Anyone else unable to reach anyone at Custom Sleep Design?

Good evening!

I decided to start a new thread instead of continuing in my old thread because this is a different topic. I hope I was correct in that assumption.

A while back after speaking with Bob on several occasions, I ordered a mattress sample from CSD. Bob told me to give them a call back once I was able to try out the sample so that we could continue the process of custom building my mattress.

I received the sample, which was a nice travel pillow, but since that time I have been unable to reach anyone at CSD. This is going on 4 weeks now. I have left several voicemail messages, and today when I called it states that the voicemail memory is now full. There has not been any reply from email either.

So, I figured I would post a question to the forum. Is anyone else having this problem? Anyone been able to talk to someone at CSD?

Thanks in advance!


Hi FLSleepMD,

That’s odd … I just called their number and received the same message.

I sent him an email asking what’s happening and left a message with his partner as well. I’ll post here when I know what’s up.


I’ve been getting no answers to both emails and phone calls since June 10.

Hi butterpat,

I received a short email from Bob that said he would call and update me on Friday so I’ll update this thread as soon as I have a chance to talk with him.


I hope you hear something soon. I have also been trying to contact them for several weeks by both phone and email and have had no response.

I was able to chat with the online help person (whoever that is) on their site, was told their Westport showroom is currently closed, details on the new location TBD. Also haven’t been able to reach by email or phone. Hopefully things are OK up there!
Will look for updates here.

Hi all,

I asked Bob to write something that I could post on the forum but I haven’t received anything yet so here are a few brief updates based on what he’s emailed to me so far while I’m waiting for more detail.

  1. They lost their lease and are currently in the process of vacating their location.

  2. They were hoping this would coincide with other plans they have to launch some new ideas and implement a new business model but unfortunately these haven’t happened yet and the process and negotiations involved are not complete so this has put them in somewhat of a “limbo” state until they have a new location and can implement their new plans.

  3. They are fulfilling all their current orders but are not accepting new ones for the moment.

  4. I asked him how people who needed to can contact him but haven’t received a reply to this yet.

More as I know it.



Thank you so much for the information. While I haven’t posted here, I have been reading and learning for quite some time in hopes of improving my wife’s and my sleep. This site is so helpful.

We have pretty much decided that a latex mattress is in our future. We have visited a local dealer and looked online.

We have been pretty sure that Custom Sleep Design was the way to go, and then they stopped responding to any contact.

I’m glad to have the information, but I’m a bit confounded why someone who wanted to continue in business would let their voice mail fill up so that no one could leave a message or why they would not answer emails.

Something just doesn’t seem right. Why wouldn’t they at least send a note after my seven to ten attempts to contact them? Just doesn’t seem kosher. It’s hard not to think there’s more to the story than what is here, and that makes me—a potential enthusiastic new customer–wary of doing business once they get back up and running.

Nonetheless, I will await word from you about their status…or an actual phone call or email from Bob.


I tend to avoid speculation until I know the details but I do agree with you that this is not the best way to handle things regardless of their current challenges or future plans.

I’ve asked Bob to call me (he has only emailed me so far) and I will post more here as I know more.

His email that he said he could be reached is [email protected]


PS: July 23rd: he did end up calling me about a week ago and said he would write me an email specifically to post on the forum but this hasn’t happened yet.

Any more news on this?


Their “official” statement he sent me just confirms what is already known …

He also asked me to add an apology to those who hadn’t been able to reach him by email or phone for an extended period of time and let the forum members know that he was committed to prompt communication with any existing customers that need to reach him during the transition period.


I ordered from Bob in April. The bed came a little after 3 weeks. A week after I got it, i contacted him to say I needed to have the layers adjusted. It took over two months to get the first replacement, which was one piece and did not address the issue that the zoning was in the complete wrong place on the first two layers (the split fell by my hips). I asked for a return and he shipped out more parts right away. But I was still getting horrible sleep and I was really not confident about my 20 year warranty so I demanded that we go through with the return. He turned that over to his employee to handle, and then I got an email from her saying she doesn’t work there any more. At that point he told me to get the money back from my credit card company because he wouldn’t be able to get it to me by the end of the month (July). I gave him until yesterday Aug 15th, since he said he had every intention of getting me my money. I wrote him yesterday saying I was moving forward with the credit card company and he said that was the best course of action for me. I feel bad that his business is failing, but this has been a nightmare for me. I hope the people that have their beds already are happy with them.

Oh, that is frustrating. I’m now glad I procrastinated a bit in our purchase decision. I was ready to buy from them, but by the time we got around to talking with them, they were non-responsive. We ended up buying a mattress from SleepEZ that is scheduled to arrive on Monday. Sorry for your ordeal. Sorry for Bob too, as it seems the whole business is just a failure now.

Hi lg1018,

All of this is unfortunate and I would certainly follow his advice because they are involved in a re-organization and likely need funding even to provide refunds. Going through your credit card would bypass needing a refund from them.

In terms of the future of their business and like any business in their position that was in obvious difficulty, I think it would be reasonable to hope for the best but expect the worst depending on whether they are successful in their re-organization and funding efforts.


I’m posting here because I also have been trying to track down Custom Sleep Design and Bob. Purchased from them back in May but had to return the mattress because I was allergic to latex … horrible hives. They actually drove all the way to my place in CT to pick up the mattress but didn’t give me a refund. Bob also told me to go through my credit card company but my credit card company is telling me that Bob told them they never picked up the mattress and there is no proof of return. This is clearly some kind of scam they’re running or they are just bankrupt at this point and won’t be issuing any money to customers. Has anyone had any success getting money back from CSD? Are they completely bankrupt now? Do I have to take things to the next level here?

Hi techrev,

That’s really unfortunate if Bob is claiming that you didn’t return the mattress. It’s also surprising because while it’s clear that their business is in trouble and I’ve seen some poor communications from him … I would never have thought that he would actually defraud someone. He was also a VP of Latex International at one time.

Did you ask your credit card company about any recourse you have with the “conflicting information” they are getting or perhaps providing an affidavit that you did in fact return the mattress?

I would guess you have already tried this but you could also try emailing him at [email protected] to see what he says (assuming he replies).

I hope you let us know any updates to your situation and hopefully your credit card company can provide a solution without you having to take further steps.


PS: I’ve also emailed him about your post and if he replies I will update this thread as well.


My drama with Bob goes back to Feb. and I have a very hopeless attitude at this point. So much so that I fear I failed to post here the update that on August 6 Bob emailed me to tell me he was busy working on a new location but would try to ship my replacement layer to me within two weeks. That didn’t happen.


for those who purchased a mattress from custom sleep design, what foundation did you receive (if any)? We are having some pretty bad sagging issues (bed purchased in april) and I’m thinking it may be foundation related. Wondering if others who purchased the bed (king) got for a foundation and if you were having any issues with it at all. Given the situation, I’m hoping that just replacing the foundation will solve the problem, but also dont want to spend $400 on a new foundation and it not fix our issue.

Hi jaybert,

It certainly is discouraging to see the lack of response … and he hasn’t responded to my request for an update either.

You could always check where the sagging is coming from by putting the mattress or the individual latex layers on the floor and laying a straight edge across them or using a string from one side to the other to look for any dips.

With the mattress off the foundation you could also test it for any sags, broken slats, or weak spots.

It’s not likely to be the latex but this way you would know for sure.


Thanks will give that a shot.

I looked underneath the bed and I can def. see the mattress sagging in between the 3 support beams. I haven’t removed the mattress to take a closer look at the foundation, but the bottom side does not have any supports other than the outer frame. And the top feels like MDF or something. Not sturdy at all.