Update on CozyPure Mattress Cover & Lanoodles Question

I’d posted last week when I got my CozyPure mattress protector that it seemed quite small when I tried to get it on my 9" mattress. Phoenix checked with Hans at CP about it and I was going to follow-up with Hans this week, but the problem seems to have resolved itself, along with a little help.

I slept on the mattress with cover for a few nights, then took the sheets and cover off the bed, and started over with making the bed. Apparently, having slept on the cover for those few nights was enough to stretch it out, and after a bit of pulling and tugging, the cover now fits - covers the entire mattress, the mattress fits all the way up in the 4 corners the way it should. Not tight enough for any drum effect at all. Not a lot of material that needs tucking under the mattress, but enough that I can say it does tuck in all the way around. I’d never think this cover would fit a 12-13" mattress, but it’s now doing a good job of fitting my 9" mattress, which is all I needed it to do.

I do love the feel of the material - so much so that I’m considering buying a blanket of the same material (the blankets are on sale now). There are times when my down comforter is just a bit too much at night, and a good cotton blanket might be the solution for those times - like last night, when I woke up drenched in sweat. My only concern is whether the blankets shrink as much as the cover seemed to when washed, but I suppose I could sleep on top of it for a few nights if it needed stretching - sure worked with the protector.

I’m also looking at the Lanoodle pillows, particularly the one with a zipper where you can add or subtract noodles as desired. One thing I’m having trouble figuring out is whether the adjustable pillow has as much filling as the thickest of the regular Lanoodle pillows - I do like a thick pillow. Also wondering - I’ve seen these compared to down pillows, which have been my pillows of choice for years, but my favorite one is about to bite the dust and prices for new good quality down are out of sight - more than twice the price of the adjustable Lanoodle pillow. Do they really have the same feel as down pillows, or is the analogy not accurate? I’m trying to figure out if I’m happy with down, would I be happy with a Lanoodle pillow - which is hard for me to figure out, and I’m sure almost impossible for anyone to tell me whether I would be - but any information would help.

I’ve searched the forum to learn as much as possible about the Lanoodle pillows, but can’t find much about the one with a zipper that’s adjustable. I’d call Hans and ask about how it compares to the firmest of the ones without a zipper, but as soon as I post this I’m out the door to a doctor’s appointment - have to have a YAG laser procedure today as follow up to cataract surgery last March - I’m just hoping to learn enough to make a decision about the pillow before the blankets go off sale.

I’m glad that your mattress cover is working! Would you be willing to post the link to it AND the blanket? I am also in the market and would value your recommendation.

I’ll be awaiting feedback on Lanoodles, too. I’d also like feedback on the Suite Sleep Wolly Bolas Pillow: Organic Wooly Bolas Pillow by Suite Sleep On sale now :slight_smile:

Anyone familiar with this company or this product?


Hi BB - here’s the link to the mattress protector - and if you click on “blankets and
comforters” at the top of this page the link takes you to, it should show you the blanket, too.

Hi Clawdia,

I’m glad to see your protector issue resolved itself … I guess even protectors need to “break in” :slight_smile:

I would say that they are not the same and latex is more resilient than down and not as pillowy soft and the latex has more spring and resilience to it but the lanoodles shredded latex is as “down like” as latex can be. Some similarities … yes. The same … no.

They would know more about the relative fill of each of their pillows and I only have the standard fill version. I don’t know of any forum posts about their zip customizable pillow so if you do decide to go in that direction you’ll be the first.

@ buttercupbetty,

[quote]I’ll be awaiting feedback on Lanoodles, too. I’d also like feedback on the Suite Sleep Wolly Bolas Pillow: thenaturalsleepstore.com/products/suites...ly-bolas-pillow.html On sale now :slight_smile:

Anyone familiar with this company or this product?[/quote]

You can see my comments about the lanoodles topper here and my comments about the lanoodles pillow here which may help with how the lanoodles feel (although my pillow isn’t the one with the zipper that can be customized).

I have no experience with the Suite sleep pillow but I have talked with Angela the owner of Suite Sleep on several occasions and think highly of her and her integrity. She is definitely what I call “mattress people”. Others in the industry also think highly of her and she is also very active in the Specialty Sleep Association’s environmental and safety progarm in helping to create standards for green and natural products and claims. She is good people and is also a forum member (you can see a post she made here).


