Bed Frame - Heavy Duty King

I am just about to order a new latex mattress and foundation - it will be either SleepEz 13" or FloBeds 10" and I will be getting the FloBeds Pine foundation.

Now, I’ve shift attention to the bed frame. I was originally considering a new solid wood platform bed, but can’t make the dimensions and styles work for space or the wallet. So now I am reconsider a standard angle iron frame and just attach (boilt on) my existing headboard.

I don’t want to re-use my existing frame because its 20+ years old and the center support has plastic feet that are “on their last leg” :slight_smile:

Can anyone suggest a very heavy duty king frame that can hold the foundation, weight of the latex, a 300 lb guy and a 200 lb girl?

Ie, this is the “style” - though I don’t find any, it would be awesome if there were additional cross supports.


Here is one I just came across that looks promising:

Hi Snuggles2013,

I think that any of the heavy duty bedframes made by the better steel frame manufacturers would work well (see post #10 here) particularly if they use thicker angle iron (more than 1.5"). I think the glideaway K43 you linked (which will support the weight of a waterbed) along with the Mantua Craftlock you linked and their Sealy bedframe here, and the Monster bedframe here are among the strongest. The Knickerbocker Embrace is stronger yet but is in a much more premium price range that is more about designer aesthetics than strength.


Thanks, I went with the Sealy frame you mention.

In case it helps others, It was $85 list price on Zoro Tools website and with free shipping and 20% off coupon, ended up around $65.

I was surprised to find a bed frame at Zoro Tools. I’ve ordered other things from them and I’ve been happy with the products and service. The low price plus coupons made it a no brainer.

The original waterbed frame I was asking about, I could find any info or get any reseller to tell me the underbed dimension or the height from floor to bottom of frames. So I gave up on it. Had I got an answer, I would have tried it.

Hi Snuggles2013,

Thanks for letting us know what you ended up deciding and for letting us know where you purchased it.

The Sealy bedframe you chose is Jeff’s favorite choice (the one who was in the video in the post I linked) for heavy duty use because of their combination of strength and value and it should work well for you.

Just for future reference (just in case someone else is looking at it) … it’s a standard height which is 7 - 7.5" (I confirmed this with Glideaway).

I’m looking for a heavy-duty Eastern/standard KING metal bed frame that won’t break the bank, so your post is very helpful! Most that I found were around $160, so the frame on Zorro is significantly less expensive.

Did you order the SP66A, SP66G, or SP66R from Zoro? Can you confirm how many support legs the frame has and where they are located? I’m unclear about it when I look at the photo on the website.

You mentioned that you and your partner have a combined weight of 500 lbs. When I read the description of the bedframes, it indicated that they have a 500 lb weight capacity, so when adding the two of you + the bed + foundation, won’t you be over the 500 lb weight capacity, or am I misunderstanding how to read that information? If you have received the bed frame, can you tell me if you are pleased with the quality & functionality?

Can you please post or PM the coupon code you used for the 20% discount?

Thanks again for posting!

Hi Marla,

The difference between the A, G, and R models is the feet. The A has adjustable glides, the G has a steel stem glide, and the R has a wide rug roller (with 2 brakes).

I’m not sure if you saw this picture but it has 6 legs and the picture shows their positions.

I called Mantua because the 500 lb weight limit that is listed is clearly wrong and they told me that their Craftlock bedframes (which are very similar) have a rating of 1200 lbs. The person I talked with didn’t know the capacity of the Sealy version because the rep was out but I would think it would be either the same or a little higher.

ADDED: Mantua called me back and they told me that the weight limit for the Sealy frame is 1000 lbs which is slightly lower than their very similar Craftlock bedframes.

I’ll leave the rest of your questions for Snuggles2013 :slight_smile:



Thanks for your quick response. I just got off the phone with Zoro Tools to ask about the weight capacity of the Sealy Posturepedic SP66G frame, and they said it has a 500 lb maximum capacity. If true, it doesn’t seem like it would work for Snuggles given the info he provided, so that is why I posted my question. Could the Zoro website specs be incorrect for this bed frame?

The latex bed + foundation I ordered is about 250 lbs & combined weight for husband and I is 335 lbs, which = 585 lbs. which puts us just over 500 lb weight limit. The price through Zoro is fantastic, so I’m very interested in this frame plus the link you posted for the SP 66G looks solid. We don’t necessarily need a heavy-duty frame for our combined weight, but I want to get a high quality frame instead of a flimsy one. Instead of a 6 leg frame, I was actually looking at buying a 9 leg frame for added support, but perhaps that is overkill given my personal specs? I’ll spend the extra money if I need to, but I don’t want to spend more if I don’t have to.

Is there any advantage between choosing adjustable glides (A) vs. steel stem glide (G) vs. wide rug roller with 2 brakes (R)? I’m clueless about that particular detail. Our bed will be on carpet.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Marla,

Yes … they are incorrect (see my last reply).

