Talalay latex beds in Connecticut

I just came across this site recently and learned a world about memory foam and latex mattresses in the process - thanks for that. In the course of reading one of the threads I learned about a couple of local manufacturers in Connecticut where I live, and have already visited the Custom Sleep Design showroom where Bob (forgot his last name) gave my wife and I a much appreciated lesson in the virtues of Talalay latex. Although I was impressed with what I learned from Bob, the price range of his Queen was a bit beyond my price range, but today I came across another local manufacturer called Healthy Choice Organic Mattresses (based in Bethany CT) that also sells Talalay latex beds sourced by International Latex in Shelton CT, and I wondered if anyone has heard of them and can recommend their beds. Their beds seemed like a non-customized version of the Custom Sleep Design beds, but with a friendlier price tag while their current sale lasts. I had also intended to visit Norwalk Mattress in Norwalk CT, but don’t feel the need to make an occupation out of my mattress search if the Healthy Choice bed (the Lilly or Rose) would do the trick. Thanks for any advice you can share with me.

Hi Kent,

The mattresses at Healthy choice look good and certainly use high quality materials however they are a little on the high side in terms of pricing. They don’t have the same type of personalized customization and zoning that custom sleep offers yet the prices are getting close to the same.

There is a small local manufacturer in Bethany which makes some very nice talalay latex mattresses. They are called Restopedic and they sell factory direct. I have talked with them and they are “good people” and have some really good value in talalay latex mattresses. Some of their products are also sold here although I would go directly to the source.

If I was looking for the best value in a basic talalay latex mattress … this is where I would go. If I was looking for the most “accurate” mattress that was perfectly customized for my own unique body shape, sleeping style and preferences, and I didn’t mind paying more for this level of design and custom zoned layering, then I would be looking at Custom Sleep.


Thanks for the information, Phoenix. As it was explained to me, Restopedic is their manufacturing partner and it would be they who would honor my warranty if Healthy Choice were to be out of business 20 years from now, and Restopedic has been in business for over 32 years. What particularly attracted me to the Healthy Choice mattresses was their temporary 35% off retail sale, which I felt was a considerable enticement. Given this information, would you consider the prices of their mattresses (including box) a fair value?

Hi Kent,

I would probably still at least make a call to Restopedic. While I understand the “enticement” of the 35% discount and it certainly makes their mattresses more attractive and good value … the other side to the coin is that this discount is unlikely to be “temporary” … at least in CT. Perhaps NY (where they also have outlets) would pay those prices but the “every day of the year” prices of Restopedic and the retail outlets they supply in the area means that the “suggested retail” is only posted to make their “sale” prices look better.

So yes good value … but I would at least make a call to the source itself who sells factory direct before I made a purchase.


Hi Phoenix,

Great advice and I’ve done that exact thing - I’ve called them, was impressed what I heard and intend to visit their factory showroom as soon as I’m able to. Your website has been a tremendous resource for understanding the industry and, more immediately, for making an informed purchase. Thank you!



I saw this post about Healthy Choice and wanted to mention that Healthy Choice Mattress is now part of the Clean Bedroom family of stores. As such, we have revamped their line to be customizable and all organic materials.