Mattress selection wizard

That’s what I figured.
So how can I know how good they are if they have no retail presence?

They have a showroom but it’s in Phoenix. Your call on who you’re comfortable dealing with, the large mattress companies who have a retail presence across the country or smaller builders who tend to offer better value with more transparency about the materials used. Make sure you understand their return policies up front.

Thanx for the tip.
I get it.
But how do I know what I’m getting unless I can try it out locally?

See, now that’s the problem with buying online compared to buying from local corporate conmen/thieves. You get screwed either way.

One has to wonder what the purpose for our government is if they can’t keep sellers honest? They suck all our money out of us in taxes and regulation from every angle, but what do they give us in return? Protection of the corporate profits for the greedy evil corporate investors.

So I just want to find a g.d. bed that I can sleep in so I can get up and WORK FOR A LIVING b/c I can’t afford to retire b/c the g.d. government and corporations stole everything from me in this evil fiat money economy. Is it too much to ask from this g.d. country that I can find a bed to sleep in that will allow me to get a good night’s sleep? How has this simple part of life turned into a complicated cluster-f**k of greed and trickery? WTF?!


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Hi cadman777,

See, now that’s the problem with buying online compared to buying from local corporate conmen/thieves. You get screwed either way.

I know it can be a frustrating process to find quality, durability, and perfect fit in a product (regardless if it is a mattress or not), and I see the points you made…with mattresses this is exactly why TMU was founded to provide the consumer with as many tools as possible to make an informed decision and fight back on the lack of transparency of the corporate MI and misleading advertising practices that in many cases are just empty words with no substantiating data. More consumers should demand disclosure of specifications for products.

How do I know for sure, except that people have used them for a decade and write reviews. But as you know, materials and workmanship can drop in quality over time, so how do I know that today’s mattresses made by the a manufacturer are the same quality as they were a decade or more ago?
Also, how do I know if I picked all the right parts and every part that I need for building a mattress?

You know about durability from the Durability Guidelines, you know what to look for in a mattress to ensure quality from the Mattress Shopping Tutorial, and the Mattress Specifications You Need To Know, as far as suitability for any particular person … this is a bit iffy …. possibly the main reason there isn’t some universal mattress selection wizard are the many variables: Different BMIs, different sleep preferences and positions, different preference for materials and all the varied health conditions would be almost impossible. Buying a mattress is such a specific purchase that all the reviews, advice, marketing, it all comes down to whether it’s comfortable for you. Even though its more reading this article on layers from @Phoenix will give you an idea of how mattresses are constructed and how to approach a DIY.

I agree with @Sweet_Dreams, it would be worth running your build so far by Ken at APM as it does seem unnecessary multiple support layers . Ken has thousands of satisfied customers and much experience with guiding consumers for a best fit. A benefit of smaller manufacturers is they are able to put more care and quality into their products, as their good name rests on every sale, and they are also better able to customize their products for you. The last thing they want is you receiving a mattress that doesn’t work for you!

I know online shopping, especially for a mattress can be a leap of faith, and In person is always the best way to test a mattress, but we do strive to make sure our Trusted Members offer fair return and
exchange policies in case you don’t get it right the first try; you can also visit the showrooms local to you for in person testing as well. A DIY mattress can be the most rewarding – and frustrating! Way to go with a mattress but I think if you talk to Ken, you can finish the build with confidence it’s built right.

~ Basilio

Hi Basilio,

Thanx for the update.
This has become the same kind of learning curve as getting a career started.
Something’s radically wrong w/that picture.
“More consumers should demand disclosure of specifications for products.”
That’s now impossible since the feds, in their infinite evil greed and power-brokering egos, have passed laws that ‘permit’ sellers to commit fraud and get away with it. That happened a few years ago under Obamination’s rule.

Anyway, it’s going to take me a long time to assimilate all the info that you guys claim I need to know in order to make a good decision.