[quote=“buttercupbetty” post=25858]I’d also like feedback on the Suite Sleep Wolly Bolas Pillow: Organic Wooly Bolas Pillow by Suite Sleep On sale now :slight_smile:

Anyone familiar with this company or this product?


While I don’t have the suite sleep wooly bolas, I do have a similar pillow I believe:

The Sleeptek with wool pearls (see pictures to compare).

To describe it… I like the pillow, tho have stopped trying to sleep overnight on it. As a side sleeper, i left all the wool fill in, and I found the wool clumps, and forms harder compressed spots which I didnt like. They’re solved by fluffing it vigorously. I really like the feel of wool… I find that it’s nicely firm yet cradling. In one of the pillows, we have it less full of fill, and I find it doesn’t clump up as much (presumably because it’s got more room to move inside the pillow). I use the pillows often while laying in bed. But as I said, being a side sleeper I haven’t found a way to get it full enough/high enough for me, and also not clump up in a way that drives me nuts. I like the organic aspect of the pillow, and as I said before am a fan of wool.

I don’t know if it’s they’re similar enough or if my info helps you at all. Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to know.

I have one wool bolas pillow from another company, but the pillow I use now is one I stuffed myself with bulk wool bolas bought from Suite Sleep. The Suite Sleep wool bolas is high quality and makes a good pillow.

I’ve tried both wool bolas and shredded latex pillows, and I like wool bolas better. Since both of these fills are loose in the pillow, they do shift around a bit. I think the natural fibers of the wool tend to stick together more, shifting less than shredded latex…but yes, also having a tendency to clump over the course of the night. I personally only need to adjust it when I am in the process of waking up, or before I go to sleep. I think fluffing is just part of having a wool pillow (and toppers). I had to experiment a lot with the level of fill I wanted before I got it just right, and this will also effect how much it needs fluffing (as dn mentioned). But wool has a great feel and it sleeps less hot than latex or any foam.

The shredded latex, on the other hand, shifts and flows around much more easily, so I found I could never get it quite right…I would turn my head slightly, for example, and all the latex pieces would shift. But…my pillow was very small pieces of shredded latex. I think the LaNoodles might work better since they are bigger and consistent in shape. There is a video on the CozyPure site where they favorably compare their LaNoodle topper to a topper made of small shredded latex pieces, and I think the same principles might apply to pillows.

Thank you DahliaM, dn, Phoenix & Clawdia! I will probably be trying one of each pillows soon.

I ordered the matelasse blanket - wondering how often they have a sale on their Lanoodle pillows - anybody have a clue?

I hate paying full retail when I can avoid it - might have bought a mattress from them had I realized how many of their accessory items I’d want, and the 20% discount sure would have come in handy, especially since I’m stuck paying tax as we live in VA.

Wish they offered another way to get the discount that mattress purchasers get - even a fee-based membership in their “club” might help some of us, but doesn’t seem to be an alternative.

I’ve got another LaNoodle question . . . prompted by the fact that twice in the past week I’ve gotten up in the mornings with an old familiar burning pain in one hip that has always been caused by resting on a surface that my body interprets as being too firm - didn’t expect this to happen since I bought such a soft Dunlop mattress, but it’s happened.

Makes me think that sooner or later, I’ll be looking for a topper of some sort, either a couple of inches of very soft Talalay or possibly a LaNoodle topper.

The LaNoodle question - can you actually feel that the topper is made of thousands of pieces of latex or is there just an overall softness (like feathers)? I suspect I’m going to end up trying one of their LaNoodle pillows with the zipper where you can adjust the fill just to see what the feel of the LaNoodles is really like, but thought I’d ask since I know Phoenix - and possibly others - are using the LaNoodle topper.

I can’t even find a source for a 2" 14 ILD all Talalay topper with a cover on it. Every time I think I’ve found one, it either is blended Talalay, doesn’t have a cover available, or doesn’t exist. Brooklyn Bedding had one on their website, but the link to it led nowhere and Mario popped up in a chat box to tell me they no longer offered the product in 2". I feel like I would need a cover for a topper since there’s no way the CozyPure mattress cover would stretch another couple of inches to hold one.

I was afraid my easy mattress purchase might come with at least one problem somewhere along the line. Murphy’s Law strikes again!

Hi Clawdia,

Just to play devils advocate … a burning sensation in your hips can also be caused by a mattress that is too soft and allows your hips to sink in a little bit to far which can stretch the ligaments and muscles in the hip joint out of their natural alignment. For example if someone’s hip joints are a little bit rigid or lack flexibility and you stand up straight and “push” your hips out to the side some people will feel a similar sensation because the tissues in the hips are being stretched out of their comfort zone. If you bend over to touch your toes with your legs straight then you may feel something similar behind your knees.

In any case your own experience and “best judgement” will always be the final “authority” but I wanted to suggest an alternative possibility that may also account for your symptoms.

The individual pieces are quite soft and springy (not like hard lumps) so I don’t feel them no. It also isn’t like feathers because the lanoodles are much more resilient than either feathers or down but the fill inside the Lanoodles topper is quite low so the lanoodles pieces “flow” and move quite easily inside the cover so the lanoodles aren’t distributed exactly evenly inside the cover and can shift from section to section and be “plumped” in different areas of the topper (something like fluffing up a feather topper).

14 ILD is a firmness rating that is most commonly with Latex International’s blended Talalay latex. The rough equivalent in an all natural Talalay would be their N1 which doesn’t have an exact ILD and would be somewhere in the range of 14 - 19 ILD. You can see LI’s firmness ratings here.

Post #4 here has many sources for different latex toppers and layers in almost any type, thickness, or softness that is available in the market and has sources for covers as well if they don’t come with the topper.


I did think of your devil’s advocate explanation, but I think that’s not the problem based on past experience. I’ve had the same symptom many times before from sleeping on surfaces that were too firm - all the way from having to sleep on a pallet on the floor when I was in my 20s to sleeping in beds that were obviously too firm at different times over the years. It’s a very common symptom for my body to display in reaction to firm rather than to soft, altho I do understand the anatomical reasoning behind the possibility. My alignment seems very good on the mattress, leading me to think it’s a pressure relief issue.

I’m certainly going to give it a while longer and see how frequently it happens. There’s always the chance I’m going into a flare of my connective tissue problems that could cause an increase in generalized pain, and my hips are a common area of presentation for these problems. Since the pain has lessened and not increased since getting out of bed the two days it’s happened, that makes me think it less likely to be the cause, but I can’t rule out the possibility yet.

It also might be related to not having found the perfect pillow to go with the bed yet, altho I would think that might be more likely to result in shoulder discomfort rather than hip. Any single pillow I have isn’t quite enough, and any two pillows I have are too much, so I’m always fiddling with pillows every night. It’s why I keep thinking about trying that over-stuffed LaNoodle pillow to see if it might be either just right, or able to be made right by changing how many noodles are in one of those.

I’d actually like my shoulder, when I’m on my side, to sink into the mattress a tad more, which again makes me think that perhaps a little more softness might be a good thing. I’m not experiencing any shoulder or neck symptoms, this is just a matter of what I think might feel better.

I even checked SLAB because they claim to have all ILDs of Talalay - but the one thing they don’t seem to have is an all Talalay topper in N1 - from what I can find on their website, the softest all Talalay topper they offer is an N2. Their prices are a bit on the high side for me, too. Considering my mattress has a comfort layer of 16-18 ILD (Dunlop), should I be thinking about a 14 or a 19 ILD - assuming I could even find one in all Talalay? I’m not really sure if a 19 ILD in Talalay would be softer than the 16-18 Dunlop layer on my mattress, altho I am sure it would be different in consistency.

I’ve gone thru all the websites looking, but will go thru them again in case I missed something.

Thanks for your input.

Hi Clawdia,

Talalay is the process not the raw material so blended and all natural Talalay would both be “all Talalay”.

If you go to their site here they show 100% natural Talalay in “extra soft” which would be N1 and it’s available in 1", 2", 3" and 6" thicknesses.

I believe that KTT Enterprises can also order any of the LI Talalay layers in any thickness or size you want.

100% natural Dunlop using the continuous pour method made by Mountaintop foam is also available in low ILD’s.

14 and 19 ILD would both be “all talalay” but it would be blended not 100% natural (if it came from LI). Radium also has a range of Talalay ILD’s available that are in the same general range as LI (blended and 100% natural). 19 ILD in blended talalay would probably feel softer for most people than your 16 - 18 ILD Dunlop if it was used as a topper and was compressed more than 25% (which is the depth of compression where ILD is measured).

I also agree that a pillow would likely affect upper body issues more than lower body issues.


Of course, what I meant was “all natural” Talalay. I do understand the process and the alternatives produced - what’s hard for me is remembering the degree of specificity I need to use here, so I don’t always feel like I’m saying something wrong.

If you check this link, https://sleeplikeabear.com/page/comparing-latex-international-latex-foams, it shows
the all natural Talalay topper being available with N2 being the softest one offered.

I couldn’t tell from that order form at the bottom of the page that you linked exactly which form of their Talalay it orders, as far as blended or all natural Talalay, so I followed a link from that page to the page to which I linked, which is a comparison of the types of Talalay and what is available.

Maybe I’m just being picky, but I don’t want to go with a topper made of a blended Talalay. I’ll be sure and check out KTT Enterprises - thanks.

Hi Clawdia,

I completely understand and you’ve certainly not said anything “wrong” but I always keep in mind in my replies that there will be many people who read each thread so I always try to add some clarity to help make sure that others who read the different threads afterwards don’t get confused.

This page is an artifact of a time when Latex International didn’t sell N1 and their softest rating was N2 and it was one of the pages that they hadn’t changed. If you call Evelyn at SLAB she will confirm they sell N1 in any of the thicknesses that they list.


Thanks. I sure wish folks would keep their websites updated, altho I realize it’s a PIA to do it as things change.

At least now, thanks to you, I know where I can get a soft Talalay topper if it becomes needful. Right now, I’ve ordered one of the zippered LaNoodle pillows to try and will wait a month after that before deciding whether to do anything else or just to wait and see for a longer period of time. If the hip pain issue becomes a recurrent problem I’ll need to try something, but for right now at least a pillow will give me an idea of what LaNoodles really feel like (and since I’m a pillow pig, I’ll have another pillow to cuddle up with, if nothing else!).

I figure after November I’ll have a better idea if the mattress is giving me a problem, and hopefully some idea how to approach the problem. I do feel better knowing somewhere I can get a softest all natural Talalay topper if I decide I just have to have one, although with what SLAB charges I could have just bought a more expensive bed that I’d hoped to avoid . . . but I’ve always known it was a possible option for the future, and took it into consideration when I bought my bed. If I’m nuts for the LaNoodles, I’ll just be waiting and hoping for a sale on that topper at some point in the future.

Too much of life comes down to little other than the almighty dollar, but at least I feel as though I bought a good quality mattress for a good price, and if it has to be tweaked in order to be perfect for me long term, then so be it.

That suite sleep pillow seems very much like the one I tried a few times at ABC Home, wanted it so bad too! (but was shopping for a mattress), every time I went back i wanted it. But sadly, no long term experience.

Ahhh the pursuit of perfection… A goal I understand all too well. My 3" wool topper showed up, and I’m loving it so far. I’m playing it cool for now since I know wool compacts, so the test will be does it feel so amazing as that happens.


Good luck Claudia… I understand where you’re coming from and perfection is not an easy road at all (especially without limitless funds).

Thanks, dn. This princess and the pea routine seemed a little easier when I was younger, instead of being in the category of feeling that getting old is hell, but still having to believe it beats the alternative!

Sometimes the pursuit of perfection leaves me feeling as though I’m going to get there even if it kills me, which then does beg the question of what good would it be then, anyway . . . but I can’t help it - I want it “right”!

Hi there~

I just saw this mention of Mountaintop foam. Their 100% natural Dunlop sounds really soft! Can anyone recommend a retailer?

And I’d love any feedback from others who have tried their product.

Thank you!

Hi buttercupbetty,

Spindle Mattress is one of the members of the site and sells it here (in 100% natural versions for toppers and their mattresses). It would be well worth talking to him and he probably has more experience with it than any of the forum members (including me) in terms of comparing its “feel” to to other types of latex. I have two topper samples from mountaintop that I’ve tried (mostly synthetic versions) that both “feel” good to me (as subjective as that may be) and have a good consistency but of course how they feel for you may feel completely different. They also have 7 zones with softer and firmer sections. They are available in layers that are as soft as some of the softer Talalay layers in my experience and are available in softer versions than most Dunlop that is made in a mold.


PS: I switched your post about mountaintop to start a new thread because I think the thread has gone a little off topic and it will make it easier for others with questions about Mountaintop Dunlop to find :slight_smile: