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Please tell me how I can find out the construction and exact components of a particular mattress. I live in Oregon, and will probably purchase either a Restonic or an Englander, since they both manufacture mattresses here. I have been unable to find complete material and construction information on their web sites. Any help and suggestions appreciated! (Little did I know when I naively decided to buy a new mattress what I was letting myself in for! Thanks for being here to help!)

Hi nancymariec,

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This is information that a better retailer should be willing and able to provide you. If they don’t already know then they should be willing to call the factory and find out for you. If they aren’t willing to do this for their customers then you can try and get the information directly from the manufacturer but some of them will only provide this information to their retail stores and not to individual consumers. The information you need to identify any weak links in a mattress and make more meaningful comparisons to other mattresses is in this article.

I’m not sure where you are in Oregon but if you let me know your city or zip code there may be better quality/value options available to you than either an Englander or a Restonic but this will of course depend on the specifics of a mattress you are considering. There is more about the most important parts of the value of a mattress purchase in post #13 here.

Just in case you haven’t already … I would also make sure that you’ve also read the mattress shopping tutorial here which has all the basic information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make the best possible choices … and know how and why to avoid the worst ones.


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I live in Corvallis,Oregon, 97330.

Hi nancymariec,

The better options or possibilities I’m aware of that are in reasonable driving distance from you would either be in the list for the Portland region in post #2 here or in post #2 here which includes some stores that are a little closer to you in the Eugene area. If you are comfortable driving that far I would make sure to include Parklane Mattress in your research because you would be hard pressed to find better quality value choices in your larger area. They are a member of this site which means that I think highly of them and I believe they compete well with the best in the industry in terms of their quality, value, service, and transparency.

There isn’t a forum list for the Corvallis area so time permitting I’ll take a look over the next few days to see if I can see any better possibilities in the immediate area as well


Portland is farther than I would like to travel. Eugene is a possibility. Of course would rather stay local. There are two dealers in Corvallis that carry the Lady Americana. Is this a good option, and do you know if the manufacturer will provide information if the store won’t or can’t?

Hi nancymariec,

Although it would depend on the specific of the mattresses you were comparing … Lady Americana would probably be a better choice than most mainstream manufacturers. Lady Americana factories would also be more likely to provide the specifics of the materials inside their mattresses so you can make more meaningful comparisons but this always depends on which factory is producing them and sometimes on the specific mattress you are considering. I don’t know how transparent Soundsleep is with their retailers although other Lady Americana factories are very transparent.

I did do some looking in the Corvallis area and made a few calls (although I haven’t talked with each of these) and the better options or possibilities I could see and the manufacturers they carry that I would consider as a “possibillity” (subject to the guidelines here) are … Corvallis, OR. Lady Americana. Corvallis, OR. Englander

Chateau Home Furnishings · Home Page | Corvallis, Oregon | Your Willamette Valley Home Furnishings Store Featuring Sofas, Chairs, Beds, Mattresses, Dining Sets, and Fine Furniture of All Varieties Corvallis, OR. Englander, Mlily. Said he would get foam specs if asked. Corvallis, OR. Carries FXI (Anatomic Global) memory foam mattresses. Said they would call their rep for foam densities. Corvallis, Albany, Eugene, Springfield, OR. Restonic, Easyrest, Lady Americana Corvallis, OR. He sells 2.0 lb and 2.7 HR polyfoam layers which are both good quality materials but no memory foam and you would need to get a cover to use these in a DIY mattress. Albany, OR. Northwest Bedding, Englander, and Thomasville (Boyd) latex is coming. Albany, OR. Carries Northwest bedding and Englander (including latex and two sided innersprings). Will call for foam densities. in Portland is one of the members of the site. They have a wide selection of different types of mattresses (innersprings, latex, memory foam etc), use good quality materials and have great value. I drove down to their Tualatin factory outlet from Seattle and was very impressed. They have stores in Beaverton, Clackamas, Gresham, Sherwood, Lake Oswego, Tualatin (factory outlet), and Salem in Oregon. Salem, OR. They carry OMI (latex), Englander, Easyrest. They also said they would provide foam specs.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


This helps a lot. Thank you! Today I was in a mattress store and asked the salesman what the comfort layers of a particular mattress were made of, and he said no one had ever asked him that before! (And he didn’t know.) I think I might have much better luck at some of the stores you contacted! I have been to some of the ones in Corvallis, but none in Albany, which I will definitely check out! Thanks again.

