Pure Latex Bliss Beautiful configured to SleepEZ 13000?

I am new to the Mattress Underground and have found the site to be highly informative. Because of the info and the numerous references, I have been surfing the web for a week reviewing the various Latex manufacturing and retail options available. I have also been to local retailers and have tried Kingsdown, Englander, Sealy I-Comfort, and finally Pure Latex Bliss. The differences are amazing and the degree of “information disclosure” or lack thereof is daunting. This forum is a welcome find!!!

Having reached a decision that I want to make an investment in a latex mattress, I am now faced with decision time. Some history:

Last year my husband was determined that we needed a new king mattress and purchased a SLEEP NUMBER BED—which he loves-----and, I have yet to “find my number”! I have been all over the place with it from 100 down to 45 and still toss and turn, waking up multiple times throughout the night, and have severe pain in my shoulders and the hip pointers on both sides of my body. My husband can fall asleep on anything and never wake up—it can be hard as a rock or soft as his old worn-out recliner. I also have had two shoulder surgeries on the right shoulder and am in need of a full shoulder replacement so I am looking for pressure point relief and a full night’s sleep.

Me: Age 62 - 5’6" height & 160 pounds ---- predominantly a side sleeper who likes a soft pillow that can be scrunched!
Hubby: Age 67- 5’11" & 190 pounds — predominantly back sleeper/side who likes a very firm pillow & is a snorer!

The most comfortable beds I have tried were the Pure Latex Bliss----in the Nature & the Beautiful models. The financial investment for the King Size is in the area of $4000, which is significant. My preference was the Beautiful—even though it was softer, I did not feel like I would be trapped into the top and not be able to turn over. But, I don’t want to end up with a too-soft mattress at the end of the day, which is why I like the option of layers that SleepEZ seems to allow.

I am looking for some advice and counsel on configuration of the SleepEZ mattress to get the comparable PLB feeling. Should I go with the EZ10000 or the EZ13000? Also, I liked the cover of the PLB—really quite nice…which EZ cover would be comparable?

I am ready to make a decision.

Hi ptclearlady,

The PLB mattresses as you mention are very nice and are clearly better value than most of the mattresses you will find in a mainstream outlet. They are also owned by Latex International which produces and sells much of the Talalay latex used in mattresses in North America which means that the material costs are lower and the profit margins are very high. This is on of the reasons retailers like them because they have “better than average” value in spite of their higher cost and also have a very good margin. This also means that while the advertised prices are controlled by the manufacturer … there is often room to bargain on the price.

“Targeting” the performance and feel of another mattress can be very difficult because there are so many factors involved. It’s usually much more accurate to set PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and preferences) as the “target” and then to measure or “rate” every mattress against this. Of course that’s not possible with a mattress that you can’t test in person so you would have to “approximate” how close each would come to your desired PPP and whether it may be closer or further away than a mattress you have tested.

The type of latex used, the ILD of every layer, the thickness of every layer and the mattress as a whole, and the order of the layering along with the type of cover and even whether the layers are glued or loose will all have some effect on the final performance and feel of the mattress. Each person may also may be more sensitive to different layers so if say a middle layer has a different thickness or ILD then one person may notice a larger difference while another whose body type and sleeping style doesn’t sink into the mattress in the same way may not notice much difference at all and may be more sensitive to any differences in the top layer.

So based on this … it becomes possible to see how the PLB models may compare to a SleepEz option and to “estimate” how close they may be to each other.

PLB Beautiful vs SleepEz 13000:

The Beautiful is 12" of blended Talalay latex so the “closest” comparison in terms of total thickness would be the SleepEz 13000 model. A mattress this thick isn’t usually necessary at all for someone of your height and weight but for the sake of comparison this would be the most equivalent model.

The Top layer of the PLB is 3" of 19 ILD Talalay.

The “standard” top layer of the SleepEz 13000 is 22-24 ILd Talalay so it would be a little firmer.

Firmer would typically mean a little less pressure relieving but a little more “supportive” meaning it can hold weight with a little less compression. Both are in the range of “soft” that most people would use in a comfort layer especially for side sleeping. Of course you could ask the manufacturer to use 19 ILD but this may not work as well as the standard 24 (or it could work better) which is why duplicating a mattress rather than PPP may end up excluding better options than you have tested.

The next layer of the Beautiful is 2" of 24 ILD.

