Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Cassatt Firm/Ultra Firm


Does anyone have advice on this collection? My wife and I are considering either the firm or extra firm. We are currently on a Hybrid pocket coil with a latex topper, but it’s just not working for us. Any advice would be appreciated.



I am not an expert — I’m very much a novice. In fact, I registered for an account just so I could respond to your post.

Previously, I had lurked on this website (and others, although this one in particular is extremely helpful) for a few months as my husband and I considered our options. A Sterns & Foster ”Luxury Firm” mattress at a high end hotel in Downtown Chicago (Loews) is the reason we even started looking at mattresses this summer! It was wonderful, and made us realize how terrible our old mattress was at home. After our stay, we were determined to try and replicate what we experienced.

Let me back up for just a moment. Again, I’m no mattress expert — far from it. In fact, we hadn’t purchased a mattress since 2002 — a Serta Perfect Night. We slept on that until 2015, then started sleeping on our guest room mattress (which was even older, but RARELY used). This was a Serta Perfect Sleeper. So needless to say we were out of the loop as far as the latest and greatest in mattresses. Here’s what I found out:

—mattresses are now made completely differently in the 17 years since we last purchased a mattress (and not for the better)
—mattresses now break down WAY more frequently, and this is commonly accepted. (I’ve read mattresses last something like 4-7 years now!)
—most of the S company brands (Sealy, Sterns & Foster, Serta, Simmons) make inferior quality mattresses and care more about profit margins than making a quality product; avoid if possible.

Thanks to this site I found the name of the YouTube mattress guru, known as the “beducator”, Jeff Schreur (might be spelling that wrong), and we had a nice conversation. He owns a mattress company in Michigan, and really knows his stuff. When I explained we had loved a S&F bed, he suggested I find a local mattress retailer or furniture store that sells Therapedic brand mattresses, specifically their Medicoil HD line. He said these Medicoil HD beds felt the most like “the old Sterns and Foster mattresses”, back when they were a premium product. Jeff is in a different state from us or we would have ordered right from him. But, we had to find someone local. I had to drive 50 miles, but I found a local furniture store that carries Therapedic Medicoil HD beds. They are handmade, with quality materials, made with high density foams and heavy duty coils, won’t break down in 4-7 years (they have a 20 yr warranty actually). OMG!!! From the second we hopped on, we were in love. I wanted to keep trying our beds to make sure, but my husband said “why do we even need to? THIS is it.”

It was delivered a few weeks ago, and after about a week adjustment period my husband and I are loving our new bed. It’s comfortable; firm (but not painfully so) with excellent “bones”, supportive, and works for both of us (we sleep in different sleeping positions). I like it even better than that S&F bed we tried this sunmer! I know it will last us for years. Hope this helps!

Thank you Krissy. I will look into these beds as well. As for the S&F, I read that the higher end model use better quality materials. Here are some specs on the bed. Can someone advise if the materials look durable?


I am considered a latex expert but I can tell you the amount of gel infused and regular memory foam that are in the specs will cause issues down the road even if the spring itself is high quality. These foams are known not to hold up very long especially the softer varieties.

You’re welcome JDub18.

From my research this summer, S&F’s foams are not high density and will break down much too quickly, which is why we avoided them entirely and went with the Medicoil HD. Medicoil HD does have high density foams that will last plus the robust spring system S&F is (was?) known for.

Sorry, I realize I sound like I sell them and I don’t. Just a middle aged gal who happened to be in the same boat as you this summer. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. S&F is officially off the list.

Hey jdub18,

Welcome to The Mattress Underground forum and thanks for your question :slight_smile: ! First, a shout-out to Arizona Premium Mattress for their advice, thanks @KenHightower. As one of TMU’s trusted Expert Members, AP brings over 40 years expertise in the mattress industry. The experience and contributions of all our trusted members provides a wealth of knowledge to our consumer members to aid in their mattress selection process. We hope you find the site useful.

I’m not sure what you’ve read since you found the site but just in case you haven’t read it yet … the first place to start your research is the mattress shopping tutorial here which includes all the basic information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make the best possible choice … and perhaps more importantly know how and why to avoid the worst ones.

Please let us know about your mattress purchase after you’ve had several weeks’ of sleep adjustment, would be curious to know your experience.

Welcome also @KrissyVee to the forum; thanks for your kind words about our site and for sharing your research from a consumer point of view :slight_smile:


Thanx for the referral to YT Beducation!
Those videos are some of the best sources of info I’ve seen so far.
They’re categorical, brief and meaningful.
That gave me a good foundation for making a more informed decision.
Now I just need to find something comparable to one of the whore corporation models that my ‘little lady’ likes.