Hi nancymariec,

As sad as it may be … the members here that have spent an hour or two on this site will usually know more meaningful information about mattresses and mattress materials than the majority of the salespeople in the mainstream industry that sell them :dry:


I have narrowed my choices down to the best one I can find available in my town. The dealer is a family-owned furniture store that has been here over 100 years. They were helpful in getting the construction information for me from the manufacturer. The mattress is an Englander all foam, and here is what I was able to find out, layers from top to bottom:

Cover is organic cotton.
Didn’t get information about padding, looks like 1/2 to 1 inch of foam.
2-inch layer of pure latex, 75 density.
3-inch layer of soy-based poly foam, 1.65 density, 22 ILD.
1-inch layer of soy-based poly foam, 1.35 density, 50 ILD
3-inch layer of soy-based poly foam, 1.65 density, 22 ILD

Please give me your opinion of this construction and value. The price is $840.00.

Thanks, Nancy

Hi nancymariec,

The bottom layer of the mattress seems to be unusually soft for a support layer (22 ILD is in a softer range) and could affect support/alignment when you are sleeping on the mattress over the course of the night but this is a comfort/support issue not a quality issue so I would make sure that you have done some careful testing on the mattress and confirmed that it’s a good match for you in terms of PPP.

In terms of the quality of the materials … the top 3" or so would be fine (about an inch of unknown materials in the quilting and then 2" of latex which would be a good quality and durable material).

Under this is 3" of 1.65 lb polyfoam which is a little on the low side (I would normally suggest 1.8 lbs as a guideline for a one sided mattress) but if you aren’t in a higher than average weight range where you are compressing the mattress more deeply than those that are in lower weight ranges and since it’s under 2" of a higher quality and more durable material which would take up most of the compression forces and is close to the guidelines I would suggest then it should be fine and and would be “in the range” where there wouldn’t be any significant or obvious weak links in the mattress.

There is more about the most important parts of the “value” of a mattress purchase in post #13 here but “value” is always relative to the other mattresses that are available to you and that you are including in your list of finalists. It would also depend on the size of the mattress (larger sizes cost more), on whether this is a “mattress only” purchase or includes a foundation or anything else as part of the purchase that has value to you, on the exchange or return options you would have available after a purchase, and any of the other parts of your personal value equation that are important to you.

A mattress that may be relatively good value in one area of the country where choices are more limited or as part of one group of finalists that may not be as suitable, as durable, or compare as well to a mattress you are considering (based on all the other parts of your personal value equation that are important to you) may not compare as well with other mattresses in a different area of the country or as part of a different group of finalists that you are considering that may be more suitable, more durable, or would be a better “match” for your other criteria.

What size are you purchasing and is this a “mattress only” price or does your purchase include anything else besides just the mattress?


That’s for the mattress only. I’m also not sure this mattress is supportive enough. I like the latex but don’t want an all-latex mattress (too heavy and too expensive). I don’t like memory foam, so I’m having a difficult time finding what I want without any memory foam. I need a full-size, only for me. I weigh 140 pounds. You mentioned Parklane, and it is in Salem, about 40 miles from here. I prefer not to go that far, but may have to. Any suggestions? I wonder about getting an innerspring mattress and a latex topper but there’s still the problem of finding an innerspring without memory foam. On second thought, I guess it would be possible to put the latex topper over the mattress even if it does have memory foam in it. Now to find an appropriate innerspring mattress that is thin enough to accommodate a 2 or 3-inch latex topper and still fit into regular fitted sheets. I live in Corvallis, Oregon. Thanks for your help.

Hi nancymariec,

If this is for a full size mattress only then I think it would probably be a better choice than most of the mattresses that the majority of people end up purchasing and would be be a fair value at a reasonable cost.

