Took the plunge & bought the Cirrus Luxe

So after a ton of reading and research I ended up ordering the Selectfoam Cirrus luxe right before New Years. Back a while ago I had purchased the DreamFoam Cloud Supreme but had to return it after a month because it just wasn’t for me. I tested a lot of other mattresses-tradional innerspring and memory foam but kept coming back to the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme. So hopefully the new Select Foam will fit the bill. It’s supposed to ship out Monday or Tuesday so once I receive it, I’ll be updating periodically with my experiences and review.

Since I upgraded from a full to a queen I had to get a new frame and purchased a steel one off amazon before reading the guide. It’s a got 7 wires per side so not the most support but what i did end up doing is purchasing pegboard from home depot and cutting it to size. I’ve laid it out across the foundation and ziptied it around the edge and also periodically throughout the inside to prevent any movement. I feel like this gives me the best of both worlds in terms of a much more rigid base and also allowing for proper ventilation.

Hi runnerb0y,

Congratulations on your new mattress … once again :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to your feedback when you receive it and finding out how good a match it is for you but in terms of quality and value you certainly made a good choice once again.

I’ll also be interested hearing about how your steel frame /pegboard combination works for you.


In terms of the steel frame-i can tell you that there was definitely a difference between having the pegboard on there and without it. The first few days I got it, I slept on my regular mattress with just the steel support and then added the pegboard this weekend. It’s definitely a lot firmer-enough that i can feel a noticeable difference in my old beat to hell mattress.

Just a quick update on my experience so far… I placed my order for the mattress on 1/30 and was verbally told the mattress would ship within 7-10 days. After checking the website and seeing that it appeared to have shipped, I sent an email 1/5 requesting a tracking # because i wanted to ensure I would be around when the mattress arrived. I was told at that point that it had not shipped but all orders placed before the new years were expected to ship out that week. After not hearing anything after that, I called in on Thursday or Friday (10th or 11th) and spoke with Chris who told me they were waiting on covers and that my mattress should ship out by monday or tuesday the latest. Again, no shipping confirmation so i emailed Juan (the person i purchased throught) on Thursday and requested a status and an estimated ship date-he told me they’ve been playing catch up for orders placed over the new year and will advise when it ships.

A few things:
First off, I’ve been very cordial throughout the entire process and so have Chris and Juan. Juan has always promptly responded to my emails. However, being in product development, I’m very used to managing multiple vendors as well as the various setbacks that delays in their schedules can have on my product. I also know that sometimes my sales department is overly ambitious and make promises that cannot be fulfilled. Either way, I’m well aware of delays and understand why they happen. I placed my order during a time where most businesses were closed. Nonetheless, I make it a point to be completely straightforward and transparent when I don’t think I’m going to be able to meet a deliverable with anyone who asks regardless of the reason and tend to expect that from others as well.

I just paid a good amount of money upfront for a product which i was told would be shipped within 7-10 days in good faith that it would actually be shipped with that time period. If at any point after I placed my order, someone realized that this deadlline would not have been met, I would have appreciated an email. As i mentioned, I’m quite understanding as long as you are honest and direct with me. I, however, do not appreciate having to reach out numerous times in order to find out why my order has not shipped.

runnerb0y, my husband and I are interested in ordering this same bed, and were planning to do so soon. I’m a little concerned about the order backlog, especially since the 90 day trial offered by Select Foam says it starts the day you place the order - not the day it ships or that you receive the bed. Have they addressed whether they are willing to extend the trial if there is a shipping delay on their end?

I’m thinking I might wait to order the mattress until after I hear yours shipped, and that the production bottleneck seems to be resolved. I am nervous about all the customer service problems I’ve read regarding Select Foam, but I want to give them a try before going for the Tempurpedic due to the significant potential savings.

I’m also wondering if you got the 5% Mattress Underground discount, and how you request it while placing an order?

Hi bluebug,

All you have to do is let them know you’re a member here when you place your order.


Bluebug- as Phoenix mentions, the 5% discount was applied to my order by just letting them know i was a member here. I as well am concerned about the 90 day guarantee especially if it takes me almost 1 month to receive it. I have not brought up the issue yet but plan on doing so when it ships. Sounds like there’s another member on the board that just purchased the same exact mattress as me right around the same time. Hopefully, we’ll both have a satisfactory resolution.

Hi runnerb0y and bluebug,

Normally a customer will know whether the mattress is a good match in the 30 - 60 day range but just to alleviate your concerns I’ve talked to them about this and if there is a delay in shipping or if for some reason a customer is still undecided and the trial period is nearing an end they will extend the trial period on request by 30 days as long as you let them know.

It’s unusual that they do it this way (from the order date) but it’s not a hard and fast “deadline”.


That’s good to know and I agree, I would hope that within a month of sleeping on the mattress I know whether or not it’s for me. It’s good to know that If for some reason, I am undecided, that 90 days isn’t a hard deadline but hopefully it never even has to come to that. Now let’s just hope i get it soon so i can start making a decision :slight_smile:

My mattress arrived today so it ended up taking just under a month to receive it from the time i placed an order. I’m not thrilled about the amount of time it took but I understand things happen-just would have appreciated more communication throughout the process.

