Orange County, CA

New to Orange County. Any suggestions as to where to shop? Any information regarding Custom Comfort Mattress…a local manufacturer with stores in Orange County. TIA

Hi stevelb,

Post #2 here includes many of the better quality and value manufacturers and outlets in the greater LA area.

Custom Comfort makes some very high quality mattresses with good construction although in “value” terms they are in a higher more “premium” price range than some of the other similar choices on the list. I would certainly choose them over many other more “mainstream” outlets or brands but there is probably better “value” on the list for the needs and preferences of most people. Flexus Comfort is one of the manufacturing members here which means that I invited them to become members because I believe they make some of the best quality/value mattresses in the country.

You are fortunate to live where you do because you have some great choices available to you in all the different types of mattresses.


Hello, new here also. I am in southern Orange County and so far tried the BE silhouette at ergo comfort which was nice but was a little out off my price range.

Right now I am looking at a flexus comfort mattress or bamboo bliss from BB. Wha are your thoughts between these 2?

Hi Dolomatt,

I would first make sure you’ve read the tutorial post which has all the basic information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make the best possible choices.

Both of the manufacturers are members of the site which means that I think highly of and would recommend either of them. They both compete well with the best in the industry in terms of their quality, value, and service and which one would be “best for you” would depend on the specifics of each mattress you are considering. Which one would make the best final choice for you would depend on the parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you.

You are certainly looking at some good quality/value options but I would narrow down your choices to specific mattresses and then you can make more meaningful comparisons between them.


Just did a bit of shopping in OC - we bought an adjustable bed from Flexus, and liked their service very much. Low pressure, very knowledgeable, and very competitive pricing on the Reverie 5D Deluxe bed we bought from them. They have some very nice mattresses too. Another good company is FoamSweetFoam in Anaheim. They have 10+ beds set up with sample mattresses, so you might want to check them out. Happy hunting!

Hi rc1,

I agree that FSF would certainly make a good choice. I’ve spoken with Scott on many occasions and think highly of him and the quality/value of his component latex mattresses. (NOTE: They are now a member of this site).

Congratulations on your new adjustable bed as well :slight_smile:



Thanks for providing the information on this site! It certainly makes informed shopping MUCH easier. My wife and I tend to be very, um, value oriented shoppers. :slight_smile: But over the years, we’ve come to appreciate quality. There’s not much point to saving money at the expense of your comfort and sleep quality. The other thing that I don’t like is the “sales pitch”. You get none of that nonsense at places like Flexus or FSF. They’re interested in helping educate you, and aren’t afraid to let you do your own “comfort testing”. We were at FSF for probably 30-45 minutes on all the 10" latex mattresses in their showroom. There was a young lady there (can’t recall her name) who was very helpful to answer any questions we had, then got out of our way so we try the mattresses out.

Highly recommend both companies. (I’ll also add Spindle to the list, though they are not in the area to test mattresses out, so that makes things a bit more complicated)

Hi rcy,

Scott always speaks very highly of here when we’ve talked and says he’s lucky to have her.