Dreamfoam Bedding/Brooklyn Bedding confusion...

From what I can tell, they are the same company, right? So why if you go to Brooklyn Bedding’s website, our their beds about twice the amount they are on Amazon under the Dreamfoam line? Is there a quality difference between the Amazon line and the stuff you would order from Brooklyn Bedding? Thanks

They are the same company and Brooklyn Bedding is more expensive but there are reasons for that.
BB has a return policy on most of their Memory foam and comfort exchanges on their latex while I understand that there is no returns or limited to defects only with Dreamfoam. Some lines have a lower quality base as well.
I think the guys at BB will discuss the differences if you give them a call.

Hi bgaviator,

As jefmoody mentioned they are sister companies (different companies with the same ownership). Both are part of the membership of the site which means they compete well with the best in the country in terms of quality value and service.

In general terms … the Brooklyn Bedding site includes their higher budget mattresses that tend to use higher quality materials and components and/or have better exchange, and return policy, or more flexible options to customize their mattresses before or after a purchase (depending on the mattress). They offer a 5% discount to members (outside of special sales). The Dreamfoam Amazon site includes most of their lower budget mattresses although there is a little bit of overlap between them (such as the Total Latex Mattress). They offer the members here a pillow bonus instead of the 5% discount (on orders fulfilled by Dreamfoam only not orders fulfilled by Amazon)

In the case of the Dreamfoam the return policy (and a slight price difference) also depends on whether the order is fulfilled by Amazon or by Dreamfoam and there is a 45 day comfort guarantee if they are ordered from the Dreamfoam site.


Could someone please let me know the difference between the blended Talalay 3" toppers sold by Brooklyn Bedding vs. Dreamfoam Bedding?

  1. Specifically I would like to know difference regarding.

a. How much natural rubber in the topper.
b. Cover (both bamboo, but not sure if they are exactly the same).
c. Fire retardant – first of all does toppers need retardant use?
d. Other than that what are the quality differences?

  1. Dreamfoam bedding topper comes in 3 firmness choices. The description says soft 19 ILD, medium 28 ILD, but does not say ILD for firm. ???

  2. If you buy via fulfilled by Amazon option = 30 day return without any penalty?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Martina,

The latex is exactly the same (both are blended Talalay). Latex International’s blended Talalay which is used in both is approximately 30% natural rubber and 70% synthetic rubber.

I don’t know if the covers are any different (they could tell you this but I suspect they are the same).

Neither have a fire retardant (it’s not required with a topper).

They can also tell you the ILD of the firm (although this would be the least likely choice for most people). Their number is here. Brooklyn Bedding has a wider range of firmness options.

There is a shipping cost to return it but you would need to contact Amazon for the specifics. Brooklyn bedding has an exchange option that costs $50 including shipping.