Mattress Retailers/Foundation Q

I quit my mattress search at the beginning of the summer because it was too overwhelming.

I did try a local manufacturer which is listed on this site, but unfortunately none of the mattresses felt comfortable. I am normal size and mainly sleep on my back, and my hips sank too much in all of them.

My retailer options are:
American Mattress
Mattress Firm

There are probably some furniture store/department store options, but I don’t know if they are worth checking out since this is already overwhelming for me.

Does anyone have experience or feedback about these companies?

I compared prices for a Beautyrest LX medium (because that’s what they all had):

  • American Mattress $2,999
  • Mattress Firm $2,699 + free adjustable base
  • Hassleless $2,699 + $200 gift card

Appears they all offer free delivery.

I am not interested in an adjustable base, so I don’t know whether Mattress Firm would give a free box spring instead.

I believe I need a foundation for my mattress. I have a metal slat bed and IIRC the slats are about 4-5 inches apart?

Do a traditional boxspring, a low profile boxspring, and an adjustable base all support a mattress the same or are there any differences? I’m not concerned about height, so does it make a difference which one I get?

Also - I’ve gone to Hassless quite a few times and to different locations. I went right before and right after they changed out their mattresses. I’ve noticed the same exact mattress feels COMPLETELY different on different visits (too much support vs not enough support), maybe this is the difference between an old one vs a new one?

Be careful with Mattress Firm. If you get anything free, when you return it……they will charge you for it. I bought a Purple Mattress with a Mattress Firm adjustable base. Mattress was returned, but base not returnable.


wow to the fact they charge you for it and won’t accept return :flushed: I wasn’t aware of that but have heard similar horror stories, like them making excuses not to honor the return policy at all or not honoring warranty either. Worst case scenario, I feel like I’d either wake up with pain for years or just go back to the current mattress (not planning to have them haul it away bc i’ll keep it for guest bed).

Hi Cassandra,

I think with Mattress Firm, it really depends on the specific location, as another member @Idael just had a different experience - allowing them to return a mattress, as well as a replacement - 3 months apart in this post.

Sorry you are feeling overwhelmed! Unfortunately this is a common feeling with consumers looking for a new mattress.
As many general mattress retailers like those you listed often have sales associates who work on commission, and they also need to ‘move stock’, if you can’t find the Mattress Specifications You Need To Know and can compare these to the Mattress Durability Guidelines, I would be a bit hesitant to purchase. A good place to start, if you have not read, is the Mattress Shopping Tutorial, which can give you a starting point when looking for a good retailer.

As you are looking at options that you can test in person in your area, you may want to try out a variety of types of bed - all latex, all foam, hybrids, with and without features like microcoil layers - just so you can whittle things down to a ‘short list’ of types you find comfortable. You can then focus on zeroing in on your specific comfort and support. Since you are a lower BMI sleeper, you have a lot mitre freedom and options to choose from as you don’t have more complex support needs.

As for the frame…always check with the mattress retailer as to what bases they recommend so you don’t void and exchange or return warranties. From just your description, a slatted frame should have slats space no more than 2" - 2 3/4" to maintain good support for the mattress as well as good air circulation; it’s possible you can ‘add’ slats unless these are fixed slats. Foundations for a sleeper your size are dependent on your preference and the type of mattress. Adjustable bases are convenient for those who want to sit up to read in bed, as well as those with health conditions that are relieved by elevating the head or legs. Box springs are a classic way to support the comfort and support layers of a mattress of whatever type, and the lower profile box springs can accommodate a thicker mattress but would be based on your preferred mattress height - you don’t want to have to ‘fall into’ a lower bed, or have to ‘climb’ into a higher one. Let the mattress you choose determine the foundations to consider.

Just remember: no one but you can determine what bed will be most comfortable for you! Keep the guidelines in mind, ignore the marketing and P.R ‘hype’ and consider how each mattress you try feels…any good mattress manufacturer or retailer should offer a good ‘sleep trial’ period of several months as it can take a while to ‘break in’ a mattress to your body profile, as well as your body become accustomed to a new bed. And of course, if you find mattresses you are interested in, you can let us know and we can possibly assess them for suitability and durability.

Don’t lose hope - a great mattress can be found for you, providing years of relaxing sleep!

~ Basilio

Thank you for the response!

I just want to pick something and be done with it already :sob: