The Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex...

Thank you for this amazing site, and the amount of time you must spend working on it.
I am now on my 4th mattress in about 10 years and this is my second time consulting this site. The last time didn’t go very well for me, so I have high hopes that this time I got it right! My new mantra is “latex, latex, latex”, so I was pleased to see that The Nest Bedding is a member here and that they have showroom in my area. So I went there this morning, and after much conversation with their staff regarding my issues with my previous mattresses, and being able to try all their mattresses, I went with the Hybrid Latex (pocket coils, latex on top) over the Q3 Nest Bedding full Latex Mattress . ( Knowing that in 90 days I can turn the Hybrid in for the Q3 if I need to.) Something I didn’t expect ended up really appealing to me, the zippered cover which means I can change out the latex, if it should ever need to be. Staff advises that the coils have almost never failed, and have a 20 year warranty, but the latex has needed replacing from time to time. I am very interested in how the quilted wool layer will effect my chronic hot sleep issues, which wake me up every couple of hours.
While I went for the latex pillows, I am still researching the mattress protector/cover they offer, as I am not convinced that something waterproof can also be breathable, as sleeping hot is huge issue for me. Likewise the Tencel sheets. I will have time to research waiting 3 weeks for the mattress.
Something you might like to know, while your site says there is a 5% discount at The Nest Bedding, the staff advises that it is only offered on the Alexander mattress. Fortunately, I had viewed a Youtube video by Sleepopolis and remembered they offered a discount. So from mentioning them I received $100 off, which pays for another pillow.
One other thing, I mention to you as I would hope you would have some influence, or know who to make suggestions to…why don’t manufacturers put handles on all 4 sides of mattress. Those of us seniors who live alone must struggle, on our own, to rotate the mattress, or enlist a passing neighbor to help. (I am in a condo, it’s not too hard to trick someone in the hallway to stopping in for a cookie, and oh by the way…could you help me turn my mattress.)
I will post my results after my mattress arrives in hopes that it may benefit others with their search for the perfect night’s sleep. Thanks again, Phoenix.

Hi organizer,

You’re welcome, and welcome back!

Congratulations on your new mattress purchase! :cheer: I thinks the last time you left off you were sleeping on your iComfort mattress upside down with a 1" latex topper on that. I’m hoping this works out better for you. And many people do enjoy the ability to customize the upper layers of these component-style mattresses.

Generally speaking, the spring unit is not the “weak link” within a mattress, but in this case the latex being used in the upper comfort layers is quite durable, so you shouldn’t have to be replacing layers very frequently.

Regarding temperature issues, you may wish to refer back to post #2 here in your previous thread from 2015, as I offered up some good information and links in that reply that you may find helpful again in your search, and also some comments regarding wool.

Mattress protectors using polyurethane films are breathable (unlike vinyl), but they certainly are not as breathable as a thin mattress pad that doesn’t use such a film. There’s a bit more information about mattress protectors in post #89 here, and in this post here. There’s also some information about sheets in post #7 here.

I’ll check into this for you, and thank you for bringing this to my attention. This has not been the case in the past.

I appreciate your opinion of my influence within the industry B) , but I’m afraid I don’t have much say in whether or not manufacturers place handles on their mattresses. When the new flame retardant guidelines came into effect in 2007, along with the industry changing over to one-sided mattresses, handles were for the large part eliminated. You are seeing handles making a “comeback” on many models (there have been handles and methods of joining them to the mattress to meet FR guidelines for years), but just as before they are to be used only for repositioning and not carrying a mattress. And there are some mattress designs, such as component-style mattresses, where due to the nature of the construction of the mattress where a handle doesn’t make sense as there is too much “give” in the border panel as it is loose fitting by necessity (having the ability to change layers). Additionally, handles do add an extra cost to the mattress, so the combination of all of these things add into a manufacturer’s decision of the inclusion (or not) of handles in their design.


Hi organizer,

I contacted Joe Alexander, the owner of Nest Bedding, and he stated that you were unfortunately given the incorrect advice from his staff. I know that you were able to still receive another discount, but I apologize for that staff person’s lack of knowledge about The Mattress Underground discount. While I know it’s not the consumer’s responsibility to inform salespeople of a company’s policies, Joe stated that any store worker may contact him directly if they are confused about such discounts.

Thank you once again for bringing this to my (and Joe’s) attention.


Thanks for the info…you are two mattresses behind, as I did not post any follow-ups to my IComfort debacle. My next two mattresses were Dunlop/Sherwood’s (a Harbor that shortly got switched to an Ambience), which I kept for two years. Last week I decided I could stand it no more and this has lead to the Nest Latex Hybrid. As I said, I have high hopes that I’ve now got it right.

Hi organizer,

Ahh, so I’m out of the loop, I see! :huh:

I’m hoping as well.


Update on The Nest Hybrid Latex: 2 weeks in and so far, I am very happy. I got the medium firm, which turns out to be firmer than I had expected, so I added back my 1" of Talalay topper and have been sleeping well. It is definitely cooler than any of the other mattresses (foams and combinations of foams) I have had. The addition of the latex pillows was also a good choice. Because they are zippered, I could remove handfuls of the latex until I got the pillows the way I wanted them. Additionally, I have added silk pillow covers and a tencel/cottom blend sheet set. Very happy with all purchases. What has made this all possible is the recent significant drop in prices of the latex products.

Hi organizer,

Thanks for taking the time to provide an initial update. I’m glad that you are sleeping well so far on your new Nest latex mattress. I hope you’ll be able to provide future updates after you’ve slept upon your new mattress for a while longer.

I’m just curious - are you referencing recent promotions from Nest Bedding? Latex itself went through a price increase this spring from the component suppliers.


When I initially priced latex mattresses approx 5 yrs ago, what was available, in the bay area, ran in the 4+K range, especially when they used the wool component as a price justifier. Both the latex hybrid and the 100% latex, through The Nest, are priced very close to each other. My full size hybrid was 1.5K. (As I already own a good quality foundation, that did not need to be part of this purchase.)

My recollection is that 5 yrs ago a 100% latex mattress was not the norm, and considered a luxury item. Foam was being pushed as the cheaper alternative with supposedly the same benefits as latex. I am assuming that part of the difference now, in not having to shop at a traditional mattress store, and the lower overhead of mattresses that are able to be flattened and rolled into a box and shipped directly to consumer, as opposed to being shipped and handled as a full mattress, and delivered by the mattress company, all play some roll in price difference.

The only “promotion” I was aware of, was the mentioning of certain mattress review sites, which generated a $100 discount (paid for one latex pillow). If they were running any other promotions, they were not posted or discussed by the store staff, even when I specifically asked.

Hi organizer,

Thanks for the clarification on your comments. I see by your reference that you’re going back a few years on your time frame. You are correct that the proliferation of online marketing and shipping methods for mattresses have brought about a wider range of items to the attention of the public. Even though latex has been around for decades, the greater online availability is allowing consumers the ability to find similar products from other areas of the country at different price ranges (often lower), even though the raw material cost of latex has risen over the past five years.

I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question!


Thank you very much for your site! When I started looking for mattresses for my wife and me, I read multiple sites with very subjective recommendations but very little information. I am really glad to find TMU which provides so much education!

My wife and I sleep in separate beds because I am a very light sleeper. My wife is 135 lb and 5.6". She is a side sleeper. Currently, she has an old spring mattress with memory foam pad. Her stated preference is for a soft mattress.

I am in 180 lb and 6.8". I sleep on 4 yo memory foam matrasses. I fall to sleep in side/stomach position, but I always wake up on my back. I play sports after work in the evenings and sometimes my muscles still hurt when I go to bed.

I am thinking about Innerspring/Latex hybrid Soft for my wife and Innerspring/Latex hybrid Medium for me.

Also, we have a metal frame. Would you recommend to buy a special foundation or existing metal frame is fine?

We have a Palo Alto Nest Bedding store not far from us. It’s kept in high regard on this site and we are planning to visit it this weekend. Are there any other good mattress stores in South Bay?

Any advice is highly appreciated.

Hi grey01.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the kind words, and I am happy that the information here is helpful to you.

Based upon your commentsI think you’re already on the right track and have a general idea of the types of components you need to look for in your new mattresses. Generally traditional innerspring mattresses are notorious for motion transfer issues for “light” or more sensitive sleepers. Two independent units using two twin extra long mattresses, on separate bed frames and separate foundations is certainly the best way to minimize motion transfer. I am not sure if you gave up totally on the idea of sleeping in the same bed or how motion sensitive you are but … in case you are still considering a common bed … If you’re placing two twin extra long bed sets upon the same frame, you’ll still have some motion transfer but not so much as with a side by side split (needed to accommodate for the difference in feel, BMI, and sleeping positions between partners). Pocket coils are generally good for motion isolation, unlike innersprings that are linked with helicals which are generally poor to fair depending on the specifics of the innerspring and the foam layers above it. Motion transfer easy to test for and it may be worth trying a latex/ or memory foam pocket coils unit or all latex with a side by side dual configuration that would have better motion isolation, Latex is among the least motion transferring of materials second only to memory foam.

Either way, I would certainly suggest to you to rely on the advice of the manufacturer themselves as they are much more familiar with their own mattress designs and materials than anyone else (including me) and they can use the information you provide them about your body type and sleeping positions, your preferences, your history on different mattresses, and the results of your local testing to make suggestions based on the “averages” of other customers that may be similar to you. Before the showroom visit I’d make sure to revisit the tutorial post here which has all the basic information, steps, and guidelines you will need to make the best possible choices … and know how and why to avoid the worst ones which would include the major brands or any mattress where you aren’t able to find out the quality of the materials inside it. With a local purchase for the majority of people … careful testing using the guidelines in the tutorial linked above rather than just testing for the more subjective “comfort” of a mattress (which often won’t predict how well you will sleep on a mattress or how it will “feel” when you sleep on it at home) and some good guidance from a knowledgeable and experienced retailer or manufacturer will usually result in a mattress choice that is well inside a suitable comfort/support range and will generally be “close enough” so that if any fine-tuning is necessary it would be relatively minor and involve different mattress pads, sheets, mattress protectors, or perhaps even a topper if a mattress is too firm (see post #4 here and post #10 here ).

Some good local testing will also give you a much better sense of the many different types of materials and components that are used in mattresses and some reference points about the types of mattresses (see this article) and general firmness levels you tend to prefer which can help you narrow down your choices regardless of whether you end up purchasing locally or online.

Because warranty requirements can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, I always suggest checking with the manufacturer of the mattress you are considering to make sure that the metal frame you own meets their warranty criteria (or read the warranty)

I am glad that you are visiting Nest Bedding which is one of the manufacturing Trusted Members of this site Like all the memberr of our site they are very knowledgeable and skilled in guiding their customers to make the best possible choices out of the many options they have available.
Also you have some other equally valuable trusted members that are less than one hour driving distance from Palo Alto and South Bay :

[indent] Bay Bed & Mattress Santa Cruz, CA
Flexus Comfort in Covina CA
Foam Sweet Foam in Fullerton, CA [/indent]
Like all the members here I think very highly of and consider them to compete well with “the best” in the industry.

I’ll look forward to learning about your progress and of course any other questions you might have.


Hi Phoenix,
Thank you very much for your advice and suggestions! I found so much information on the site not only about mattresses but also other components of the “Sleep” system such as pillows, mattress covers and sheets! (That’s the reason for a delayed reply: I start reading one link and then jump to another and so on :slight_smile: ).
We will visit the Palo Alto Nest Bedding store over the weekend and Bay Bed & Mattress Santa Cruz and will provide the update.

Hi Phoenix and All,
Just FYI, I’ve got the following info from very helpful Nest Bedding Customer support:

Natural Latex Hybrid:
1st Layer: Organic Cotton Stretch Knit Fabric
2nd Layer: 2" of Eco Flex Quilting Foam 1.5 Lb density
3rd Layer: 3" of Dunlop Latex Medium: 24 ild / Plush: 14 ild Firm: 36 ild
4th Layer: 2" Eco Friendly Comfort Foam 1.5 Lb density
5th Layer: 7 inches of Leggett and Platt 660 steel coil system
6th Layer: 1 inch support foam 1.8 Lb density

Organic Latex Hybird:
1st Layer: GOTs certified organic cotton cover
2nd Layer: Certified organic wool batting
3rd Layer: 1" GOLs Certified Latex 36 ILD
4th Layer: 3" of GOLs Certified Dunlop Latex Medium: 18 ild / Firm: 32 ild
5th Layer: 7 inches of 660 steel coil system
6th Layer: 1" GOLs Certified Latex 32 ILD

Coil System:
6-inch steel coils.
Gauge: Core - 13.75 / 5 turn coil Edge - 13.75/ 4.5 turn (creates firmer edge)

Coil Count
Twin: 392
Twin XL: 420
Full: 560
Queen: 660
King: 840
CalKing: 837

Nest Bedding Latex Mattress:
1st Layer: 3" Medium 14ILD Dunlop Latex or Medium 18ILD GOLS Dunlop Latex
2nd Layer: 6" Firm 36ILD Dunlop Latex or Firm 32ILD GOLS Dunlop Latex

We twice visited the store. It’s really nice and it’s in the downtown Palo Alto which is always great to visit. We selected two “Hybrid Natural Latex – Medium” for both of us. We also added “Breather Side Sleeper” pillow, “Cooling Mattress Protector” and selected “White Glove service” for $ 150.00 . I have been sleeping on the pillow and really like it.

Unfortunately, we haven’t had a very good experience since. They say 2-3 days for Production and 1-5 days for delivery. There has been two weeks since we placed the order. Nobody can provide me the status of when item will arrive. I sent an email to customer service and they told me to contact the local store. When I asked for a tracking number, the email was not answered.
One day when I came home, I found a large heavy box outside of the garage door. When I called the next day to ask when the “White glove” team arrive, I was told that one mattress was not included in the box and they were waiting for it. Called them again today. The sales person said that he would contact his logistics team and come back to me about when the second mattress will arrive.

I work for a company. We would always provide the tracking number or expected arrival date. Sometimes, things happen and we run out of inventory. We will proactively send regular updates on when we think we can deliver the product. It didn’t happen with Nest. That’s not what we expected from “White Glove” service. I am kinda disappointed so far. Hopefully, if and when the mattress gets set up it would be a better experience.

Hi it’s Joe the ceo. Sorry for any issues, text me at xxx-xxx-xxxx with your name and order number will get to the bottom of it. Just an aside, if you ordered the latex bed that’s 5-7 business days, the 1-2 are the foam or coil beds. Thanks! And just an aside: with white glove we don’t send tracking as I’m sure you’d understand.

Glad we were able to connect and get things back on track. Sorry you felt we weren’t being responsive we strive to give great service. We really make every attempt to set the expectation that the latex product takes 4-8 days production time. There is a bit more moving parts and attention that goes into that product. Our our FAQ page we do set that expectation but I can see where someone would confuse that with our foam products that ship quicker so I’ll try to make that more clear on the site. Thanks again for your business! Joe

Hi NestBedding ,

Thank you, Joe, for stepping in and clarifying the production timing, shipping expectation, and details. I am always impressed with Nests responsiveness, attention to detail and customer care. :cheer:

As per your request, your personal the phone is now removed from the previous post.


I can tell that Nest Bedding is a good company. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to say thank you for this info! Very helpful.

I’m looking for advice myself…
Are you aware that Nest Bedding has changed the design of the latex hybrid 3 months ago. Instead of wool there is now a layer of polyfoam under the cotton cover. Used to be wool like the organic version of the bed. From what I understand this is most likely a cost cutting measure and the idea of foam between you and the latex is kind of odd in a “natural” bed.
Just wondering if anyone else is aware of this. I tried the latex hybrid from Nest and liked it. I am just wondering if they are cost cutting at the expense of the quality of materials used in the bed.