Atlantic Beds?

Anyone have any feedback on Atlantic Beds ( I am ordering a new mattress in the morning, and I narrowed by choices down to the BB Cool Luxe, the Cirrus Lux ES, or considering Atlantic Beds’ Celestial but have not been able to locate their warranty information. As you may be able to tell, I am in love with the Cloud Luxe, but refuse to spend $4,600 on a mattress so I want a bed that is as close as possible. Considering the in-depth discussions I have determined that the SF Cirrus is likely the “closest”, but I am curious if for the extra money over the BB I will really notice that much of a difference.

Hi chiricop,

The Celestial uses good quality materials (they don’t mention the density of the base foam but I imagine it would be easy to find out and I would assume they are good quality considering the other layers in the mattress).

They seem to be somewhat similar (but not the same) to the Cristeli Mattresses which are made by Park Place so it’s possible that they are made by Park Place as well but I don’t know if that’s the case.

They are using good quality materials and there are no obvious weak links in the mattress and they have a reasonable return policy (a flat $99 charge) if the mattress isn’t as good a match to the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe as you hoped for so they would certainly be worth considering or comparing to the other options you have available.

I didn’t see any warranty information either (Edit: they now list a 25 year warranty but they don’t say how much of this is prorated) but the quality of the materials would be more important to me than the length of the warranty (see post #174 here).

I’m not the best person to ask this because I haven’t slept on any of them but perhaps one of the members has some personal experience with both of them and will see your post (although it would probably be unlikely that someone has tried both and can compare them). Your experience or comparisons between different mattresses may also be different from someone else.