The next layer of the 13000 would typically be 3" of medium (3" more inches of soft under soft would be too much softness for most people). A thicker middle layer generally acts a little softer but the ILD of their medium would be in the range of 30 - 32 which would be firmer. Overall this middle layer would tend to be firmer than the Beautiful.

Finally the support core of the Beautiful is 6" of 36 ILD with another inch of ultra firm Talalay under it as a stabilization layer.

The SleepEz firm would be in the range of 38 - 40 so two 3" layers of this would be slightly firmer and more supportive but comparable. Of course you could use another 3" layer of medium and then a 3" layer of firm which would make things a little softer in the base layers. This may compensate a bit for the difference in the firmer middle layer but layers deeper in the mattress have less effect on what most people feel than layers closer to the surface.

So while none of these configurations would “match” the PLB … the SleepEz combination of 3" soft (possibly with a request for one step softer than their “standard” if you believed it was necessary), Medium (firmer than the PLB), Medium (a bit softer than the PLB support core), and firm (a bit firmer than the PLB support core) may come the closest but this would depend on which layers you were most sensitive to. (NOTE: this reply was based on the second version of the PLB and if you scroll down to post #12 you will find the closest approximation to the current Beautiful layering)

PLB Nature vs SleepEz 10000:

The Nature has 10" of latex but the bottom stabilization layer is not nearly as relevant in the feel so it would be most comparable to the SleepEz 1000 in terms of overall thickness.

The nature has 2" of 19 ILD andthen an inch of 28 ILD as the first 3" comfort layer

The “Standard” top " layer of the SleepEz 10000 would again be 3" of 22-24 ILD.

These would be roughly comparable as an “average” ILD of the first 3" but would feel different because the PLB would go from softer with initial compression to firmer with deeper compression then the sleepEz which only has a single ILD surface layer. How similar this felt would depend on the differences in how each person ank into the top 3" and which layers they felt the most. They would be very “roughly” comparable though with the PLB having an “average” ILD of 22.

The PLB now has 6" of 36 ILD while the SleepEz would typically use Medium (30-32 ILD which is softer than the PLB) over firm (38 - 40 ILD which is firmer than the PLB). Of course you could also choose two mediums (softer overall) or two firms (firmer overall). In the same way that the PLB comfort layers would have multiple layers which would affect the feel of increasing compression … the standard M/F sleepEz support base would also have a wider softer to firmer range as it was compressed.

So again … there would be several options in how you could “balance” the “diverging” or “converging” differences between the mattresses to increase the odds that the 10000 would be closer to the PLB Nature for a particular person or that the 13000 would be closer to the PLB Beautiful for a particular person. This takes a combination of technical knowledge, intuition, and experience with a particular mattress.

Differences that apply to both:

The SleepEz has loose layers which would act very slightly softer than the same layers glued together.

SleepEz also offers two different covers. One is a stretch knit quilted with wool (which is the fire barrier) which would have a slightly firming effect on the feel of the latex inside than their second option which is a thick unquilted stretch knit more similar to the PLB (although people who have compared the two have said that the SleepEz is higher quality). You can see two pictures of it in the attachments to post #33 here (although it’s actually more off white and the color was distorted in the picture).

I wanted to go into some detail to highlight the difficulty of “matching” two mattresses taking into account both the objective differences of how the different layers will interact with different people and also the more subjective differences which different people will perceive which are far more difficult to quantify. Mattress layering and it’s effect on different people can also be far more complex than most people would believe. In other words … using the PLB models would be a “guideline” for what you need and prefer rather than a “target” would generally be a more reliable approach.

What I normally suggest to avoid the almost impossible (and frustrating) job of trying to imagine how a particular mattress may feel based on specs that are somewhat similar but different enough to make a noticeable difference is to “report” the results of your testing to the manufacturer you are considering and use their many years of knowledge and expertise and their specific knowledge about their particular mattresses and how they have worked with their many customers (many of whom may be similar to you or who may have “tested” the same mattresses) to guide you rather than trying to “duplicate” or “design” a mattress based on specs that you may not have the experience to really “interpret” in a meaningful way. This is normally best done on a conversation with the manufacturer that can go into more details about your body thpe, sleeping style, and the subjective preferences you have and the results of your testing.

Most of the SleepEz customers use a “standard” layering based on body type and sleeping style which can be adjusted based on personal testing of somewhat similar mattresses. While this would not “duplicate” a particular mattress … they would know which combination would have the greatest odds of coming closest even though none of them may be exact matches. Because pressure relief and support are "“opposites” … the differences may even be an improvement for your needs and preferences over what you have tested.

In the 10,000 model … most people of your weight and height would use a S/M/F layering unless something indicated a strong preference or need for something else. Alternatives may be S/F/F or S/F/X-firm. People that are heavier would typically use M/F/F or M/F/XF.

In the 13000 model … the guidance would also normally point to standardized and progressive layering with some alterations to take into account any particular experiences in testing or preferences that may “point to” some changes.

These standardized layerings or “adjusted” standardized layerings based on the outcome of a more detailed conversation with the manufacturer (in this case either Shawn or Jeremy) have the best odds of success for the vast majority of people.

So the goal of this post is to first “congratulate” you for taking the time and effort to test local mattresses that have known layerings and can act as a guideline for your choices. The second is to “work with” the manufacturer to help you interpret your testing and how it may relate to the options that are available to you and which of them may be your best choice. A conversation with them about the differences between the 10000 and the 13000 and whether the more expensive version may be necessary or desirable would also be worthwhile. Thicker would not be necessary based on your “needs” but may be attractive based on your “preferences” and “feel”. Both versions can provide all the pressure relief and support you may need but with a different “feel” attached and with a different “range of response” to movement and sleeping positions.

I hope this helps to both explain the complexity of various comparisons and how different “pathways” and combinations can either diverge from or converge on a “target” and also to give you a way to bypass it by working closely with the manufacturer so that their knowledge, experience, and expertise with the particular mattresses they make and their customer base can help you make your best choices without the need to become an “expert” in mattress layering. What they already know you don’t have to learn :slight_smile:


Your response has my brain whirling!:ohmy: This will certainly make my conversation with SLEEP-EZ much better and gives me lots of options to consider. I also followed the link you referred to above regarding the Cover and read the entire thread which served to further educate me. I appreciate the time you take in all of your responses and the candor regarding the good, the bad, and the not so good!


Hi ptclearlady,

Knowing who to trust and who has the knowledge and skills to provide great service and guidance and “save” you from having to do all the more technical research and learn how to be a “mattress expert” yourself is well over half the battle. The other 'lesser half" is giving them the type of information that can help them help you better.

As long as you have enough information to ask better questions and make more sense of the answers (and “scanning” the overviews in the mattresses section of the site will give you all you need to know in most cases) … then you can leave the rest to the people who know how to help you best. they will know the questions to ask you and what they need to help you make good decisions.

Working with a better outlet or directly with the manufacturer who “knows their stuff” can avoid “information overload” and what is called “paralysis by analysis” and turn mattress shopping from an “ordeal” into a joy … not to mention help you find a better quality mattress at a much better price :slight_smile:


Just wanted to provide followup on my mattress purchase…I note that many people ask questions and receive answers and then disappear-----you don’t know whether they actually purchased a mattress or their experience in doing so.

I had done a lot of research via your mattress forum and the internet as well as visiting several storefront mattress galleries and decided to go with the SLEEPEZ 13000. I called to place my order on Saturday afternoon July 14. Shawn answered the phone himself and also called me back a bit later with more information. He was outstanding to deal with and helped me configure the right layers for a King-size bed with different layers for each side of the bed. Husband was X-Firm, Firm, Medium, Soft and my side was Firm, Medium, Soft, Soft. I placed the order and also received the additional 5% discount for being an active member of this Forum. I also ordered the stretchy quilted cover that is offered as an option and I am very happy with it. For mattress protection, I ordered the St.Dornier Wool Protector----very high quality!

On Sunday, I received an email telling me that the mattress was ready to be shipped. On Monday, I received tracking numbers and knew that 4 boxes were placed into the hands of UPS. I was able to track the shipment daily and knew exactly where it was----Arizona, Mississippi, then North Carolina! 4 Boxes were delivered by UPS and carried up steps and placed right next to my back door under the porch. All boxes were in great condition—no damage.

