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I was unsure of whether to buy a mattress online or not, but after much searching and a lot of reading on this site, I bought a 100% Talalay from Arizona Premium Mattress Co. ( I thoroughly regret this decision.

While I thought I was saving a few hundred dollars compared to buying from a local store, I can now say it is definitely not worth the savings. When I was deciding and placing the order, I was told the mattress would be delivered in 3-3 1/2 weeks. This turned out not to be true. Communications were poor and I was not provided with updates along the way except when I requested updates, and then what I did get was both unclear and inaccurate. It was basically the same “3 or 3 and a half weeks” line. I finally did get assurances that it would be delivered in 4 weeks. The latest follow up I had was that it would be delivered in six weeks. Needless to say they have had nearly $2,000 of my cash since the day my order was placed in November, and now I wait and anticipate that any changes or issues will receive the same poor level of service I have received thus far. In a word, this place has been FLAKEY.

I cannot speak to the quality of the mattress or lack thereof because I have yet to receive anything, but based on the experience over nearly six weeks this place would receive a rating of “unacceptable.” I am replacing a total of 10 beds in two houses and this was a test run before committing to the rest, and I am very glad I did not get in any deeper. I expressed my frustration to the vender on several occasions and they certainly could have at least used a faster shipping method once it was clear than they were so far behind schedule, but nothing was done. I will update this review once I finally receive the mattress, but at this point I can confidently say that I would not ever buy from them again and I would not recommend them. It is definitely not worth saving a few hundred dollars to have to deal with this poor service for so long and have nothing to show for it.

Hi Da,

Unfortunately from frustration to elation … and back to frustration!

Hopefully when the mattress arrives it will make up somewhat for your delays because as you know they are great quality and value although it’s not great to have to wait longer than was originally promised.

I’m not so sure that I would in any way call them “flaky” though which I think may be a bit harsh considering Ken has been making mattresses for decades and is respected by many in the industry. He is also a value leader in latex mattresses and somewhat of a “radical” when it comes to mattresses and I have spent many hours of great conversations with him about the current state of the industry and his efforts to improve it.

Unfortunately … there may be times when a manufacturer overpromises and underdelivers when they are particularly busy and my understanding is that 3 1/2 weeks is not their current wait time but I agree with you that this should be told to customers at the beginning so they can include it in their decision making process.

Has the mattress already shipped (presumably with UPS) or did you mean that you asked them to use a different method when it was due to be shipped?

Overall I certainly understand your frustration and I agree that it’s not great service … but I also wanted to add some balance and history to your comments so that they have a little broader context.

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and feedback and I hope you let us know when the mattress arrives and your thoughts about it when it does.


Please keep us posted as after several hours of research and the use of this forum, insight from Phoenix, and a visit or two to local mattress suppliers I was leaning heavily towards a mattress purchase from this supplier.

Hi Da and BryanR,

Just as an update to this … I called Arizona Premium and they did confirm that they had a typical 4 week wait time over the holidays because of volume and holiday delays but this has now changed back to their “normal” 3 1/2 week wait time (with the possible exception of custom built mattresses) but of course this isn’t what happened in this case as it will be 6 weeks early next week.

I also asked Greg (who I talked to) to let Ken know about this specific situation (he is out of town till Monday) so he can reply directly to this on the forum.

I don’t know what happened in this specific instance of course and it’s never great to see someone who slips through the cracks but hopefully this will be quickly resolved and it certainly isn’t their “norm”.


I’m also looking for a new bed, and they were at the top of my list. I was contemplating their adjustable latex mattress with the top 2" layer replaced by a layer of the GL memory foam. I feel this system would give me (as an internet buyer with few good shopping options and little time to explore them) the most flexibility to replace/swap if needed, and perhaps try the full latex bed by changing the top if the mem foam doesn’t work out long term. Have you formed any more opinions on Talalay GL since your last post on the topic? Thanks! I don’t know how you stay so active on this site!


Hi uiuc_josh,

I think that the general consensus on the Talalay GL slow response based mostly on feedback from retailers who carry the Pure Latex Bliss hybrid mattresses that use it is that it’s not as slow responding as memory foam and that it feels firmer and less “memory foam like” or “squishy” than memory foam itself but it is slower than the fast response Talalay GL.

Like most materials … there is a range of feedback all the way from “I don’t like it” to “it’s just what I was looking for”.

I think it’s a valid choice for someone who is looking for a “feel” that is somewhat in between memory foam and latex as long as they realize it is not a latex version of memory foam but has some similarity to it.

Lots of time … and fast typing :slight_smile:


Thanks-- after some emails with Ken over there I think I’ll get the standard mattress, and if I decide I want the more memory foam feel after a few months, I’ll buy a 2" layer from foam order or rocky mountain or the like and swap it out. I guess that’s probably my most cost effective option at this point. They would put the 3" GL layer on for $150 more, but I decided to try the standard latex topper and see if I like that well enough.


Hi uiuc_josh,

I certainly think you are dealing with one of the “best of the best” and if this ends up being your final choice … then congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:


I plan to write a full review very soon, but wanted to post my layout to help with you choosing your mattress. See the attachment. I prefer firm with little plushness. I also have an AZP adjustable king mattress. I have the Medium blended latex core, the std latex topper on the bottom and memory foam outside of the mattress case. I have tried every configuration with the parts I have and this works the best for me (and my wife, who prefers extremely soft) We both sleep like logs, and i have zero pain. I had pain with the 22 ILD latex on top. It pulled down on my hips and caused lower back pain. Hope this helps, but I understand it will probably make you second guess. Sorry!!

oh, and the memory foam I got was from Amazon for like 80 clams. Its nothing special.

You may have to save the file and go into the view menu in Adobe and uncheck Line Weights to view it properly.

Hi Ely,

Thanks for the update and especially the diagram of your layering arrangement. I’m looking forward to your “full review” :slight_smile:


Hi Ely and Phoenix,

I’ve also ordered the adjustable latex mattress from APMC. a few weeks ago just a couple more weeks of waiting and it should arrive. I’m hoping I made the right decision regarding the firmness. I ordered the medium core (32 ild) blended latex with the standard 2 inch topper (22ILD). Ely, would you consider this arrangement to feel like a medium firm or a soft medium?

I also prefer firm with some plushness so I initially thought I should go with the 38ILD firm support core. After talking with Ken from APMC he strongly suggested that the medium core(32 ILD) would be sufficient. I’m 5ft 4inched tall and weigh about 125. I sleep on my side but wake up on my back and sometimes stomach. Ken said if it felt too soft I could put the topper on the bottom but I’d rather not do that since I may have to get another topper to put on top, plus i thought the base of a mattress should have the firmest latex.?

I wonder if getting their 3inch topper in a medium (28 ILD) would work better than the 2inch 22 ILD topper. The more I think about this the more confused I feel anyway maybe I should not think about it and hope it turns out okay. I will definitely post a review when I get it. Any suggestions would be appreciated though.

Also, how do you like the mattress cover it came with? I wanted a stretchy cotton cover w/ no wool padding to be closer to the latex but I guess they don’t offer it.


Hey K,

I would agree with Ken that the Medium Core is plenty firm for your weight. I would consider this setup medium firm. I also agree that you can rotate the layers if it is too soft, but i don’t believe you will find it too soft. It does not matter if the softer layer is on the top or the bottom. What matters is how your body reacts to the layer closest to your body. ie, firm enough to support your body yet soft enough to feel comfortable.

I would stay away from the 3 in topper. This “comfort” layer will probably be too thick for you to get the support you desire from the medium core.

Please remember, the latex takes some time to get used to…we were in some pain caused by the bed for a while. And it took a few iterations to get it how we BOTH liked it.

The mattress cover is fine, and if you saw my attachment, we don’t sleep on the mattress cover provided by AZP. We have a cotton cover/pad, like used in hotels. This keeps our additional layers protected. But i think you have a valid concern. You may not feel the latex as close to your body as you would like. You can always pull the 2" topper out of the mattress cover and put it directly under your sheet. This would keep the mattress the same height, yet your body would contour the latex better with just the sheet between you and the latex.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to keep asking. I will provide my experiences the best i can.

Thanks Ely for your feedback. It really helped me feel more secure in my decision.

I noticed APMC also offers an organic cotton mattress cover which has condensed cotton, which perhaps would bring me closer to the latex. Anyway, your suggestion of taking the topper out and putting it under the sheet is a good one and I’ll keep it in mind.

Thanks Phoenix for putting this forum together, it is so helpful.


Hi kdreams,

I’ll add my “vote” to APMC and Ely that a medium will be firm enough for your weight.

I would also agree that the 2" of 22 ILD would likely be better for your weight in combination with the core you chose than 3" of 28 ILD latex which may not only be a little on the firm side for you in terms of pressure relief but thicker than you may need.

Did you mean their cotton mattress cover here (vs the regular cotton cover quilted with wool).

If this is what you meant then there would be a tradeoff involved. This would be stretchier than the wool quilted cover and would allow you to sink into the latex slightly more (it would feel softer). The tradeoff is that you would lose the benefit of the wool in the quilting which can be very good for breathability, humidity control, and temperature regulation. Either one would make a good choice depending on your preferences.

If you do take the latex out of the cover on a more permanent basis … I would make sure you covered it with more than a sheet though because latex can break down faster with exposure to air, ozone, and ultraviolet and it will be more durable with a good quality dedicated cover.


Yes Phoenix. that’s the cotton mattress cover I was referring to. Apparently, it has wool quilting as well and instead of an inch of wool it has a half inch of pre-compressed wool. I was told the pre-compressed wool makes the mattress feel firmer. Not sure if there will be much of a difference as far as feeling the latex below b/t these two covers. Do you think the inch of wool will compress over time and feel lumpy or uneven?



Hi kdreams,

I believe the wool in both of them would be compressed but I would check with Ken who will know more about them than I do (I haven’t seen either one except in pictures).

Wool does compress over time and get a little firmer but since both of these are already compressed and don’t have large amounts of wool in them … it’s not likely to have an ongoing effect on the mattress or feel “lumpy” or uneven no.


Thanks again for your prompt and helpful reply. Don’t know if you can answer this, but which one would you choose if you had to, the bamboo cover quilted to an inch of wool or the organic cotton one quilted to a half inch of wool? Here’s the link to the two, Replacement Mattress Covers

i likes the feel of being closer to the latex in the plb models that was a stretch knit whereas i believe these are more woven.

I guess I could always buy one from sleepez if I don’t like the feel of these.

Thanks for your patience with regards to my dumb questions .

Hi kdreams,

If I was buying a mattress that had soft latex on top and I liked the feel of the latex … I would probably choose the one that was more stretchy and a little less wool because it would have less affect on the feel of the latex. Having said that though … this would also be trading off some of the benefits of more wool which for some may be more important because of its temperature regulating qualities although you can always add more wool as a mattress protector, mattress pad, or topper.

Of course this is a preference issue and my own personal preferences have little to do with what someone else may choose (and sometimes change with my mood or how I slept the night before :)) and this is certainly not a “better worse” issue.

My favorite jam is usually strawberry but it’s certainly not any better than blueberry for someone who likes blueberry better and sometimes I get adventurous and have cherry jam … and I could swear I like it better … for a while :slight_smile:


So you’re saying I should just put jam on top of the latex and sleep on that??! :lol:

Okay, I get it.

Seriously though thank you again for all your helpful insights.

i’lll be sure to update once the mattress arrives.


Hi kdreams,

I’d probably be tempted to add a layer of strawberry jello instead of jam and if it didn’t do a good job of relieving pressure … I’d just eat it (I love jello) and start all over again with a thicker or softer layer :slight_smile:

Hmmm … there might be a patentable idea here …

Back to reality though … congratulations on your new mattress!

I’m looking forward to your feedback once you’ve had the chance to sleep on it.