SleepEZ 10000

I have been researching mattresses diligently for the past 5 to 6 weeks. This site has been a tremendous resource and there honestly are not enough positive things for me to say about the “no spin” approach that is applied here. I can see how mainstream “major S and T brands” may start to get a little ticked over time, but sadly, the more intelligent and measured response would simply be to produce better quality mattresses with honest marketing and a warranty that is more than just words on paper. I will keep the rest of the details simple and to the point.

  1. Purchased the Natural 10,000 from SleepEZ on 12/30/12 and received the mattress today. When placing my order, Shawn actually talked me out of going with a 13,000 unless I insisted on getting it. I thought that my size (320 lbs) would necessitate a thicker mattress but he explained that since I preferred a firm surface already, then the 10,000 should be sufficient. (Thus, he talked me out of spending an additional $400).

  2. E-mail and communication in general was slow around the holidays. I was initially put off by this but then realized this isn’t a big chain corporation. People actually need to take some time off (though I would recommend a message popping up to tell people when employees are out of the office). This is a brick and mortar store and I feel fortunate they sell online as well, allowing me to purchase from many miles away. There simply aren’t many options for a latex mattress within a 3 hour driving radius in my area.
    Communication improved IMMENSELY once Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s passed. This confirmed my suspicion that e-mail was a little slow due to employees being out of the office. Again, from a strictly business standpoint, an e-mail notification stating that would like save them from losing a sale or two. However, there telephone number has been consistently answered during hours on the site, so if there was something I needed immediately, I’m confident I could have gotten help.

  3. The mattress shipped on January 7th (which took longer than they left me with the impression being) but a simple follow up call allowed me to confirm the ship date with them 4 or 5 days after I had placed the order. The order shipped when they said it would and it arrived today, which is when they said it would.

  4. The mattress is beautiful. I can’t speak to long-term results yet. However, the packaging was solid and everything was CLEARLY labeled for easy mattress assembly (I know I sound like a commercial at times while typing this, but it’s rare for an internet order to be so pristinely packaged and labeled…just my opinion). I have laid on the mattress for only about 45 minutes total…absolutely LOVE the first impression. It is also rare that I do not open a big Internet order (e.g. $2000 purchase) and have at least a few fleeting moments of buyers remorse. I can honestly say that I was so pleased with the appearance of the mattress and the assembly process that there were NONE of these buyers remorse moments. I can’t swear those moments won’t come later, but thus far, I’ve been very pleased.

  5. They failed to ship the mattress protector that I ordered. Am I worried about this? No, because I have been given no reason to believe this is anything other than an honest mistake. S*** happens and sometimes tiny details are screwed up. I know it will be taken care of, as the company has been easy to deal with and I trust things will be resolved in a timely manner. If not, I know it will be easy enough to reach Shawn and get it resolved by picking up the telephone.

  6. I am comforted by the fact that I have 90 days to exchange layers and I am comforted by the fact that I have 90 days to call the whole thing off, with only return shipping ($99) to pay.

I am really not trying to sound like an advertiser for SleepEZ. I was scared to death 5 minutes after I made my purchase with them. Since that time, they have been nothing but straightforward and have delivered on what they have promised. I will post further updates as times goes on, but did want people to be aware of my purchase with SleepEZ (the good and the bad…but mostly the terrific as long as you have a small amount of tolerance for slower response time).

Hi sleepyvet,

Thanks for taking the time to write such a terrific, detailed, and in your own words “no spin” review.

As you know I think very highly of Shawn and the service he provides and especially his laid back “no hype” approach to things.

It’s a great feeling when your “first impression” matches your hopes for a mattress that you’ve ordered online and you can stop “holding your breath” (and when you have options available if this changes). I’m also looking forward to hearing more of your feedback when you’ve had the chance to sleep on it for awhile.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


Five nights into sleeping on the mattress…just some observations and updates.

  1. SleepEZ sent out the mattress protector the same day I e-mailed them. It should be here by Monday, so no issues with getting that resolved.

  2. The mattress is exceptionally solid and comfortable. I can’t claim that is some sort of panacea for back pain, but I am feeling and moving better in the short time I have slept on the mattress. It is a very quiet mattress and movement on the mattress is very well isolated.

  3. I was a little hesitant about having a split upper layer to the mattress, as I was concerned about the two sides of the bed separating or having a noticeable gap. The layers really do cling to one another and I cannot notice the gap between the two sides when laying on it. However, when off the mattress, a gap is sometimes detectable as one of the sides sticks up a little higher. This is easily remedied by repositioning so the layers can grip one another again. I do not think this will be a long term problem, as I only noticed one time after the first day.

  4. I look forward to laying down on this bed every single time. I NEVER realized a bed was supposed to be so supportive. I have never had a mattress that relieves pressure like this does. I can move freely and pain-free on this mattress and it is easy to get out of bed (no I’m not as old as I sound, but I do have some chronic back pain from a car accident).

  5. I recommend buying the foundation that comes from SleepEZ. I didn’t…I found the one from Nature’s Sleep for $80 cheaper but it is clearly lower quality and I am going to have to add new, wider slats this weekend. The foundation is fine, except the gaps are just slightly over 3", so obviously I want to preserve the mattress and decrease those gap sizes.

  6. Not a huge fan of the king size latex pillows. They are very comfortable to lay on while reading, but overnight, they don’t work for me. They cause neck pain and I think let my head sink too low. I prefer a firmer pillow. There is nothing inherently wrong with the pillows and they are very nice. I still use them at night but mostly more as a body pillow type of a thing. They just aren’t firm enough for my head. If you like a bouncy, plush feeling then there is a good chance these are for you.

  7. So far, no regrets whatsoever with my purchase. My layers are X-Firm/Firm/Med (from bottom-up) on both sides and I may very well have nailed it right the first time (based on Shawn’s recommendations). Long term, I am glad that I may not have to buy another mattress for many years, since I can always just buy a new top layer and possibly rejuvenate the whole setup. Only time will tell, as I am hoping I am several years away from contemplating anything like that.

I am very, very happy with the mattress purchase and am glad I have moved on up to latex. I love the feel and I love the support. I would recommend that anyone considering a latex purchase make sure they do search out and try some all-latex options before ever purchasing online. It definitely feels very different from memory foam or innerspring and I can see how it may not be for everyone (but it is definitely for me!).