My husband and I moved the boxes to the bedroom----and began to unpack them. The layers were vacuum-sealed in a dark gray plastic and then inserted into very heavy grade clear plastic bags to protect the latex from damage. Finally they were put into cardboard boxes that were sealed very firmly with metal staples. I was surprised that there were no instructions but that did not bother me because I had looked at several YOU TUBE videos showing the assembly of latex beds purchased from the internet and knew what was supposed to happen. Instructions would be helpful to someone who has not watched a video. SLEEPEZ had clearly marked the outside of each box with the contents—so you knew which one held the mattress cover which was step #1. And, we began to assemble the layers. Getting the first layer “waved” onto the cover and the cover stretched out with no wrinkles underneath is probably the most important step. I wondered for a very brief moment if we had the right size cover when it appeared that the latex was longer than the cover! I double-checked the cover and it was clearly marked EK-13000 (Eastern King-13000). After re-straightening the cover, the layers went into the cover beautifully.

Each layer of latex is clearly labelled with the firmness level so assembling the mattress in the configuration that Shawn and I had decided upon was easy. The mattress cover zipped around the layers snuggly with no tugging, pushing, or pulling. And, this particular cover is just as nice or nicer than the Pure Latex Bliss cover, which I really liked. Then, we put the St. Dornier Wool Protector over the mattress—I ordered their 16-inch protector which fit beautifully around the SLEEPEZ 13000.

We slept on the bed last night for the first time and it felt wonderful. I am very hopeful that this purchase will be one that I look back on many years from now and say that it was one of the best purchases I have ever made. The transaction was easy. The customer interaction with Shawn and Jeremy at SleepEZ was positive. And, the assembly was not difficult. So far—So good.

Hope my followup post did not bore you to tears…I wanted to provide feedback that might be useful for someone else wondering about making a purchase of this magnitude over the internet. Your mattress forum and your personal responses and knowledge helped me tremendously. I knew the questions to ask and felt like I had the information to make an intelligent decision.

Thank you!:cheer:

hi ptclearlady,

What a great review and I appreciate the clarity and detail about the whole process that led from your first conversations to having the mattress set up in your home!

Not only did it not “bore” me but it’s great to have this kind of “real” information so that others who take the same journey have a guideline to go by. Like some of the other more detailed reviews that go into detail and include more of the process they went through rather than just the final outcome … this is incredibly helpful and I believe that many others will both appreciate this and add it to their collection of meaningful information that can help them make better choices as well.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hello ptclearlady,

I am seriously considering the same setup. Have you been happy with the s/s/m/f? I also like the Beautiful, and my husband really liked the Nature in the PB line. Have you had to switch any of your layers?

My wife and I just purchased a 13000 model last month. We were also aiming for a PLB Beautiful emulation. We share the same top piece which is soft. Our under layers are as follows:

Top = Soft (1 shared big piece)

Mine - 6’ 1" 215 (M/F/M)

Wife - 5’ 10" 120 (M/M/S)

We are more than pleased with the purchase and really look forward to hitting the sack every night :slight_smile: All the aches and pains of the daily rigors completely disappear as soon as you lie down. We did pair this with a Reverie Deluxe adjustable frame. We also got the 4 way stretch cover and St. Dormier cotton pad.

If I was going to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. We’ve also shifted some layers around and it doesn’t take that long at all.


Bidzer, thanks for the heads up. Just wanted to make sure I understand
You both share the soft
Then under that she is m/m/s or s/m/m
You are under the soft m/f/m? Were you orginally m/m/f and you switched to m/f/m?

Thank you!!

So starting at the top layer it goes:

Me = Soft, Medium, Firm, Medium (I had to move the firm layer to the 3rd layer as the medium didn’t give me enough support at the third layer.)

Wife = Soft, Soft, Medium, Medium

We haven’t had to send any layers back. Luckily we’ve been able to swap with each other if need be.

OK, so we are in the same boat as everybody else. Too much information…we have followed the steps and have a general idea of what we like. Having been burned by innerspring options and an airbed option in the past, I am hesitant but currently sleeping on an old twin innerspring on the floor until I get a replacement b/c of recent back issue (sleep number loses air during night and creates more back pain in morning)…

We tried to build a bed at the store with an innerspring that was essentially just the pocketed springs with a 3" pureLatex fast response topper. It did not have enough pressure relief–too firm and we stacked the 2" and 3" topper and felt that the toppers moved too much for it to be viable option. Then we went to the line of purelatex bliss and tried those. We debated between the Beautiful and the pamper with a 3" topper. Ultimately we both liked the feeling of support on the Pamper option and it is $1000 less- though-I still am hesitant b/c of comments on this forum that I may down the road feel it’s not enough pressure relief. Oh, I am 5’10’ 200 lbs and mostly a side sleeper who flips back and forth. Spouse can sleep on anything but sleeps hot. Just a side note: I’m not impressed with the cover on these products–it is a stretch synthetic that appears to pill easily…also there’s a review on Amazon that they infuse the product with synthetic vanilla smell --and I don’t like smells when I sleep.

I looked at the SleepEze option however it is the same price as the Pamper and topper would be for us.

Any suggestions?

Hi Carolina,

I would be very cautious with using latex layers that are very thick and soft in the comfort layers of a mattress when you are in heavier weight ranges. While it can be very comfortable in a showroom … it can also create alignment issues for some people when you sleep on it over the course of the night.

The specs of the Beautiful are listed in post #2 here and the closest approximation with a SleepEz 13000 would be two soft layers over two firm layers but it uses a wool quilted cover which would change the feel compared to a stretch knit cover (see post #6 here about wool quilting).

The Pamper uses a 6" 40 ILD support core with 2" of 21 ILD in the comfort layer but their toppers are very soft (in the range of 14 ILD - 15 ILD) which may not be the best choice for someone in a heavier weight range. In thinner layers you could easily “go through” the comfort layers and feel more of the firmness of the firmer support core and in thicker layers there could be an alignment risk as the heavier parts of your body (pelvis) could sink down too far before being “stopped” by the firmer support core.

The closest equivalent to the Pamper that SleepEz offers is their 9000 natural latex mattress here with two X- firm bottom layers and a soft top layer but they also have a wool quilted cover. They don’t use layers that are in the 14 - 15 ILD range because of potential durability or alignment issues with heavier weights so the Pamper / topper combinations wouldn’t have any SleepEZ equivalents.

The SleepEz 8" special would also be “somewhat” similar with a top 2" of soft and then two X-firm Dunlop layers underneath. The types of latex would be different (it uses Dunlop in the bottom two layers and 100% natural Talalay in the top 2" instead of the blend in the Pamper) but it also uses a stretch knit cover like the Pamper

It would be nice if PLB had the option of using a firmer topper that was more in the soft range rather than the ultra plush toppers they use. The Pamper already has 2" of soft latex and with a three inch topper you would have a comfort layer that had 5" of soft latex (most of it super plush) and with both toppers you would have 7" of soft latex (including 5" of super plush) in the comfort layers which for most people would be a very risky construction.

All of the Talalay made by Latex International is Oeko-Tex certified which is a very stringent testing protocol to make sure a mattress has no harmful substances or VOC’s that could either leach out of the mattress or offgas. Even people who have medical issues with things like MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) usually do very well with blended latex. The “sweet” smell that is part of the formulation of Talalay latex is mild and fades fairly quickly (see post #2 here).

Their cover only uses 1% - 2% synthetic materials (the spandex) and the rest is a viscose or rayon material which are both semi-synthetic or “artificial” fabrics that are sourced in some type of viscose (often some type of wood pulp such as beech or bamboo). It’s a high quality material with a good “feel” and moisture wicking and ventilation properties that many people like although there are also many people who prefer a quilted cover in a latex mattress either for reason of “feel” or using materials like wool for it’s cooling and temperature regulating properties.

Of course the SleepEz also has the option to re-arrange or exchange layers after a purchase if you need to change pressure relief or alignment of fine tune the mattress and has return options as well so this may also be an important part of your personal value equation.

Hope this helps in your final choices :slight_smile:



I’m currently in the comfort trial period of the Pure Latex Bliss Beautiful model. I immediately had a much better sleep than my previous mattress however I thought it was too soft. After a few weeks I think ive adjusted well to it. Ive never had any aches or pains in fact I enjoy going to bed and sleeping. I still feel it may be a little too soft and may try out the Nutrition model. Latex was a new experience for me. I think i’m on week three and recently I went to try a Royal-Pedic innerspring mattress and didnt find one that I liked. I may have been converted to latex now, which is why I think manufacturers tell you to try the bed for a few weeks before making a decision. The stretch knit cover does not pill and is made with active fusion to help keep it cooler, however I use a mattress protector over it. And I really dont smell anything from the mattress except maybe when I first got it but still it was so faint Im not sure it was the mattress

I know people are always trying to mimic this mattress, as I also inquired when I first started looking. I felt safer buying the real thing as the companys customer service is great and I didnt want to deal with individual layers being moved around. I found an incredible price with cgmattress but Im local and they delivered it and cant be happier with their customer service Ronnie is a great guy.

