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This site has been a wealth of knowledge. My parents have owned an appliance business in WA for 25 years, and have added mattresses to their line for the last 10 years. After reading much on this site, I feel like their information has been from other brainwashed sales reps, who have in turn taught them pretty generic sales jargon.

My wife is nearly 6 months pregnant, and we both have been waking up with so many aches and pains on our ‘aged’ 6 year old deeply sagging Spring Air Queen size mattress. Looking to upgrade (Cal King), we set out to do some sampling at our local Serta dealer here on Maui. Friendly as they were, I really don’t think the sales guys knew too much about what goes into the iComfort mattresses. Always having a family business discount (and contemplating using that resource again, and paying the outlandish shipping to HI), I was pretty shocked by the ‘sale’ price of the entry level “Insight” for $1999 for the Cal King set.

So now the quest begins, overloaded with options online, I don’t think there’s any way I could stand buying a mattress locally on Maui, knowing that I’ll probably be paying full retail for a measly 5 year mattress. The sales guy did state that the iComforts were made over on Oahu, but I’m not sure there’s even a mattress worth buying, even if I can get it half off through my family.

Right now we are leaning towards a memory foam or all latex, but am open to suggestions. We are light weights @ 5’8" 150lb, and 5’0 120lb (and growning :slight_smile: ), and are both back sleepers and side sleepers, although my wife is becoming more of a side sleeper as she approaches her third trimester. So far, I’m most intrigued by a couple sites that are listed members here: and Thank you in advance for any other leads.

Hi Mauiman,

This is unfortunately probably true. As you mention … the reps for the major manufacturers are very good at teaching the marketing stories about their mattresses but not so good at all about providing meaningful quality information about the materials they use which they don’t disclose. without specific information about the quality/density of the materials in a mattress … quality and value are just words with little meaning.

You can see the specifics of what is in the iComfort lineup which you won’t find at most retailers in post #11 here. As you are suggesting … the materials they use don’t belong in mattresses in the budget range they sell for … at least not for those who want the best possible quality, value, and durability.

You may have read these already but some of the better options I’m aware of in Hawaii (not specific to each island) are listed in post #269 here and post #2 here. There is also more feedback and discussions with various forum members in Hawaii about various mattresses in this thread and this thread and this thread and this thread and this thread In each case though … it’s important to make sure you are provided with the specific details of the layers in any mattress you are considering so you can make meaningful quality and value comparisons. In many cases … it may well be worthwhile considering an online order once you have decided on the materials that you prefer (which local testing on different types of mattresses can help with).

The choice between memory foam and latex is really a preference issue and depends on whether each person prefers the slower response feel of memory foam or the faster response and more resilient feel of latex. Either way though … the quality of the material is more important than the material category itself. With your lighter weight I would consider memory foam in the 4 lb and up range and in latex I would consider 100% natural Dunlop (or at least I wouldn’t go below a 50/50 blend between natural and synthetic in Dunlop) and either blended or 100% natural Talalay.

Both CozyPure and Parklane are members of this site and each in their own way are among the best quality/value in the country but they would ship their mattresses complete and shipping to Hawaii may be very costly. Post #21 here has a list of the members of the site that specialize in online (or on the phone) sales also are in the “best in country” group in terms of quality, value, and service and in some cases can ship individual layers through UPS which can reduce shipping costs.

Hope this helps.