Since a mattress is one of the most important purchases you can make and will have a bigger effect on your overall well being than almost anything else you purchase over the course of the next decade or so, I would personally take the trip to Parklane if it was only 40 miles or about an hour away from you and they would have a number of mattresses that for most people would be in a better quality/value range than the mattress you are considering.

You can see my thoughts about buying a mattress/topper combination where you can’t test the specific combination in person in post #2 here. If you can test the combination in person then it can be a good strategy but I would be especially careful that the combination doesn’t have any weak links in the overall design and that it’s a suitable match for you because when you add a topper over a mattress then the softer comfort layers of the mattress that were designed to provide comfort and pressure relief will be deeper inside your sleeping system and would become more transition or support layers that may need to be firmer than the softer upper layers of a mattress.


Yes, I think I will make the trip. They just very recently opened the Salem store, so they haven’t been an option during most of my mattress search. I have looked at their web page now, and they definitely could have what I need. I’ll call them first, asking about specific models and about their return policy and delivery charges. I’m anxious to find and buy a mattress. I gave my old one away and have been sleeping in the guest room twin bed. It is all latex, and I sleep well on it. I definitely like the latex feel, and want to find it in mattress that has the top layer of latex. Thanks.

Hi nancmariec,

They carry several latex hybrid models and a wide range of other mattresses as well and I think that they would be well worth a visit.

I’m looking forward to your feedback after you’ve had a chance to test some of their mattresses :slight_smile:


There are 2 beds that I want to try: (1) the Powell, with a poly foam core and two layers of Talatech latex, and (2) the Cornell, with an offset coil core and 3 layers of Talatech latex. The combination of springs and latex would be great if it feels right. Is this one of the companies that offer a discount for being on the Mattress Underground list? I will give you feedback. I plan on going up there sometime this week if possible.

Hi nancymariec,

They are a member here but they offer a bonus bedding package to the members of the forum … not a discount. You can see the complete member’s list and the bonus or discount they offer here.


I went to the Parklane store in Salem today and had a nice shopping experience. The salesman was very knowledgeable and helpful and answered my questions. Here is the mattress I liked the feel of and am considering purchasing: It’s called the Pettygrove Plush. The full-size set is $757.00 and the mattress only is $687.00 (I only want the mattress). Unfortunately, there is a delivery fee of $210.00 from their factory in Tualatin to Corvallis. Given the reasonable price of the mattress, though, I am willing to pay the delivery fee. For purchases from $599 to $799, the bonus is a free Hollywood style metal bed frame. Not a good bonus but no big deal. Here’s the description of the mattress from top to bottom:

Rayon fire retardent layer
1 inch foam in quilting (4-pound foam)
1 inch of Talalay latex
Marshall coil innersprings
Foam base (5-pound foam)
Mattress is encased in 5-pound foam.
Mattress is 12 inches thick.

There were more expensive mattresses that I tried, but I liked the feel of this one the best. And the lower price takes some of the sting out of the $210 delivery fee!

It was such a pleasure to deal with a salesman who actually knew his product and a company that is willing to be transparent about what is in their product. Each mattress is made to order and takes about a week before delivery. No “sale” prices or “blowout sales.” The price marked is the price of the bed.

What do you think about this bed?


Hi nancymariec,

Thanks for the feedback about your Parklane experience … I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Some of the specs you listed seem to be memory foam densities rather than polyfoam densities (such as the 5 lb density of the base layer and the foam encasement) and the thickness of the layers and components you listed don’t add up to 12" so I don’t know if there are any missing layers but having said that … all of the mattresses at Parklane use good quality materials relative to their price range and to my knowledge none of them have any weak links in their design.

If you have confirmed that the Pettygrove Plush is a good match for you in terms of PPP and it also compares well to the other finalists you are considering based on the criteria that are most important to you then I would certainly give it serious consideration as a final choice.


I was surprised to hear these specs in regard to poly foam but thought maybe there was something I didn’t know, I will call them for clarification. When the salesman gave me these specs, he was looking at his computer monitor. Perhaps he didn’t have enough knowledge. I’ll double check it. It does appear that their products are of good quality, and I hope to purchase this bed unless I find out something to change my mind. Thanks.