Thanx for the advice…Chris

I was also overwhelmed with information and thought I had found a good option with Tempurpedic, but they sleep very hot.
After spending another couple of weeks, I decided to try APM… I built my order, called and got Ken on the first call. I am getting all Talalay myself, but I know he carries a hybrid pocket coil version. Knowing that he actually owns the factory and that I can get Talalay for just under $1000 per twin XL. AND pay no sales tax, no shipping etc… maybe I’ll actually like the product… I’m getting one in Medium and one in plush. I can swap out top layers if I am unhappy as the mattress comes with a zipper.
I’m just like you in that it just shouldn’t be this hard to get something as simple as a mattress. I got pulled in by the Tempurpedic marketing and 5 years no interest. After sleeping hot and on a pretty hard bed, I decided I didn’t want the debt, paid the restock fee and they pick them up next week. TPM is producing mattresses next week and since they are coming from Arizona, I’ll have to sleep in the next room for a week… poor me… I’ll live…
Nowadays, everything is a fight and big companies are using technology to maximize profits. APM is an old school company so I’m giving them a try

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Thanx for the review.
I’m glad you feel the same as I do about ‘bad business’ in America.
What we need is morals in business.
But that’s an oxymoron from what I’ve seen in human history!

Thanx for your input. We are dumping our Talalay bed b/c it began getting impressions after 2 years. It’s non-flippable, so that made it even worse. So we rotated it 180° and it got even worse b/c it already began to have depressions. We got a top of the line queen mattress but it didn’t last. It’s going on 7 years old and boy do we sleep bad on it!

So we finally went to the local BedProMattress whoredom and my little lady’ tested out all the beds that seemed of interest. At this point, she liked only one bed, the Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Cassat. It’s adjustable and also has micro-coils in the topper. So that’s our target type bed. But I don’t want to buy form S&F b/c they are known to be cheap junk that don’t last and are very over priced.

So here’s my question: Does anyone know who makes a quality adjustable bed that’s equivalent to or better than the S&F Lux Estate Cassat? If so, which brand/maker?


Aireloom Prefered M1 or M2 Luxetop Firm or Plush

Expensive….but well worth it.
Aireloom has microcoils
M1 has 1 row, M2 has 2 rows

At your previous price point of $1500-$2000….there is nothing.


Price is absurd.
I didn’t see ADJUSTABLE in the advert.

It can be put on an adjustable base. Id try it out before judging.

You might want to stick to your price range, but to get anything good you will need to search for floor model and closeouts.


The only problem with floor models and closeouts is that they are final sale and not returnable.

Hi cadman777

Sorry to hear you are not happy with your current mattress; you don’t say which mattress it is but the fact you are feeling the Talalay is ‘getting impressions after 2 years’ is a bit concerning as latex is one of the most durable materials you can have in a mattress, as you can see in the Mattress Durability Guidelines I am wondering if there are other support or comfort layer components that are prematurely wearing out? Yo should also check what’s going on under the mattress…is the mattress sagging unduly? Is the frame providing good center support? If you have higher BMIs, a soft or extra soft Talalay mattress can wear out faster due to mechanical stress.

The Stearns & Foster Estate Luxe Cassat is a 14.5” hybrid, with a tencel cover of under 2.5” soft gel foam, a comfort layer of firm gel foam and memory foam, and an HD intellicoil support layer. Like many ‘big-brands’ exact details, like density, are missing, as well as the thickness of some components. There is an option to add a Sealy adjustable base. Memory foam and gel foam, if of insufficient density and thickness can wear out prematurely leaving ‘divots’ and ‘ridges’ which can cause aches, pains and misalignment. I would make sure any foam in a potential mattress has no more than an inch or so of lower grades foams (for memory foam no lower than 4 lbs/cuft for normal range weights) and if polyfoam is used, with at least 1.8 lbs/cuft density, just to ensure you have support, and keep in mind the Mattress Specifications You Need To Know while on your mattress search.

