Need your input!!

Let’s face it we are all desperate to find a healthy, peaceful night’s sleep from which we will wake up without pain or we wouldn’t be here. That being said I put before you a mattress I’m looking at, hoping to get input to help guide me.

Nuform Allure: $629.99 “ NuForm latex mattress consists of an 8-inch high density support core with 3-inches of talalay latex”
3” top of talalay 30% natural latex & 70% synthetic latex.
Soft: 3 inches 19 ild Talalay Latex and 8 inches core support urethane foam (note does not state high density as it does in product lead info).
Medium: 3 inches 28 ild Talalay Latex and 8 inches core support urethane foam
Firm: 3 inches 36 ild Talalay Latex and 8 inches core support urethane foam
Quilted rayon from bamboo cover

Please help Thank you!

EXTRA INFO to consider:

. I’m 70 years old and have sever cervical and lumbar degenerative disc disease as well as Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction in both SI joints. I’m female 65” tall, weight 160 lbs, and I sleep on my side. I like firm support however these days I do like a little bounce to help with turning and getting in and out of bed due to the fact that I’m protecting my back against harm at all times. Does anyone know where I can go in the Twin Falls, Idaho area to find an honest dealer where I can test out a good latex mattress?

Hi Pain in Idaho,

[quote]Nuform Allure: $629.99 “ NuForm latex mattress consists of an 8-inch high density support core with 3-inches of talalay latex”
3” top of talalay 30% natural latex & 70% synthetic latex.[/quote]

The Talalay latex is a good quality and durable material.

I don’t know the density of the polyfoam they use in the base layer or the details of the quilting so I can’t make any specific comments about this but this mattress is very similar in design to the Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams sold on Amazon except the Ultimate Dreams is a little lower cost and has more options available to choose the firmness of the latex comfort layer.

Dreamfoam is also a member of this site so if you mention that you are a member of the forum and the mattress is fulfilled by Dreafoam (rather than Amazon) you will also receive a free pillow as a bonus.

Both mattresses are good qualityvalue and made by the same company (Brooklyn Bedding / Dreamfoam Bedding) but their Overstock sales channel isn’t a member of the site and doesn’t qualify for the free pillow and has a few less options at a slightly higher price.

The customer service staff at Overstock are also not nearly as knowledgeable as the customer service reps at Dreamfoam.


Thank you so much for your response. I will try to find out what density it is. About what density should I be looking for? I will go over to Amazon and check their mattress out.

Hi Pain in Idaho,

I would look for 1.8 lb density or in lower budgets such as these a minimum of 1.5 lb density would be OK as long as you aren’t in a higher weight range (the support layer isn’t normally the “weak link” of a mattress). Some of the more detailed quality guidelines I would suggest are also included in some of the links in the tutorial post here.


Hi Phoenix,
I’m back I have narrowed down to two mattress’s. The Bamboo Bliss, and Aloe Alexis at Brookline Bedding. I would like to take advantage of your knowledge to help me finalize my purchase, which I want to make today. Do you think the added 3” comfort later is worth the investment about $238.00 difference? I’m beginning to think with my back problems I need to be able to tweak it the best I can. Have you any knowledge on how hard the two layers are to reverse? Do you think that the reversal process slows down the breakdown of the comfort layer? Do you think it will cause slippage after you start moving these layers?

Hi Pain in Idho,

From a cost of materials standpoint it would certainly be worth it (3" of Talalay latex would cost you more than $238 if you were to buy it separately) but only each person can decide if it’s “worth it” as part of an individual mattress.

Having an extra layer of latex would give you more options for arranging or exchanging the latex layers and would be more durable as well which may be important for higher body weights. It would also be more “adaptive” to different body shapes because latex contours to different shapes more effectively than polyfoam. It would also be closer to the feel and performance of an “all latex” mattress if the top 6" were latex vs only the top 3".

Post #9 here and the posts it links to would also be worth reading and deal with basically the same question. As you can see it would be “worth it” to me if I was making the decision and I could comfortably afford it but my personal value equation may also be very different from someone else so only you can decide whether it’s “worth it” to you.