Anyway… Unpacking and getting the mattress on my bed wasn’t too difficult. It expanded almost immediately. My first reaction to it is WOW it’s firm but I understand i definitely need to give it some time. Not much else to say about it for now. I’ll post something quick tomorrow after actually sleeping on it and then give something more thorough after I’ve actually slept on it for a few weeks.

Hi runnerb0y,

The mattress will soften as it warms up from the delivery (I don’t know how many cold areas it travelled through) and as it breaks in during the first few weeks so it will likely feel quite different from what it is now.

I’m looking forward to your updates after you’ve had the chance to sleep on it for a bit.


I recently purchased a Regalis HD from SF. Although it is a “medium firm” rated bed it was very firm when i recieved it. It took about a week to soften. Give it more than a day or two, I almost wanted to return it after the first two nights, but now I am sleeping great on it.

So after reading a bit more into the break in process of a memory foam mattress last night, I opted to remove the cover in order to speed up the process a bit (There’s actually another thick cotton cover underneath the zippered one-i removed both to expose the foam) The guide I read recommended walking in concentric circles on the mattress for up to half an hour a day for the first week. I don’t think I’ll be doing it for that long but i did it for about 5 minutes yesterday.

ANYWAY. I slept great on it last night. Removing the covers definitely made an instant improvement (though obviously I’ll be replacing them after a while). The mattress felt very supportive and comfortable. This was NOTHING like the experience I had with my Dreamfoam Ultimate dreams 13" mattress back in the summer. Even after 4 weeks with that mattress, I was having trouble sleeping, waking up with back pain, and in general just very uncomfortable on it. If the comfort level can only get better from here, I can’t wait!

My plan is to keep the covers off for the next 3 weeks or so and then replace them. I’m wondering what the inner cover is for? I’m assuming it’s primarily for edge support? Overall, I’m extremely impressed with the mattress and after a poor experience purchasing online this past summer, I’m glad I opted to give it another shot!

Interesting about the extra cover on the mattress. I will un zip mine tonight and see if it has one as well (although they are different models). I need to take a look at it anyway to see if it is constructed the way they say it is lol.

The secondary cover is fairly thick as well. Since I bought a mattress protector, I’m considering leaving this off completely when I put the outer cover back on. Perhaps even put the protector on first and then the outer cover…

Hi Runnerboy

I received my Cirrus Luxe on the 27th as well. Haven’t set it up yet due to my crazy work schedule,but plan to do so on the weekend. Besides as cold as is here in the midwest it may take it that long to thaw out. I will come back and update my experience as well.

I think we both agree the customer service was lacking, but hopefully Select Foam will get their acts together and make some improvements

[quote=“CB911” post=31299]Hi Runnerboy

I received my Cirrus Luxe on the 27th as well. Haven’t set it up yet due to my crazy work schedule,but plan to do so on the weekend. Besides as cold as is here in the midwest it may take it that long to thaw out. I will come back and update my experience as well.

I think we both agree the customer service was lacking, but hopefully Select Foam will get their acts together and make some improvements[/quote]

I’m in the Midwest too, and I also have thought about how the mattress will perform if it comes on one of these days with subzero highs. It’s been close to a week since we placed our order, and no communication about shipment yet. If I don’t hear back later this week, I’ll probably follow up with them.

I just got my BB cool symphony memory foam today. I live in St. Louis - it’s 14 right now. The bed slowly unrolled - nothing like the videos you see on you tube and is still expanding (after 3 hours). It still feels cold and slow to respond. Once it warms up it’ll be ok. I figure the factory is probably heated but past that until it reaches your home no heat.

The last cold spell a few weeks ago I got a sample (4 inches long, half an inch wide, half an inch high) from Tempur-Pedic. If felt like a BRICK for hours. Once it warmed up it felt like I’d expect it to feel (aka not a brick!)


1 week in:

I’ve slept on the mattress for about a week now (with both the outer and inner covers removed) and am quite pleased. It’s soft and supportive and i haven’t been waking up with back pain that i had grown used to with my old mattress. I’ve had some neck issues but I believe that it is due to my pillows. I actually went out and bought a tempurpedic pillow today locally (i know i probably could have done better online but if I’m satisfied with this one, I’ll probably pickup a second). Part of the reason for getting the pillow locally at Raymour and Flannigan was actually to lay on a Cloud Luxe there again to see how it compares. At this point, my Cirrus Luxe is definitely still not as soft or conforming as the Tempurpedic, but I am hoping over the course of the next few weeks that this will change. It’s hard to say whether or not it’s gotten any softer since I got it last week. I haven’t been walking on it regularly but want to try and do it at least 3-4 times a week to speed up the process. I’m very impressed with the edge support especially after my experience with Dreamfoam. One observation I have is that on cooler nights, when i get into bed, the foam is definitely very cold! But that only lasts for probably less than a minute. This effect would probably be lessened quite a bit once i replace the covers. Overall, I still remain satisfied with my decision to go with SelectFoam. Only thing I hope for now is that it will soften up and truly match the feel of the Cloud Luxe!

Hi runnerb0y,

Thanks for the update … I appreciate it :slight_smile:

It will be interesting to see how your experience changes as you go through the break in and adjustment period.

You may have read this but there is also a little more about some of the things that can affect the firmness/softness of a memory foam mattress when it’s new in post #2 here.