Weight & mattress options.



Please help. My gf and I are trying to choose between king size of these two beds.

I am 5’11 210lbs and she is 5’5 160lbs. I prefer the latex as from my understanding it should support better, but it is only 10 inches compared to the 13. Thoughts?

Hi premier,

I can only comment on the quality or value of the materials or mattresses you are looking at and any potential weak links they may have because there are too many variables and unknowns (body types, sleeping styles, preferences, physiology, age, health conditions, sensitivities to different factors etc) to use any formula or “theory at a distance” to choose the best balance between comfort and support for any specific person (outside of the more extensive but generic information in the mattresses section of the site) … especially without a specific frame of reference that includes detailed descriptions of mattresses you have tried and the specifics of their construction.

Post #1 here includes all the information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make the best possible choices.

Only your own personal testing and/or more detailed conversations with each manufacturer or retailer you are dealing with can help you make good comfort/support choices. The best guideline is always your own careful and objective personal testing and the next best way would be longer conversations with each manufacturer or retailer who is much more familiar with the more detailed specifics of their own mattresses than anyone else and the types of people that “on average” will do best with each of their models or options than I am.

The choice between memory foam and latex is a personal preference and I would strongly suggest that you test each of them locally to see which you prefer before making a choice. There is more about this in post #2 here.

My role is to help with “how” to choose rather than “what” to choose … to help eliminate the worst choices … and to help identify any potential risk or “weak link” in a mattress you may be considering. Once you have eliminated the worst or most risky choices and you are choosing between “good and good” … then final choices are always about the objective, subjective, and even intangible parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you. When you reach this point (step 5 in the guidelines) there will usually be no “bad choices” left and there are no “bad choices” in your final two. They are both great quality/value options and once you have decided which material you prefer and the most important parts of your personal value equation … your final choice will be easy :slight_smile:


So you are saying latex/memory foam have no differences in terms of how they normally re-act to weight?

Hi premier,

No … quite the opposite as you can see in the post I linked in my last reply. They are completely different.

You can also read about the pros and cons of latex here and the pros and cons of memory foam here but comparing them in person is the best way to know the difference in your own experience.