It may but this would be a secondary issue to me because latex is a very durable material and reversing the layers would also affect the feel and performance of the mattress and once I had found the layering that worked best for me I would keep them in that order. Flipping the individual layers may have a small effect on durability but I would keep them in the order that is best for you.

I also wouldn’t be concerned about the latex shifting (see post #15 here).


PS: I’ve deleted your other post which is a duplicate of this one. I always answer posts in the order of oldest to newest (bottom to top) so adding a second post won’t speed up a reply.

Hi Phoenix,
I just wanted to express my thanks for your assistance in turning around what started out a very stressful experience into one where I felt I was in control of making an educated purchase of what I perceive will be an investment into a higher quality of life. By reading the information on your site followed by research and with your input I felt prepared and ready for an online chat with Mario at Brooklyn Bedding. I was in control, and he devoted a lot of time to this hard sell person. I ended up spending twice what I had planned however I feel it was the right way to go to insure the best options for my back, and for not having to buy another mattress after 1 year as I just had done. I had no stress during that last day of research and decision making, and the decision was all mine. What a difference knowledge can make in your life. The service you offer is priceless. I never thought I would make such a large purchase online, but I wouldn’t have done it any other way. I now look forward to a good night’s sleep soon and even better waking up with less pain. I will let you know how it turns out. Thank you! by the way I bought the Aloe Alexis, can’t wait for it to get here.

Hi Pain in Idaho,

Thanks for the kind words!

You did some good research and asked good questions along the way and most important of all you ended up making a well informed and “educated” choice for all the right reasons. The Alexis is a great quality/value mattress and as the saying goes … knowledge is power :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your new mattress and I’m looking forward to your feedback when you’ve had the chance to sleep on it for a bit.


Hi Phoenix,
well I’ve had my my Alexis for two weeks now. Mario advised me to get the # 6 which is 24 ILD on top and 28 ILd on bottom. It was only three nights before I was switching them out, the 24 was way too soft. I’ve been trying to decide on the 28 and I beleive it is also too soft. I don’t want to go through the return proccess more than once, so I’m reaching out for your advise. The next step up is 28 on top and 32 on bottom. I already know that the 28 is too soft and I’m not comfortable with putting the lower ILD on the bottom. on their website Brooklyn dosen’t even mention that the next firmness which is 32 on top and 36 on bottom would be for side sleepers, which I am, but its the one I’m thinking of changing out to. My back is already so much better in just two weeks, but I feel like I’m sinking way too far down in the 28. It seems to me that it takes a few days and it begins to get softer than it was the first few nights. Do you think a side sleeper will do well on the 32/36 without it being too hard? Once again I’m 5’4" and I go back and forth between 160 and 165 lbs. Most of my weight is from the middle down. I sleep alone in a full bed and pretty much sleep in the middle of the bed. I beleive the latex is the bed for me, I’m sleeping better now than I have for years. I just need to find the correct ILD.

Much less pain in Idaho

Hi Pain in Idaho,

I’m not so sure I would be considering a change at this point (at least yet) if you are sleeping better than you have in years and if your back is better than it has been as well. How far it “feels like” you are sinking in is very subjective and much less important than any symptoms of pain or discomfort you are having on the mattress and if you really were sinking in too far your body would probably be telling you and you would likely be experiencing back pain. Latex is very point elastic and people who aren’t used to sleeping on it often have a more subjective perception that they may be sinking in further than they are used to on their old mattress because of how it adapts to the shape of the body but also maintains support under the parts of the body that need it.

You are in a firmness range that would be well inside the “averages” for your body type and sleeping positions. Each person is unique though and there are many people who seem to well outside any averages that would be comfortable for most people but 32/36 would typically be too firm for many side sleepers in your weight range.

In any case … I would give it a little more time (a month would be a better idea) and then talk to them about your sleeping experience and what you would like to change in a more detailed phone conversation. I would be cautious about making changes based on subjective perceptions and base them more on actual symptoms of pain or discomfort. They know their mattresses and their firmness choices better than anyone (including me) and a more detailed phone conversation with a knowledgeable and experienced manufacturer is always the best source of guidance about firmness choices. If I was in your shoes I would be hesitant to go too much firmer when your sleeping experience seems to indicate your body already seems to be doing well with what you have.