress that can be flipped.

It’s a good starting point. Thanks again.


Hi mjfn,

Yes Englander does make a dizzying array of mattresses including many house brands. This is also why it’s so important to do your shopping at an outlet that can provide the layering information because knowing the materials and how they are put together is the most reliable way to know the quality of the mattress. Most larger brands have “better” and “worse” models and the “inside information” is really the only way to differentiate them.

Just so you know as well … Englander typically uses Dunlop Latex while the Restonic Health Rest line typically uses Talalay so this may give you a way to telll the difference in feel between them (assuming that you can confirm that both don’t have other foams on top of the latex).

Englander also makes two sided mattresses which can be flipped (as you can see here) and this of course would add to the durability of a mattress … even though latex is already a very long lasting material even in one sided versions.

As you say … it’s a good starting point :slight_smile: