Desperate to find the right mattress w/out overpaying!


I’m amazed at the wealth of information on this site and am so happy I found it before making a big decision on which mattress to purchase. My husband and I have been sleeping on a very low quality memory foam mattress for the past 2 years and it’s gotten to the point that it’s sagging and dipping in places that it’s impossible to get a good night’s sleep. We’re dealing with back, hip, shoulder and neck problems. We both weigh around 175#, he’s 5’10" and I’m 5’3". We really like the Tempur-pedic Cloud series as we do really do like the feel of a memory foam. We’ve been told to check out a company called “Bragada” who manufacturers mattresses to similar specs as the Tempur-pedic. There a price difference of about $1,500 and I was wondering if you’ve heard of this company and if it would be a fairly close comparison in quality and durability?

Thank you so much for any information you can give.


Hi Kirsten,

Bragada has been around for some time and has gone through some ups and downs. They are owned by Sun Mattress LLCwhich is an affiliate of Sun Capital Systems which is an investment buying group who specializes in leveraged buyouts. Apparently they were bought out late last year by Global Mattress Group LLC which could well be an affiliate of Sun Capital as well. I’m mentioning this to show that they are run by an investment company … not “mattress people”.

Their specs are nothing like Tempurpedic and nether is the quality or probable durability. In their lower end mattresses they use 3 lb memory foam which I would avoid completely (very low quality and durability), in their mid range they use 4 lb and in the upper range they use some 4 and some 5 lb. Their layering is also different from Tempurpedic. They do use a good quality support core underneath the memory foam (2.1 lb vs 2.2 lb in tempurpedic). To me they are no different from a million other companies selling memory foam and I would base my comparisons on the actual type and density of memory foam used and the layering in the mattress.

There are literally hundreds of memory foam formulations made by many companies and every one of these different types of memory foam has different qualities and properties and interacts with other layers in a different way. If you are buying a memory foam mattress online … it becomes critical to know who makes the memory foam or at least that it is CertiPur certified. It is also important to know the return or exchange policy. In the case of Bragada … it would cost you a minimum of $300 to return the mattress which means that in many cases a big part of the mattress cost is eaten up by return charges if you guess wrong about which mattress is suitable for you. Memory foam mattresses that use different layering patterns or different types of memory foam are very different from each other and each manufacturer and each model in a manufacturer’s lineup may be suitable for one person (based on weight, body shape, sleeping positions, tendencies for back issues, and preferences of feel) but completely unsuitable for another. Online purchases that have a huge return charge or that can’t be adjusted after you receive it (by exchanging layers for example) are a big risk and a risk that is not necessary to take.

Overall I would always prefer to make any mattress purchase through a local factory direct manufacturer or a sleep shop that carries high quality and value mattresses and that can tell you the differences between cheap memory foam mattresses and quality memory foam mattresses that also have great value. Lying on a mattress is the only way to know for sure if it is suitable for you.

For those that don’t have a local manufacturer or quality sleep shop near them and want to order online … then the options available and the return policy becomes very important along with the ability to somewhat “match” your mattress testing to the model you are buying online based on similar layering patterns and density of foams used in both the memory foam layers and the polyfoam support layers underneath it. This thread may also help you in terms of some online options.



Thank you for your quick and very helpful reply. I got up this morning intending to call Bragada and order a mattress but decided first to check to see if I had a reply from you and I also googled Bragada to see if there were any complaints against the company. Wow! I found quite a plethera of negative information and combined with your reply, I think we need to keep looking. We live in the Dayton, Ohio area. Would you happen to know of any local manufacturers within a two hour radius from us? I did do a google search and the only one I found was a place called “The Sleep Tite Mattress Factory”. Just wondering if you know anything about them. Also, my in-laws have a Scandanavian mattress from May & Company in Indianapolis, but they are sooo expensive.

One very specific question. My husband and I deal with back problems, are we better off with a Latex mattress than a memory foam, even a very quality memory foam?

Thanks again,


Sorry, one more question. I feel like I’m all over the place looking at different companies. What do you know of the Botantical Latex mattresses or even the air mattresses from Habitat Furnishings? The price for these beds is a little higher than we would like to spend, hoping to be around $2000 to $2500, but would be willing to spend a little more to find a mattress that will be comfortable and last a long time. I would love to hear your opinion on the best mattress out there and where we can get it but I know there are so many variables that would be almost impossible. We are ready to purchase a mattress ASAP as we’re both sleeping so badly on our current mattress but really want to make the wisest decision.



Hi Kirsten,

Probably the first thing I would suggest is to read the mattress shopping tutorial here which will help cut through much of the “mattress shopping” confusion and frustration.

There are some comments about Habitat here and here. In essence they are a higher quality mattress that would represent better value than many chain store type of outlets but not in the same value range as some of the other factory direct manufacturers that are available to you.

Some of the local factory direct outlets or possible retailer options I’m aware of that are near Dayton, OH or within reasonable driving distance (and subject to the quality/value guidelines here) include … Franklin, OH Local factory direct manufacturer as you mentioned. Makes a range of mattresses and while they have “standard” models on the floor … they can build whatever you want. They have good value and would be well worth a call or visit.

Find an Original Mattress Factory Store Beavercreek, Miamisburg, Springfield, OH. Regional factory direct manufacturer. Makes a range of mattresses with good value including a two sided latex mattress and two memory foam mattresses along with some two sided innerspring mattresses and have some good quality/value available.

Furniture Row® Store Locations - Store Hours & Addresses Florence, KY. Regional factory direct manufacturer. Also builds a range of mattresses with some good value. I would focus here on the mattresses they manufacture and would avoid the major brands that they also carry. Yellow Springs, OH. Retail direct outlet that carries some very interesting and high quality mattress from Berkeley Ergonomics including Dunlop latex and microcoils which I think highly of. They are knowledgeable and transparent about their mattresses and good people to deal with and would be well worth including in your research

Mattress Innovations - Dayton, Ohio - Highest Rated Mattresses & Beds Dayton, OH. Retail outlet that has a house brand made by Englander. I would avoid the major brands they carry and make sure that the latex models you are looking at don’t have more than an inch or so of polyfoam on top as many Englander models do (meaning you are sleeping on polyfoam not latex) Richmond, IN. Carries their own line of private label memory foam and latex mattresses called Sleep Natural that may include some better quality/value options. I would avoid the major brand and liquidation mattresses that they also carry.

Shop Affordable Home Furnishings & Home Goods - IKEA West Chester, OH Sells both a Dunlop latex core using 85% natural Dunlop and an innerspring with the same material on top. See post #3 here. The Dunlop core would be a good option to add a talalay latex topper on top.

In terms of “the best mattress out there” I believe there is no such thing. Each different weight, body shape, and sleeping position needs a different mattress and the most important thing about a mattress is the materials in it and how it works for your unique circumstances. I do however tend to focus on local manufacturers and sleep shops who are open and transparent about the materials in their mattress and who can “fit” your circumstances and “specs” to a mattress that has great value using materials that have actual real quality and fit within your budget.

Hope this helps along with some of the links from the beginning of this post as there is some good value that is reasonably close to you.