Please recommend local manufacturer, factory direct or reliable mattress near Middletown, NY

Looking for a Factory Direct manufacturer near Middletown, NY. These are people not really willing to travel 85 miles to NYC, so would like to keep it under 30 miles if possible.


Hi bkim,

There is one local manufacturer within 50 miles of Middletown, NY which is the first place I would call. Monticello, NY. Local factory direct manufacturer. They make traditional innerspring/polyfoam mattresses but they use much higher quality polyfoam than the major brands (2.6 - 2.8 lb foam with 1.5 lb quilting foam as necessary). Husband and wife team that has been making mattresses for a long time. They will also custom make mattresses to order including latex if requested. They carry Corsicana and Sealy as well but I would focus on the mattresses they make if you decide to go here.

Other than that … there are not a lot of great choices within 30 miles. I used a little wider radius because there are so few choices (I looked at about 15 local retailers) . The better “possibilities” (with the brands they carry I would focus on) include … Ellenville (27), Monticello (28), NY. Therapedic Newton, NJ (36) Paramount Poughkeepsie, NY (41) Eclipse, Therapedic, Symbol Westwood, NJ (49) Ditex and Lady Americana. Will disclose foam density for those who ask and seems to be more knowledgeable than most.

These will all require some further research and an “interview” along the lines of this article to find out their level of knowledge and whether they are willing and able to provide you with information about the quality and durability of all the layers and components of their mattresses (see this article). Without this you would have no way to make meaningful comparisons or know the real quality and durability of a mattress you are testing.


Thanks, I will check them out