Weight and Latex & Looking for Latex Mattress in central Illinois

First, I want to thank you for putting together this fantastic resource. I stumbled upon this site a few weeks ago and I have been visiting it often to read articles and search around the forum. It has helped me get a much better feel for what I want and how to work through the sales pitches I’ve encountered.

After reviewing your articles and trying out a few mattresses locally I’ve decided that I would like to purchase a Latex mattress. The concern that I have is that while Latex is a resilient material and it tends to last longer than other foams, I’m a fairly rotund fellow (~275 lbs, mostly in belly/thigh area) and primarily sleep on my back and sides. I have a concern that Latex mattresses, especially double sided ones (one support layer sandwiched between 2 comfort layers) and those containing blended Latex layers, may wear out faster as a result of my weight. If I consider 10 years of quality sleep to be the minimum lifetime for a good Latex mattress to be worth the price, would it be worthwhile to invest in Latex considering my weight? If so, should I steer more towards natural Latex if I can afford it?

I live near Peoria, Illinois. There are definitely a few mattress retailers and manufacturers within a 50 mile radius but I am unsure which ones are worth the trip. I have already visited the Denver Mattress Co. outlet and I will be making my way to the Quality Sleep Shop up in Chicago to try out some of their Latex mattresses (conveniently I already had plans to visit friends nearby). Are there any other places that sell Latex mattresses in the central IL area that I should investigate?

Thank you again for taking the time to help out folks who are just looking for a good quality sleep.

  • Mark

Hi soul4ever,

First to alleviate your concerns about latex as a general category of foam … any quality latex (latex made without fillers) is the most durable out of all the categories of foam (polyform, memory foam, and latex foam). It will far outlast any other foam although some of the better more expensive polyfoams (that you won’t typically see in mass market mattresses) can approach it. Of course any softer foam will have a shorter lifespan than a firmer version of the same foam but as a category and compared to any other foam … latex is more durable than any other foam in the same softness level.

Latex foam is made using 2 different methods … Talalay and Dunlop. Either of these methods can use various combinations of synthetic latex or natural latex. With Dunlop which is generally a denser material (and typically less “springy” and firmer) the 100% natural is the better and more durable choice IMO although blends with some degree of synthetic (I wouldn’t go any lower than 50%) can be a good choice for a slightly lower budget. With Talalay … because of various technical reasons that are connected with the cell structure of the foam and the difficulties of pouring low ILD natural talalay … the blended (a combination of synthetic and natural) version is more durable but this is particularly true in the softer foams and not so true in the denser foams that are used in the support layers or firmer comfort layers.

All of these are more durable choices than any other foams of a similar firmness level regardless of weight which is particularly important for those who are heavier. There’s more information about the various types of latex here.

A double sided latex mattresses would give the softer foam and fiber that is used in the comfort layers or quilting a “rest” when they were flipped and would extend the life of what is already a very durable material.

So yes … latex will give you a more durable mattress than any other foam and the increased durability would more than offset any increase in price IMO. In other words … it has more “value”.

Some of your more local factory direct options include …

http://www.verlo.com/ Peoria and others. Regional factory direct outlet. Each store is a franchisee and they are owned by Vymac (NOTE: now sold to Marcus Investments). They make a range of mattresses of all types and have some good quality and value.

Denver Mattress® - The Easiest Way to Get the Right Mattress Peoria, Springfield, Champaign, and others. You have already seen these and they are also a regional factory direct outlet that produce a range of mattresses of all types. I would focus on their own brands here because they also carry other major brands they don’t make themselves that I would avoid.

http://www.lebeda.com/locations.html Peoria, Champaign, Springfield and others. Another regional factory direct outlet that produces a range of mattresses including latex.

http://www.magicsleepmattress.com/ Marseilles. Local factory direct manufacturer. They make mainly polyfoam/innerspring mattresses and memory foam and their site doesn’t list any latex or latex hybrids (except a latex memory foam combination).

http://www.bendermattress.com/ Urbana, Danville. Local factory direct manufacturer. They also make a range of mattresses including latex.

If you are going to the Chicago area anyway … then IMO a visit to Quality Sleep Shop/My Green Mattress may be your best choice of all. Tim is great and very knowledgeable, helpful, and no pressure (what I call “mattress people”) and they build exceptional quality and value in their mattresses. Of course they are also a member here which means that I believe they compete well with the best in the industry in terms of their quality, value, service, knowledge, and transparency and the additional 5% discount for members of the forum doesn’t hurt either :slight_smile:



I did get the chance to stop by The Quality Sleep shop in La Grange last weekend and I must say that I am glad you pointed me their way. I tried some of their mattresses and I was definitely pleased with both the friendly and knowledgeable service and the quality product. Much to my initial disbelief, an all-Latex mattress is every bit as supportive as other materials and does not give much despite my weight. Definitely worth the trip for me.

Thank you for listing off some of the options available around the area - I knew that Verlo was around here but I’m afraid their prices for Latex just seem to expensive given the other sellers around here. I’ll check out Lebeda soon to see what they can offer. I may even venture over to Champaign to take a peek at Bender’s supply this weekend. If those stores offer full Latex beds at roughly the same prices, though, I think I’ll be sticking with something from the Quality Sleep Shop.

Thanks again for the help. Your insight and informational material is making me much more confident in this purchase than I would be if I were trying to figure this out on my own.


It appears the back store no longer carries the pure latex bliss. Do you know if there OMI products replaced these? Thoughts on quality of OMI?

Hi unislick,

They were still carrying them late last year and they are still listed in the PLB site but of course things can change quickly.

A mattress is only as good as the materials and components that are inside it and there is no doubt that OMI makes good quality latex mattresses but they are also much more costly than other mattresses that use similar materials, components, and layers.

In other words … they are very good quality … but not generally great in value terms. Of course each person many have their own personal value equation and may have a different set of criteria involved in a mattress purchase that are more or less important to them but they would usually measure value differently from the majority of consumers.


Thanks…heading out this week to shop and ask questions about what the mattresses are made of :slight_smile:

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