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Information About Department Stores

Information About Department Stores

In general, these outlets are closer to the chain stores than they are to the smaller outlets but there are a few notable exceptions. They typically sell higher-end and higher profit mattresses made by larger name brand or “S” companies that are private labeled (like the larger chain stores) and sold at “apparently” steep discounts through ongoing rotating sales. While consumers usually know enough not to buy at regular prices from these outlets, they are not as aware that the sale prices will usually also represent poor value. The level of knowledge of the staff in these outlets varies but is usually restricted to what they have been told or taught about how to sell the specific mattresses they carry. They range from “uncaring” where service of any kind is difficult to get to “biased and limited” for those that have greater knowledge of the mattresses they sell but little about other mattresses or mattresses in general. They do however sometimes represent a source of value through their “discount centers” where they will often cut the price of some mattresses that have already been discounted in half again and providing that it is not a mattress that is not worth buying at any price, these may represent good value. These discount centers can occasionally be a worthwhile source to buy a mattress but only for a consumer who knows what to look for and which mattresses to avoid at any price.

Benefits to mattress shopping in department stores.

There are also department stores that are more committed to value through their entire corporate culture and while these will often arouse strong feelings both pro and con for many reasons, there is no doubt that they carry value in their stores. This value, in combination with exceptional return policies that will allow returns for lengthy periods with no questions asked, can give some assurance that mistakes in your choices will not be so costly and makes it easy to take advantage of the few mattresses they carry that have high value. In some cases they will even come and pick up a mattress should you wish to return it and have difficulty doing so.

A note about quality and value.

While they have little knowledge about what they sell, either online or in their “brick and mortar” version, consumers that are educated and know the differences between specific mattresses will often find surprising value here. While most of the mattresses sold in these outlets are “good prices for bad mattresses”, they will often carry “off brands” that have been made specifically for them which in some cases can represent much higher value, especially when compared to chain stores or other department stores.

On a selective basis, and with the knowledge to be able to know a good mattress when they are offered, these better, or at least higher value outlets (depending on which side of the love them/hate them argument you are on), can represent very good value.

Yesterday, I came across your website while Googled for mattress info. I love this site! My husband and I are looking to purchase the King size 12" Nature’s Spa 1980 Celestial by Paramount @ Macy’s. My husband (height 5’7" 162 lb BMI ~25) has back & hip pains and I (5’1" 115 lb BMI ~ 22) have shoulder bursitis. We like the firmness and support of the mattress but we are not sure if the mattress has the right latex/foam components for long term durability and comfort. The sale person said the mattress has Talalay Latex at least 1-2". It has the 5" coil-free, soy-based core that is CentriPUR-US Certified, Natural Latex, Macy’s Exclusive Healing Copper Infused Latex, High Density comfort and support foams, Natural cashmere surface, and Thermal gel treated BCI stretch knit cotton fabric provides a cooler sleeping surface. I don’t know how to attached an image here so I am listing out the specifications:
Warranty: 10 years,
Foundation: 10 Slat Amish Built foundation,
Coil Support: High Density Support Base Foam,
LO PRO Height: 5",
Box Height: 9",
Mattress Height: 12",
Comfort Layers: Foam Core, HD Comfort Topper, HD Comfort Topper (yes they list out twice), Macy’s Exclusive Blended Copper Infused Latex,
Quilt: Comfort Quilting Foam, Comfort Quilting Foam, Comfort Quilting Foam, Macy’s Exclusive Cashmere & Wool Blend,
Cover: BCI Stretch Cotton,
Comfort Level: Extra Firm.
We are not sure how thick or how much density are these latex or foam and the sale person does not know either. The July4th sale is $2,847 + tax. Is this the right mattress for us with the listed specs and price?

Hi thanhhiep.

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I just noticed your earlier posts with the two photo attachments in a different topic. I apologize! :frowning: these were somehow lost because of the discussions in progress with other contributor members. I moved them to this thread and deleted any duplications.

You are quite right that outside of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) … the most important part of a mattress purchase is the quality and durability of the materials inside it but unfortunately the pictures you attached don’t provide all the information about the quality of the materials in the mattress so it’s really not possible to make any meaningful comments about it, identify any weak links in the design, or make meaningful comparisons with other mattresses.

You can see my overall thoughts about Paramount in post #9 here but I would also read posts #5 and #6 here which indicates that they are not transparent about some of the materials they use in their mattresses (in this case the density and thickness of the foams).

The gel that is added to some types of latex or memory foam is a phase change gel that can absorb and release heat within a certain temperature range to help regulate temperature. So-called “soy-based foam” is just polyfoam that has replaced a small percentage of one of the two main chemicals used to make the polyfoam (the polyol) with a polyol that is derived from soy oil (see post #2 here ). It would be closely comparable in terms of durability to other types of polyfoam that are the same density range. I would want to know the density of any polyfoam in a mattress.

All the latex you are likely to encounter is a good and durable material. The addition of copper used as a filler (such as TGs “Talalay mineral”) is generally used to improve the processability and heat transfer (due to the increased surface area) of the PCM. The benefits of Cu used as a filler in both memory foam and latex are more connected with its thermo-conductive properties and even though copper infused latex is advertised as having side “health benefits” (such as copper bracelets) to my knowledge these benefits have not been proven in copper infused foams. The main benefit for adding Cu to latex or memory foams would be for thermal conductivity (which generally is not an issue with latex, to begin with) so I personally would not make a priority to choose one over the other (with or without copper). Other than this if you can provide the information listed here I’d certainly be happy to make some comments about the quality of the materials in the mattress and let you know if I can see any obvious weak links in the design.

I would ask Macy’s to find out the information for you because they may have better results than you since other forum members haven’t been successful in finding out the information they needed directly from Paramount (see post #2 here and the posts it links to about Paramount) and if you aren’t able to find out the information you need to make an informed choice I would be hesitant to make the purchase no matter how appealing the sales price might be.

Sales are more about the illusion of saving money than they are about reality … While it’s not possible to make a blanket statement about sales because each retailer or manufacturer can be different, I would treat retailers or manufacturers that negotiate their prices or have “major holiday sales” with huge discounts as a red flag as a most of the sales are more about creating a false sense of urgency. The better manufacturers and retailers that sell good quality/value mattresses don’t generally “negotiate” and they sell good quality/value mattresses every day of the year at prices that are already very reasonable. (see post #6 here ) or have “fake sales” based on the time of year or holidays (see the guidelines here and post #5 here ). In other words … if you are dealing with a better retailer or manufacturer that sells better quality/value mattresses then one time of the year isn’t really any better than another.

Just in case you haven’t read it already … post #1 here and the tutorial post here that have all the basic information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make the best possible choices.

Hopefully, this gives you enough information to help with your research.
I would be interested to hear back from you to learn what you decided and I or any other Expert Member of the site would be glad assist you with any questions that you may have.