On a carpet the rug roller will allow you to move the bed more easily and the glides will be more likely to get stuck on the carpet when you try to slide them over it.


I ordered the Standard King Sealy Posturepedic metal bed frame with adjustable glides (SP66A) from Zoro Tools using a $15 off coupon code (do a google search for current codes), so total cost $74.79.

As Phoenix indicated, the Zoro website lists the wrong weight capacity. Instead of a 500 lb capacity, the weight limit is 1000 lb per Mantura.

Thanks to Snuggles for posting the original question about Heavy Duty King frames because I saved a lot of money on the frame ordering through Zoro Tools.

Thanks to everyone in this thread! I ordered the Mantua Sealy bed frame with adjustable glides from Zoro and used a coupon code. Awesome price for a good frame and I love that it has longer sides than most other King sized frames.

Thanks again!

Hi Raistlin,

It sounds like you made a good bedframe choice and I’m glad this topic could help you.

OK … I have to ask … did you mean Kong as in King or King as in Kong :slight_smile:


lol, I just edited my post before I saw this quote. I meant to say King but it ended up being a pretty funny typo.

Warning for anyone ordering from Zoro tools, my Sealy frame was missing one of the adjustable legs. I did not look at my packaging as soon as it arrived, I opened it when I was about to put the entire bed together. Lesson learned there, won’t be doing that again.

It appears that one of the pieces that attaches to the headboard was maybe used because it had marks from attaching a bolt, lots of scratches on the inside and one side was kinda bent. The rest of the frame looked to be in very good condition and even though it was scratched in that spot it doesn’t necessarily mean it was used, but that’s my guess. Headboard piece bent back into position after I tightened the bolt holding the headboard to the frame. And when I say bent I don’t mean badly, it was off a bit so I am not worried about any structural damage.

Zoro will not ship me just a leg, wanted me to repackage and ship back current frame and then they will ship a replacement. Said no way, ship me a new frame and I will remove one leg from that shipment and then send that package back. They reluctantly agreed to that scenario and advised me that if they don’t receive return frame in a timely fashion they will charge me for an additional frame. No problem there since I have no need for a second frame. For the life of me I cannot understand why they are willing to spend the money on shipping a heavy item and then paying for return shipping on a heavy item vs shipping me a tiny leg.

Moral of the story, check out the frame as soon as you get it if you buy from Zoro. Other than the price paid was fantastic and they are willing to fix the missing piece, though their method to do this is strange.

Hi Raistlan,

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback about the Sealy bedframe in addition to your comments about your foundation in your other post … I appreciate it as well :slight_smile:

I agree with you that their method of sending you the missing leg seems to be somewhat strange.


Thanks to this thread I am now looking into picking up the Sealy frame also. What is the difference between adjustable glides and steel stem glides? I am unsure which to go with. My mattress will be on hard wood flooring.

Hi Shazb0t,

The adjustable glides can be raised or lowered so that you can choose a lower profile for the bedframe. Either one would be fine for a hardwood floor depending on whether you want some height adjustment (I would avoid the carpet roller for hardwood).


I would also add that having the adjustable legs helps with installing a head board if the holes for the bolts don’t line up with the frame.

It helped in my situation.

Hi Raistlin,

Good point :slight_smile:

Just some feedback from someone I talked with today about the adjustable glides as well … they can apparently be a little loose and can turn a bit when you move the bed which can raise the leg up or down unintentionally so it may be a good idea to use some teflon tape or thread seal so that they don’t turn as easily.


Well I finally got the King Sealy bed frame and Arizona Premium Mattress knock down foundation all setup. It was kind of a pain to get it all together in a small space. I also ordered from Zoro Tools and recieved the Sealy frame with only 5 legs. They shipped me another frame to steal a leg from and are paying for return shipping. The bed frame feels pretty solid with the knock down foundation. I was unsure if 6 legs was strong enough but pulled the trigger on your recommendation Phoenix. Thank you for the advice, I’m really happy with my entire mattresses setup and it didn’t break the bank either.

  • I’ve got the King size Arizona Premium Ultra Plush
    6" Firm core
    3" Medium comfort layer
  • Arizona Premium Mattress King wood foundation
  • King Sealy Posturepedic bed frame

I think the only thing I’m still interested in trying is finding a cheap 1-2" soft topper to stick on top of my comfort layer and see if I like that even more than my current setup. I’m a real frugal spender, do you have any recommendations? I’m hoping to wait for another closeout sale like those 7 Kingdoms shredded latex toppers, I missed out on that one.

Hi Shazb0t,

Thanks for the update … I appreciate it :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what type of topper material you are most interested in but the lowest cost foam topper would be polyfoam. Post #2 here and the topper guidelines it links to should be helpful and also includes a link to the component post that lists the better sources I’m aware of for all the most common types of toppers (including latex if you wish to stick with the same material as you have in your mattress).