"Technical Blog" for Dunlop?

I found a link in one of the topics on here to the Latex International Technical Blog

I found it informative and liked the way they explained several things.
(NOT that I haven’t liked Phoenix’s explainations or found them informative! I very much have!! Just a slightly different way of explaining some things, that kind of solidified some things I already basically understood from Phoenix’s explainations.)

I was wondering if there is a similar “technical blog” or site from a Dunlop latex manufacturer?


(Of course I understand that LI is going to show Talalay in the best light over Dunlop, and a Dunlop manaufacturer will show Dunlop in the best light over Talalay… after all, they want to convience folks to buy their latex over others… so I certainly keep that in mind when looking over the info.)

Not sure exactly what you mean by the term blog … Might want to check ----> Mountain Top Foam Brooklyn Beddings source of Dunlop

Hi JoelD,

There aren’t a lot of blog sites that include more technical information about latex and even the Latex International site only has very limited information.

A few more general links include …

The link that TandL provided has more about the continuous pour process used by Mountaintop Foam. They also have a good video here.

The Latexco site here also has some good information.

Radium has a good video of their Talalay production process here.

There is a video here of Latex International’s Talalay production process.

This video from Latex Green is an example of the molded Dunlop production process.

This video from Arpico shows their molded Dunlop production process.

There is some interesting information here about rubber in general (NOTE: this site was down the last time I checked but I don’t know if that’s permanent).

There are many more technical links about the properties of various types of rubber in general (such as the properties of natural or synthetic rubber) but not so much about the specifics of a particular manufacturer’s products or process. These can be very technical and aren’t usually a general blog but more specific information about various aspects of rubber production.

There are a few examples in the links at the end of post #2 here.

A few more examples of “topic specific information” include …


Polymer Latices: Science and Technology Volume 3: Applications of latices - D.C. Blackley - Google Books (including information about different types of latex foam production methods)




In most cases the information in these types of articles are much too technical for most people and have little practical use and would only be of interest to engineers or foam chemists or more “serious” students of rubber technology.


PS: @TandL,

Mountaintop is Spindle’s source for Dunlop not Brooklyn Bedding (NOTE: Dreamfoam which is Brooklyn Bedding’s sister company does have a mattress called the Freedom that uses synthetic latex from Mountaintop).


LOL … Your sharp…Love it when I have the oppurtunity to pay forward. Was wondering if you were gonna catch that or not. I beleive they do now…Their new 9" Tri comfort now has it, or so they say. —> Here

Hi TandL,

I’ve talked with them about Mountaintop (and lots of other stuff) but this is a new introduction for them and I hadn’t noticed that the latex for this mattress was from Mountaintop.

So it would be more accurate to say that “most” of their Dunlop isn’t from Mountaintop.

Nice catch :slight_smile:


[quote=“Phoenix” post=33528]Hi TandL,

Nice catch :slight_smile:


Nice little mattress :wink: … Thanks Boss!!!

I apoligize for refering to brooklyn bedding all the time, It realy is all I know!

Thanks for the links TandL and Phoenix.

I’m more of a visual learner, so the graphs and videos on the LI site helped give me a visual picture of some of the info I’d already gained by reading Phoenix’s great information on here. (Particularly the force/compression graphs and the video of dropping the bowling ball on poly balls vs rubber balls.)

Although much of the info on these links doesn’t necessarily affect a mattress decision, some of it is interesting - like actually seeing the way the mattresses are made.