My Crib Mattress Journey

I just wanted to express my sincerest thanks to Phoenix for taking the time and energy to put together this great resource for us. I ended up here because I was searching for a crib mattress for my 20 month old. I wanted a mattress without any flame retardants, plastics and off-gasses. I assumed that meant “organic.”

Upon reading a recommendation from a blog, I was set on Obasan. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), they do not ship crib mattresses to the US anymore. So, I ended up researching other “organic” crib mattress companies and dug further into the rabbit hole. That’s when I learned more about greenwashing and other deception by omission tactics used by companies to sell their “organic and natural” crib mattresses. A few companies that I looked into:

Naturepedic: Looked like a great choice until I found out that they use polyethylene to waterproof their mattress.

Colgate: Their Certi-PUR-US foam sounds like polyfoam.

The Natural Mat: Looked like a great choice also. Almost pulled the trigger on their Coco Mat but upon further research a rep confirmed that their cotton quilted covers are NOT organic, despite what the Amazon product descriptions say.

Nook: Liked that the mattresses are breathable and non-toxic, though I still have reservations about the plastic foam.

Greenbuds: Organic quilted cotton cover, organic wool, coconut coir, latex – so far, so good. E-mailed the company about the purity of their latex. Received a generic “100% natural latex” response. E-mailed back to ask for a more detailed reply. Awaiting reply but am already starting to have doubts.

Essentia: I admit that their website and claims of the “world’s only natural memory foam” looked appealing. Was seriously thinking of purchasing from them until I finally stumbled upon this site.

I also briefly looked at OMI, Natura, Oeuf, Lifekind and Savvy Rest, but did not dig deeper because that’s when I found this wonderful resource. Based on the recommendations from this forum, I am going to go with the SleepEZ crib mattress. Great customer service, quality products and great value? I’ll take that.

I hope that by sharing my experiences it can help someone else in their crib mattress jourmey.

Lastly, I was wondering if all mattresses are required to have flame retardants (even those with wool components)? I heard that wool does burn so therefore manufacturers have to use it. Like boric acid?

Hi Jurai,

Thanks for taking the time to share your research and comments.

I’m guessing you may have been reading the “urban myth” on the Strobel site here which includes some very misleading information (see post #2 here). If it’s used correctly … needlepunched or densified wool can certainly pass 16 CFR Part 1633 (the open flame test) without any chemicals added. The fire regulations have nothing to do with whether a material will actually burn or not … only that it burns more weakly and extinguishes itself before it starts to burn the fuel (usually the foam) underneath the fire barrier which can lead to flashover. You can see a couple of examples of two wool quilted mattresses that passed the regulations here and here … and for reference, an innerspring mattress (not wool) that didn’t pass here.

Most importantly of all … congratulations on your new crib mattress :slight_smile:

I think you made a great quality/value and very “safe” choice for your child.


Hi Phoenix,

Thank you for clarifying the conditions of the open flame test. I did not know that the test did not really pertain to if a material burns or not. I first heard of this “urban myth” by reading the “Learning Center” section of Essentia’s website. I guess I should have known better. Also, the videos really helped me see the difference what a pass or fail looked like.

Thank you again for providing a wonderful service for us all. I will be sure to report on our experiences with our new crib mattress.


Hi Jurai,

That would be great :slight_smile: