SleepEZ and Savvy Rest type mattress options

I kind of like the idea of a shell with custom stackable pieces inside. Are there other alternatives to the SleepEZ and Savvy Rest that I should be looking at?


Hi stuuke,

Post #3 here includes a list of online manufacturers that sell component latex mattresses that offer a range of different types and blends of latex with different designs, options, features, return and exchange policies, and prices. Most of them are members of this site.


I recently went with a diy latex from sleeponlatex. I trusted their products and was not disappointed upon receiving.
The price was a big factor for me also. I went with a med core, 3 inch soft topper and a case for it all to fit into. I am now using a 2nd soft topper on top of that. I think if I could do it all over I would have ordered 4 3 inch slabs (1 firm, 1 med, 2 soft) just so I could customize more, but it would have put the cost up. As it is now we like it for the most part, just needs some fine tuning.
Its a good option to think about anyway.

Is there a big difference between going 9’, 10’, 11’ or higher for component mattress sets?

Hi pennies,

Just for the sake of clarity … I think that stuuke was asking about component latex mattresses rather than sources for individual DIY components. While I do think highly of Sleeponlatex (and they are also a member of this site) … they only sell individual 3" Dunlop latex layers that can be used to build a DIY mattress and don’t sell actual component latex mattresses that have passed the fire regulations “as a mattress” (although they do sell two “finished mattresses” that aren’t component latex mattresses).

Most component latex mattresses that are similar to Savvy Rest use a wool quilted cover to pass the fire regulations and Sleeponlatex only sells a stretch knit cotton cover. They also only allow a single item to be returned per year so once you have exchanged a single layer they don’t allow any further exchanges or returns.


Hi stuuke,

The thickness of a mattress or the number of layers or the thickness of any individual layers inside it is really just a side effect of the design and the design goals of a mattress and is also only one of many variables that can affect the feel and performance of a mattress relative to any particular person and by itself isn’t particularly meaningful (see post #2 here). In some cases higher weight ranges (or a higher BMI) will sometimes do better with a mattress that is thicker than lower weight ranges or a lower BMI (see post #14 here for more about the effect of thickness) but even this depends more on the specific design and combination of materials in the mattress and on how well your testing or personal experience indicates the mattress “as a whole” matches your specific needs and preferences in terms of comfort, firmness, and PPP than it does on just the thickness itself.

In other words … every layer and component of a mattress (including the cover and any quilting material) will affect the feel and performance of every other layer or component above and below it and the mattress “as a whole” so any differences in the thickness of layers, the type and blend of latex in each layer, and the firmness of each layer or any other differences between two mattresses can all affect the overall feel and performance of a mattress and how two mattresses compare to each other.

When you can’t test a mattress in person then the most reliable source of guidance is always a more detailed phone conversation with a knowledgeable and experienced retailer or manufacturer that has your best interests at heart and who can help “talk you through” the specifics of their mattresses and the properties and “feel” of the materials they are using (fast or slow response, resilience, firmness etc) and the options they have available that may be the best “match” for you based on the information you provide them, any local testing you have done or mattresses you have slept on and liked or other mattresses you are considering that they are familiar with, and the “averages” of other customers that are similar to you. They will know more about “matching” their specific mattress designs and firmness levels to different body types, sleeping positions, and preferences (or to other mattresses that they are familiar with such as various Savvy Rest layering combinations) than anyone else.


Any thoughts on SleepEZ vs Flexus?

Hi stuuke,

Both of them are members of this site which means that I think highly of them and that I believe that they both compete well with the best in the industry in terms of their quality, value, service, knowledge, and transparency. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to purchase a mattress from either of them.

There is more information about the 3 most important parts of the “value” of a mattress purchase in post #13 here which can help you make more meaningful quality/value comparisons between mattresses in terms of suitability (how well you will sleep), durability (how long you will sleep well), and the overall value of a mattress compared to your other finalists based on suitability, durability, and all the other parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you (including the price of course and the options you have available after a purchase if your choice doesn’t turn out as well as you hoped for).

Since all of the mattresses you are considering are all latex mattresses they would all be very durable choices and none of them have any lower quality materials or weak links that would compromise the durability or useful life of the mattress.

I would also make sure that you have a more detailed conversation on the phone with each of them.

Once you have narrowed down your options to a list of finalists that are all choices between “good and good” (which they are) and you have confirmed that none of them have any lower quality materials or “weak links” in their design relative to your weight range (which they don’t) and if at this point there are no clear winners between them (which is usually a good indication that you have done some good research) then you are in the fortunate position that any of them would likely be a suitable choice and post #2 here can help you make a final choice based on your local testing or mattresses you have slept well on, your more detailed conversations with each of them, your confidence about PPP and the suitability of each one, their prices, your preferences for different types of materials (or different types and blends of latex), the options you have after a purchase to fine tune the mattress or exchange or return the mattress or individual layers, any additional extras that are part of each purchase, and on “informed best judgement” based on all the other objective, subjective, and intangible parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you.

You are certainly looking at some great quality/value choices and I’m looking forward to finding out what you end up deciding :slight_smile:


How does the DIY component system from compare to SleepEZ and Flexus?

Hi stuuke, uses a split 6" layer as the bottom layer with the option of either a 2" or a 3" single layer (not split) on top. Both top and bottom layers are available in several firmness levels. They offer the choice between blended Talalay or 100% natural Talalay. They also have custom options available by request.

SleepEZ and Flexus both use two 3" layers as the bottom layers instead of a single 6" layer.

Flexus uses 100% natural Dunlop in their deeper 3" layers and 100% natural Talalay in their top layer (except for the 7" version which is two 3" layers of 100% natural Dunlop layers and no Talalay layer) and you have a choice of firmness levels in each layer. They also offer a range of thicknesses from 6" - 12" of latex.

SleepEZ gives you the option of either 100% natural Dunlop or blended Talalay in any of their layers in their Natural Select line and you have a choice of firmness levels in each layer. In their Organic Select line you have the choice of either 100% natural Dunlop of 100% natural Talalay in any of their layers with a choice of firmness levels in each layer. They also offer a range of thicknesses from 6" - 12" of latex.

There is more about the pros and cons of a single 6" core vs two separate 3" layers in post #2 here.


Couldn’t I just buy three layers from and a cover and put it together however I like? It looks like they sell the components individually.

Hi stuuke,

You certainly could purchase individual layers and components separately and build your own DIY mattress if you wished to but you would lose the ability to exchange or return the individual layers or components if the choices you made didn’t turn out as well as you hoped for in terms of “comfort”, firmness, and PPP.

If you are attracted to the idea of designing and building your own DIY mattress out of separate components and a separate cover then the first place I would start is by reading option 3 in post #15 here and the posts it links to (and option #1 and #2 as well) so that you have more realistic expectations and that you are comfortable with the learning curve, uncertainty, trial and error, or in some cases the higher costs that may be involved in the DIY process. While it can certainly be a rewarding project … the best approach to a DIY mattress is a “spirit of adventure” where what you learn and the satisfaction that comes from the process itself is more important than any cost savings you may realize (which may or may not happen).

There is also more about primary or “deep” support and secondary or “surface” support and their relationship to firmness and pressure relief and the “roles” of different layers in a mattress in post #2 here and in post #4 here that may also be helpful in clarifying the difference between “support” and “pressure relief” and “feel” that may be useful as well.

For those who decide to take on the challenge then I would either use the specs (if they are available) of a mattress that you have tested and confirmed is a good match for you in terms of PPP as a reference point or blueprint and try and “match” every layer and component in your reference mattress as closely as possible or use a “bottom up” approach (see post #2 here).

Post #4 here also includes a list of the better online sources for DIY materials and components that I’m aware of (and includes


Gotcha. I don’t think the price difference is that much so I’ll probably just continue with my focus on the component latex sets.

Just checking back. Are there any new brands or component systems worth looking at? Any that have gone downhill in the past couple of years? Thanks!

Hello Stuuke

Thank you for your inquiry. Based on your past conversations with Phoenix, I see you are interested in a DYI latex mattress. I will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have about our components or products. Also, feel free to contact our office anytime at 480-966-8731. Thanks again. - SleepEZ

We’ve purchased a couple of mattresses for the kids and we’re finally back to shopping for us. I’ve narrowed it down to Flexus and SleepEZ. I also looked at Sleeping Organic, Cozy Pure and Foam Sweet Foam in my research. Flexus and SleepEZ both appear to have great customer service, a solid product, good reviews and a competitive price. I’m not sure I can make a wrong choice with either of them but if anyone has any experience deciding between the two I’d love hear it. I’ve talked to both through chats and they were very helpful. Thanks!

I had it narrowed down to Flexus and Sleep EZ too – I don’t think you can go wrong with either. Both have great customer service and solid feedback on this site. The deciding factor for me was that Sleep EZ had a lower ILD on their soft latex than Flexus did on their soft latex – since I wanted as soft as I could get (all other things being equal), I went with SleepEZ (no regrets!). Is there any particular part of your personal equation you can fine tune with one or the other?

I went with the 10" organic and 8" foundation from SleepEZ. Now I have to decide on a mattress protector. I’m looking at the St. Dormeir from FloBeds or the CozyPure. Both on sale today and I’ve giving myself a time limit on this decision unlike I did with the mattress selection :slight_smile:

Hey stuuke,

Good hearing from you here at the TMU Forum and congrats on your new sleep system from expert trusted memberSleepEZ :slight_smile: .

Which mattress protector did you choose, there’s been lots of consumer interest in the category lately. Looking forward to hearing about your experience on your new mattress following the customary 3-4 week “sleep trial” period…


I recently visited a nearby Savvy Rest dealer and spent time trying out several configurations of their 10-inch Serenity mattress. I liked the product and developed a pretty good idea of what combination of layers would work well for me.

I really wish that I lived close enough to Scottsdale to visit the Sleep EZ factory showroom because it would be nice to try their 10-inch mattress in the same way. I don’t know how much confidence to have in the idea of using an experience with Savvy Rest to guess how I would like a Sleep EZ product. Any thoughts that members of this forum would like to share would be welcome.

Also, I wonder why Savvy Rest is not a member of TMU.