Memory Foam Mattress Weight

I’ve shopped a number of sites and some of the mattresses, queen size, weigh in at 65-70 lbs all the way up to 110 lbs. Does higher weight indicate a higher density, meaning more lbs per cubic ft, or is there another reason for the higher weight?

Hi tj6575,

The answer is…it could be. You’d need to know all of the materials within the mattress, as the extra weight could be from the ticking (fabric), any fiber under the ticking (wool or FR fiber barrier, versus FB fiber sock), and then all of the layers of foam within the mattress. With the covering and the FR barrier being the same, as an example, then the extra weight would come down to the foams contained on the inside, but this could be due to more foam (added thickness) or differences in the thickness of the different types of foams (memory foam versus polyfoam) as well. So in the end, this is one of the reasons it is so important to learn all of the information listed here in any mattress you are considering