Reverie Deluxe

I haven’t purchased it yet, but I have a concern with the weight limit. Everything I read (owners manual, warranty on website) says that the Deluxe Twin XL is 300 pounds. If I throw a 100 pound latex mattress on there, does that only leave room for a 200 pound person (I weigh 235)?

I did call Reverie and they told me that information was wrong and that it should be 550 pounds for a Twin XL. I don’t see that in writing anywhere though, although she said this needs to be changed:

And here’s the Owners manual:’s%20Manual-US-12-15-09.pdf

Phoenix, any thoughts from your experience with the Deluxe? I’m sure it would probably work out for me and the Deluxe is still at the top of my list, but I just wanted to throw this out there.

EDIT: I checked out the Tempurpedic Advanced Ergo specs and theirs says 300 pound wight limit also. BUT, I would assume this includes the mattress. These weight limits are all used when talking about voiding the warranty.

Hi Funky,

I talked with Gail Ramsdell at Reverie today and she confirmed that the Reverie warranty should say 550 lbs. She acknowledged it as an issue and said that she would talk with the CEO today and make the necessary changes in the written warranty ASAP. In the meantime she said that she would send me an email signed by her which I could post on the forum confirming that they would honor the higher weight limit. She said this would be done by the end of today.

I was quite impressed with her openness and willingness to share information with me about both the base and the latex mattresses they produce. I’m glad you brought it up as it led to a great conversation :slight_smile:

I’ve had my deluxe for a little over a year and it has performed great with no issues. I am very glad I bought it even though it was a preference option for us for things like reading and watching TV in bed etc.

Hope this helps.


As promised … here’s Gayle’s email confirming the weight limit …

That’s great to hear Phoenix. I also called Leggett and Platt and spoke to a very knowledgeable person (didn’t catch her name). She told me that the weight of the mattress is already factored into the equation so if it says 300 pounds then that’s the weight of the person. She said that she only remembers running across one mattress that threw it off.

But that’s behind me now, because today I ordered a Split King Reverie Deluxe from and a Latex 10000 from SleepEZ. I started out looking at memory foam, but ended up buying latex. Shawn was so helpful and I went with his recommendation of Med-Firm-XFirm for me and Soft-Med-Firm for my wife.

Phoenix, thank you so much for taking your time to answer my questions and for providing such valuable info on here. I do have one more request if you don’t mind. But only if you have the Split King Reverie Dlx. I measured my existing bed frame to be 75 inches from side to side. The Reverie is advertised as being 76 inches. But I called Tempurpedic and they told me their Split King Ergo’s are really 37.5 inches, not 38. I also measured my existing King box Springs and they are 37.5. I think it will fit, but didn’t want to worry about this for the next week :slight_smile:

Hi Funky,

Unfortunately my Reverie base is a queen size but I would assume that the Tempurpedic measurement would be correct as bases are usually a little smaller than the mattress size. My queen Reverie for example is 58.5" x 79" (I just measured it to make sure). The dimensions here confirm what you were told by Tempur and what I measured in my queen.

I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine.

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile: