I need some advise

My husband and I live in the Melbourne Florida area. I am Post Menapause and my body temperture stays on the hot side.
We are looking for a New King size mattress and I have read several blogs regarding memory foam vs latex ect… This was an add posted on our local craigslist. Does anyone know anything about this mattress?

KING SIZE: 76" X 80" X 14.5"

14.5" Elegance Memory Foam Mattress has a picture frame Poly-Jacquard Bamboo fabric top is surrounded by our Cush Plus Euro Box top. This helps illustrate the structure of this mattress with dual density Memory Foam and Dual Density Visco Latex which provides a feeling of unsurpassed comfort. The Elegance has .5" of Memory Foam quilted to the Poly Jacquard Bamboo Fabric. The Euro Top also has CushPlus incorporated into the top. The next layer consists of a 3.5" layer of Dual Density Memory Foam which is atop a 4.5" Dual Density layer of Visco Latex Foam. The base layer is constructed of 6" of High Density Foam. A 3.5" x 1.5" layer of High Density Foam is used for the edge support.

The only Bedding Company that adds Green Tea, Nano-Silver and Activated Charcoal.
See these descriptions below. Foundation not included.

Retail $1949 and its yours for ONLY $600

Hi Rae,

If you sleep hot … I would certainly first make sure that you familiar with and are comfortable with memory foam in general which is the least breathable and warmest of all foams.

If you are committed to a memory foam comfort layer … then some guidelines I would suggest before buying any mattress (especially online) that uses a memory foam comfort layer are …

  1. Never buy a mattress that includes memory foam without knowing the density and layering of the memory foam layers. Density is a main indicator of the quality and feel of memory foam while the thickness and layering of the memory foam is a key part of how suitable a certain memory foam mattress may be for your weight, body shape, and sleeping postions. If the outlet you are looking at doesn’t include this information and/or won’t give it to you with a phone call (or if this information isn’t publicly available) … pass them by. There are too many who do to spend any time here. The only exception to this would be a thin layer (under an inch) of memory foam in the quilting layer of a mattress which is more about the surface feel and foam softening wouldn’t be a big issue).

  2. Never buy a mattress that includes memory foam without knowing whether the memory foam is CertiPur certified (or has another reliable certification that tests memory foam for safety and quality such as Okeo-Tex). If the outlet you are looking at doesn’t include this information and/or won’t give it to you with a phone call (or if this information isn’t publicly available) … pass them by. There are too many who do to spend any time here. The only exception I may make to this is knowing that the memory foam is manufactured in the US or Canada which means that it would normally be either CertPur certified (most but not all North American foam manufacturers are listed) or at least “safe”.

  3. Never buy a mattress that includes memory foam without knowing the type and quality of the support layers underneath it (either an innerspring, polyfoam, or latex foam). The support layers play a key role in how well a mattress will keep you in alignment and in the feel, performance, quality, durability, and value of a mattress that uses memory foam in the comfort layers. It is just as important as the memory foam itself. If the outlet you are looking at doesn’t include this information and/or won’t give it to you with a phone call (or if this information isn’t publicly available) … pass them by. There are too many who do to spend any time here.

  4. Make sure that the quality and thickness of the memory foam layers on top of your mattress and the quality and thickness of the support layers underneath the memory foam are suitable for your own unique weight, body shape, and sleeping positions. The type, quality, and layer thicknesses of the memory foam and how it interacts with the other non memory foam layers of a mattress (and with you) are much more important in deciding whether a particular memory foam mattress is suitable for your own unique needs and preferences than the fact that a mattress contains memory foam itself. Even the highest quality memory foam mattress that uses the highest quality materials may not have the design or layering that makes it suitable for any individuals unique needs and preferences.

This will eliminate most of the lower quality or “unknown” memory foam choices and save you a great deal of time which can then be spent looking at or talking to memory foam outlets or mattress manufacturers that are transparent about their materials and knowledgeable about what really makes a memory foam mattress suitable for each individual. Memory foam is just a layer in a mattress and like all comfort layer materials, there is a wide variety of different qualities and types and layer thicknesses that can significantly change the performance of the mattress.

In terms of the Elegance mattress … it is made Zinus and often sold at big box stores, Amazon, etc. While Zinus memory foam is listed on the CertiPur site … most of the online descriptions don’t list the density of the memory foam or the quality and firmness of the support layers underneath it so it would be impossible to know or predict whether this mattress would be suitable for your own unique weight, body shape, sleeping positions, and preferences without testing it personally before purchasing it.

In cases like this where you have not personally tested a mattress … either knowing the type of layering in a mattress that works for you and/or making sure that the outlet you are buying it from has a good return policy becomes very important. Even if a mattress is “worth” the listed price (which are mostly fictitious) and you buy it for a few hundred … and then discover that it is not suitable for your needs … then without a good return policy you have spent the few hundred dollars for nothing.


Thanks for the info Phoenix. I am not at all sold on Memory Foam! I have been reading the blogs and it sounds like Latex is where I am headed. Do you have any suggestions or manufactures in the Melbourne Florida area. I am a side sleeper and my husband has sinus issues and uses a CPAP machine to sleep. I do sleep hot and need a mattress that is not going to increase my heat factor. Any suggestions would be great.
Thanks again

Hi Rae,

The closest manufacturer direct outlets to you that I know of are these …

https://www.foxmattress.com/ Holly Hill, FL (Recommended and a member of this site)

http://www.orlandomattresscompany.com/ Orlando, FL

Find an Original Mattress Factory Store Kissimmee, Orlando area, FL

Furniture Row® Store Locations - Store Hours & Addresses Daytona, FL

http://www.palmbeachmattress.com/ West Palm Beach, FL

http://schraderbeds.com/ West Palm Beach, FL

Of these … the closest and the one that I would recommend (because I know them best and think very highly of them) is Fox Mattress. Rick is very knowledgeable about materials and construction and how to fit a mattress to an individual and also offers great value which is why I invited him to become a member here.

While it is a bit of a drive … working with someone who knows their stuff can save hours of research into what type of mattress is suitable for you and then finding an outlet who will actually tell you what is in their mattress … layer by layer … and knows how different materials and layering combinations can work together to your benefit and which types of materials provide the best value.

ADDED Sept, 2013:

I did some local research and for those in the general area that are looking for something more local this is the list of the better options and possibilities in the area (out of over 40 retailers and chain stores in the area) and the brands they carry that I would focus on (that have better odds of being able to provide you with the quality of the materials inside their mattresses). They have all (except one) told me that they would provide the specs of the mattresses listed.

Redirecting... Melbourne, FL. Biscayne Bedding incl. latex, latex / innerspring hybrid, and gel memory foam (their website was down when I last looked but they are still open).

Melbourne, FL. I called them and they told me that they are a small manufacturer that makes innerspring mattresses (including two sided) on the premises and sell mainly through Craigs List. I was originally happy to find a small local manufacturer but when I told them about my site and asked them about the range of foam densities that they use they refused to tell me, told me that they had another customer, and when I asked again hung up the phone on me and blocked my number so I couldn’t call back. I would be very cautious about going here and unlike other smaller manufacturers they certainly don’t appear to be very open about the quality of the mattresses that they make.

http://www.kanesfurniture.com/ Melbourne, FL. Therapedic (incl Gel memory foam but no latex).

mattressmark.com/ Indian Harbour Beach, FL. Pure Latex Bliss latex (latex)

http://mattressmarket.org/ Jensen Beach, Vero Beach. Classic Brands, Pure Latex Bliss.

organicmattresshaven.com/ Savvy Rest latex component latex mattresses and Magniflex memory foam mattresses.

https://www.atlanticwholesalefurniture.com/ Palm Bay, FL. mLily (memory foam), Symbol (incl gel memory foam and latex hybrid).

jimsearsfurniture.com/ Merritt Island, FL. Carries Biscayne Bedding (incl 2 latex mattresses) and Consolidated Bedding. Knowledgeable about materials and will get specs from both Biscayne and Consolidated.

Mims, FL. Carries Jamison (incl latex and gel memory foam), and Bed boss (memory foam) and will call the factory for foam specs on both.
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Overall IMO … if there is a quality independent manufacturer that provides good value within 100 miles or so of where someone lives … then it can almost always save time, money, and frustration … to go there and do both your testing and purchasing in one place with the guidance of someone who can be trusted and knows their stuff but there are also some local choices with more knowledgeable staff that would be worth visiting as well. When you are dealing with retailers or manufacturers that will provide you with the specifics of what is in their mattresses and have the knowledge to help educate you instead of “sell” you then you can make much more informed choices and make meaningful quality and value comparisons between mattresses.

Hope this helps


Your the best! Thanks for your help. We will contact these dealers.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Let us know how it goes.


curious to know how this went… i will defintely post when I find out. tempted to just make the drive to Daytona.