In your Other recent Post, you mentioned enjoying the Beducation YT channel… you may want to go to the source, as Jeff at Trusted MemberMattress To Go is extremely knowledgeable and has great experience in helping consumers find great sleep solutions, and they carry a number of adjustable bases, and memory foam hybrids which will be of good density and quality. Also Richmond Bedding carries a number of adjustable bases as does Texas Mattress Makers. You can use many different mattresses with adjustable frames, just be sure to ask what recommended platforms work with that particular mattress to avoid damage, and to make sure you are not voiding any warranty/return policies. Hope this helps in your mattress search!

~ Basilio

Hi Basilio,

Thanx for your reply and for the advice. I find that trying to get information out of any big box store whores is like finding hen’s teeth.

We’re now looking for an adjustable base. So are you saying that those 3 are the only non-mainstream mattress makers who sell adjustable bases?

I was wondering if we can just buy an adjustable base and use it w/our current mattress and them maybe get a new topper? Our current mattress is Pure Talalay Bliss. I can’t find the maker on the label.

Incidentally, after all that we’ve ben through with mattresses, we’re now of the opinion that this is another criminal syndicate, just like car dealerships and used care dealers.

Thanx again for your help!

Hi cadman777,

Not at all! Many retailers offer adjustable bases;
The Leggett & Platt and Reverie brands are very popular and are of good quality…the Trusted Members are manufacturers we have vetted for quality, transparency, great customer service and excellent return and exchange policies, but there are many different adjustable beds on the market, from ‘bare bones’ models to many featured ones. Just remember to always make sure the mattress you will be using on it specifies it’s compatible with an adjustable base, so you don’t damage the mattress or void any warranties or return/exchange policies. You can buy mattresses and adjustable bases together, or from totally different merchants, and a topper from another seller altogether. Since you don’t have a label for your mattress just let the seller of any adjustable base know what type of mattress it is and they should be able to find a suitable base.

~ Basilio

Hi Basilio,
Thanx for the extra info.
I just looked at L&P & Reverie bases and they look good but are a bit on the pricey side of life.
Can you tell me what a decent price for a adjustable Queen is supposed to be?
2 examples:

  • L&P Comfort Elite
  • Reverie R450HT
    Also, it looks like my existing mattress will work with one of these bases.
    From what I read, latex mattresses are the best type of mattress for use on adjustable bases.

Hi cadman777,

The L&P and Reverie adjustable bases are sold online by many different retailers, L&P seems to be in the $1500-$2000 range, but, again it would depend on what features you want. These are reputable brands, so you can just search online for a good price for your selected adjustable base model. There is unfortunately no way to determine a ‘decent price’ as so much depends on the model you want, shipping, what sort of warranties are offered, if they are backordered or can shipped immediately, etc., etc.

Both latex and foam mattresses are able to be used with adjustable beds - again, check with the manufacturer for recommended platforms
Beforehand and you will know which adjustable bases are compatible with the mattress and not void any warranty or exchange

~ Basilio

Thanx Basilio for the added info.

I looked at 3 adjustable bases and they are all unbelievably expensive. Based on what I know of what things cost, I’m betting they can sell them for 500 bux and still make a profit. Anyway, the one my wife likes is the most expensive, of course (in any model)! So at this point I’m really pretty pissed that this segment of LIFE has turned into a profit center for the criminal elites called ‘investors’. I remember when a decent bed cost 350 bux! Getting old doesn’t help matters either. Back when I was young, I could sleep on concrete, so long as you kept me dry, gave me a lump of something to rest my head on, and a big enough blanket to cover me!

So this has become a very complicated clusterf**k of greed, fixed pricing and ‘an offer you can’t refuse’.

What do you guys know about Malouf and Tempur adjustable bed frames?
I’m trying to find the ones that will be most durable and have all the features we need.