The Foam Factory (aka Foam By Mail)

I’m looking for feedback on The Foam Factory, Inc. — a foam manufacturer in Michigan that sells memory foam mattresses through a number of websites (e.g.,;;

Their memory foam mattresses appear to be made of quality foam at very reasonable prices (, but I’m wondering if this is a “too good to be true” situation.

Any insight on this company would be appreciated.

Hi JC,

Some of my thoughts about Foambymail (or any of their many other names) are outlined in some detail in post #2 here and several other comments in various threads such as post #2 and 4 here.

In essence I wouldn’t do business with them for anything except the most non critical products or for something where price was the only factor and getting first quality (not seconds or returns etc) or what was described was not in any way an issue.

If someone is comfortable though with unknown foams with specs that are different from what they ordered or supplied from unknown and possibly uncertified and untested foreign manufacturers … then they may be worth considering.

I personally would not do business with them because they are too evasive and not open about what they are really selling and there are just too many higher quality and value options that don’t involve “guessing” about what you are really buying.


Thanks, Phoenix. I greatly appreciate the feedback.

Would you be able to offer any recommendations for where to buy memory foam mattresses at reasonable prices?

I’m looking for 2- or 3-layer memory foam mattresses (full-size) for my daughters (ages 9-14 & under 100 lbs.). They love my and my wife’s Tempur-Pedic OriginalBed mattress, so I’d like to get them something similar to that or to the ClassicBed, but I’d also like to keep the cost under $750 per mattress if at all possible. (I’m also open to buying latex mattresses, but I don’t know very much about them at all.)

Besides Foam Factory, I did find another retailer by the name of SliverRest ( selling low-cost memory foam mattresses — including one made specifically for kids (Visco 4 Kids) — that it claims contain 5 lb. density memory foam. (Besides selling mattresses under its name and Visco 4 Kids, it also sell mattresses under the name of Springfield and possibly Dynasty.) I sent an email yesterday requesting the density & ILD of the foams used in its mattresses, but haven’t heard back yet. Do you or anyone know if SliverRest is reputable?


Hi jc,

I would never purchase any memory foam mattress that wasn’t tested and certified for chemicals and offgassing by CertiPur or Oeko-Tex or something similar … especially if they were being used by younger children who may not have fully developed immune systems. I believe SilverRest uses Chinese foams that are not certified to my knowledge and I would avoid them unless they are certified.

Some of the better quality and value (and safer) memory foam manufacturers who sell online are listed in post #12 here.

If you let me know what city you are in I may know of some good local options available to you as well.


Thanks, Phoenix. You are the man!

I live in New Jersey, 10 minutes from Philadelphia.

Thanks again,

Hi jc,

Post #2 here has a list centered on West Chester, PA and post #4 here has a list centered on Trenton, NJ which should cover everything within reasonable driving distance of Philadelphia. :slight_smile:


Thanks again, Phoenix. I really appreciate it.