Lastly there are two other lines their organic and new prestige line both are more expensive but have different qualities like graphite infused with talalay latex.

Thank you, ptclearlady, for every detail written in your follow-up. I’ve been reading everything I can to make an informed decision in purchasing a latex mattress. Like so many have said, there is so much info available that it can be hard to know what is true and it is overwhelming to think about making such a significant purchase over the internet. I was already leaning toward a SleepEZ latex mattress but am now confident that it will be just right for us, both in price and in quality. Thank you again for taking the time to return and leave feedback!

Did anyone try to replicate a PLB Beautiful with a sleep ez 13000? If so, how did it go? We just tried out the beautiful in the store today and are trying to decide whether to go for it. Anyone find better than $4300 for a king?

Hi Dnewmansf,

It would be somewhat difficult to replicate the Beautiful exactly with a SleepEZ 13000 because the ILD’s would be different but the closest you could come with their standard layers would be two layers of soft and two layers of firm and then you would also need to use their stretch knit cover because the standard cover in the 13000 has wool quilting.

There is more about matching one mattress to another in post #9 here.

Some of the stores that sell PLB mattresses that may be worth talking to as a value reference are in post #32 here.


Hi Phoenix,

Thanks for your quick reply. The more I read on this forum, the more I wonder if it’s worth even trying to replicate the PLB Beautiful through Sleep EZ. I’m not even trying to do so for the price because my retailer in Northern CA will do the paper work so that I can use money from my Flexible Spending Account to make the purchase, which more or less makes the after tax price the same. My wife and I don’t have the time to go through every step recommended in testing in stores to know the right layering for us because of my 20 month old son and the need to keep an eye on him as he terrorizes the stores. The main reason I would want do go through Sleep EZ is that my retailer allows only a 30 day trial vs. 90 days for Sleep EZ and only an exchange instead of an outright refund. Is 30 days sufficient? I’ve reading conflicting views about that.

Also, based on body types, do you think the Beautiful should roughly provide sufficient support?
Me - 5’10" 150 lbs
Wife - 5’7" ~130 lbs

It seems like the Nutrition could ultimately provide better support but it just seemed too firm for us during our brief trial. My wife and I are accustomed to our Luxury Firm Sealy Posturpedic mattress but seem to end up on the very soft end of the latex firmness spectrum. I just hope that we can figure that out in 30 days. We almost bought a Beautyrest Black pillowtop but got smart about plush pillowtops and walked away.


Hi Dnewmansf,

In most cases yes (even careful and objective testing can have very high odds of success). In some rare cases or unusual circumstances it may not be.

Only your own personal testing or experience can answer this (see mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here which is one of the links in the tutorial post here)

The Nutrition has the same support layers as the Beautiful but the comfort layers in the Beautiful are a little thicker and softer so there may be some extra risk that in some sleeping positions your heavier pelvis may sink down too far before reaching the support layers of the mattress for good alignment but again your own personal testing or experience is the best way to know this.

I’m glad to see you avoided the Beautyrest Black because some of the materials in the comfort layers are questionable quality/durability and in a pillowtop would be even worse.


I would say it depends of few factors. Like if you are new to a mattress type (like if it’s your first latex mattress) and if the mattress is in the same range of firmness than what you are used to sleep on.

Like myself I went from a very soft pillow top to a firm latex mattress, and I can say that 30 days was not enough. First week I was in pain (terrible) because it was too firm. Then on the second week it was much better. 30 days later I was confident that I would get used to it more over time and I would be fine with it. But 3 months later I felt like it was still too firm for me, so I was glad to have a 90 days exchange warranty and I exchanged it at the last minute (Basically I exchanged my PLB Nature for the PLB Beautiful).

So 30 days is enough if you stay in the same range of what you had, but not if you have something clearly different from what you had before.

Now, even if you retailer have a 30 days only policies, if you are uncomfortable after 60 days, I’m sure if you contact PLB directly they will arrange something for you, they have an outstanding customer support and they stand behind their product no matter what and I’m sure they would figure something out.