Need Advice on a Wool Comforter

My wife is having terrible trouble with sweating at night, even though the bedroom is very cold. We sleep with a down comforter. I have read that a wool comforter can help.

Has anyone else had this problem and has a wool comforter helped you? What should I look for? I see them as low as $100 and some five times that. Can I get away with cheaper, or do I have to spend more? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for any help you can give.


Hi musteq,

There are many things that can contribute to the temperature regulation of a mattress and all the different influences and “layers” tend to work together … including of course the bedding and blankets. There is more about this in post #2 here and post #29 here.

If you do decide that the comforter is the culprit … then wool can make a great temperature regulator because of it’s ability to ventilate and keep moisture away from the body. there’s more about this in post #6 here.

Besides the normal range of prices that comes from different businesses with different cost structures, sources, and profit margins … the cost of a wool product will be connected with the amount of wool in the product, the type or breed of wool used, how it is treated and processed, other fibers used in addition to wool (such as the cheaper polyester used in this one for example), the cost and quality of the other materials or cover around the wool, the type and quality of the construction (quilted, baffled, tufted etc), and even the labor costs in the country of origin.

Some of the better sources I’m aware of for wool bedding products are listed in post #3 here. While this is more about wool mattress pads and toppers … many of the manufacturers listed also make wool comforters.

As in all mattress and bedding purchases … who you buy from and their ability to inform and educate you about the benifits of the different materials they use and products they sell so you can make more meaningful choices can be just as important as what you buy.


Thanks Phoenix. We just got our Sleepez 10000, so we got the right mattress for the task. Dormier protector so we got a good one there. Just trying to do everything I can for her. I very much appreciate your help with this.



Hi musteq,

That’s what I call a considerate partner :slight_smile:

I hope you let us know what you decide and how it does for her.

When I talked with each of the manufacturers that are listed in the wool topper post I found them all to be very helpful and informative and regardless of who you buy from it would be well worth talking with them.


I’m in the exact same boat, except the one who is hot is me instead of my girlfriend. We just got our SleepEZ 10000. A Dormier mattress protector has been ordered. I should note that for me, the mattress is great, it’s not what makes me hot. It’s our down comforter. We’ve only had it a couple weeks, and it was a problem before the new mattress. I was looking into wool comforters, but after some research, I went with silk. Silk is expensive, but if you read the reviews, pretty much everyone says it’s light, warm when it needs to be, cool when it needs to be, and they’ll never go back. If you can wait a few days I can let you know how it works out as we’ll be getting the new comforter later this week.

Both wool and silk and great options as a duvet/comforter fill. The temperature range that silk works in is perhaps a little narrower but it is particularly well suited to hot sleepers. I personally own one of each and I find the wool a little cozier in the winter but the silk better in the summer. Really could not go wrong with either one but choose based on what ails you the most.

i look forward to hearing more on the silk option. But right now, wool is looking awfully attractive.