Info on Aireloom Verbana Plush

Hello Phoenix!

I’m very happy to have found this website and all the info it provides.

My fiance and I found the Aireloom Verbana Plush at Slumberworld on Oahu. The salesperson was not able to provide any specifics on the layers involved. He mentioned it was a combination of laytex/foam in the top layer with a polyurathane core. Also, the salesperson’s description seemed to differ from what Slumberworld has listed on their webpage.

Do you have any more info on the Aireloom Verbana Plush? Thank you!!!

Since we live on Oahu, we are limited to Slumberworld \ Sears \ Macy’s as local stores. I’m not opposed going online for a DIY bed assuming shipping to Hawaii is somewhat reasonable.

Slumberworld description for Aireloom Verbana Plush:

Support Technology:
Aireloom Natural bed systems are created with pure luxury being of utmost importance. Aireloom Natural beds are known for their natural materials and handcrafted quality. Natural materials used in the construction include organic cotton, flax, and pure organic wool. The result is a bed that is better for your body and better for the world.
The heart of the Aireloom Verbena support system consists of a natural Talalay latex core topped with organic wool and cotton. the support system sits on a semi-rigid foundation designed to let the latex do its important work of supporting your body.

Many people feel there is no substitute for latex quality support. Latex provides tremendous support and uncompromising comfort with true pressure relieving characteristics. The firm version is perfect for the person who likes a firm feel but needs a forgiving bed to remain comfortable all night long. The plush version provides the same support as the firm version but takes the feeling of luxury to the next level.

• Body pressure-relieving construction
• Man-made and natural components
• Patent pending “fill box” design OR
original handcrafted
• Contains no polyurethane foam
• English outer tufting
• Natural Talalay latex
• Lumbar support
Edge support:
• Natural latex foam encasement
• Certified organic cotton
• Jacquard damask OR Heavy stretch knit
Comfort/upholstery layers:
• Natural Talalay latex
• Organic wool
• Certified organic cotton (not in 100% latex model)
• natural latex layer
• Encased in natural wool
• Bio-degradable sustainable forest lumber

Hi jaykay,

The first thing I would suggest (if you haven’t) is to read the guidelines here which will help you avoid most of the “traps” you will encounter. If a salesperson can’t supply the specs about the type and quality of materials used in a mattress … it’s time to go in different directions. This is because it’s the only way to know the quality and likely durability of a mattress is to know the details of the layers that are in it. Manufacturers or retail outlets who either can’t or won’t supply this should be completely avoided. It’s the salespersons “job” do do this as accurately as the specs that the mattress manufacturer provides will allow. Even here … if I was in this position and was selling a mattress I would call the factory itself to find out what I didn’t know about a particular mattress that either I or a customer wanted to know (within reason anyway :))

Having said all that … in the case of the Aireloom … the description seems to indicate that it’s all talalay latex which is a good thing. I would also want to know how much latex (inches) are in it although you could use the height of the mattress as a rough guideline (the quilting and ticking layers will make up a part of this). I would also check the law tag to see if it has any other types of materials than what the description says. If all of this looks good and there is about 8 or 9" of talalay latex in the mattress … then the prices seem quite reasonable. Of course how you feel on the mattress in terms of PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and your Preferences) is just as important as the quality.

EDIT ADDED LATER: I talked with a salesperson at the Betania Slumberworld in Oahu and she checked her spec sheet and confirmed the foam layering of the Aireloom Verbena plush and firm which indicates that they are not all latex as indicated on the site.

Verbena Plush:

6" of 2 lb polyfoam (soy foam) support core which is certainly a suitable density for a base layer but is not in the same value range as a latex core.
1" 19 ILD Talalay latex (good quality)
1" 15 ILD Energia. This is a very high density 3 lb HR polyfoam (higher density in firmer versions) which is very good quality
3/4" memory foam. They didn’t have the density of this but in only a 3/4" layer it would not be an issue.

The Verbena firm uses the same support core and the same materials in the comfort layers except the Energia and the Talalay latex is much firmer.

While these are all good quality materials with no obvious weak links … they don’t have the same “value” as a mattress that used all talalay latex so I would not call these particularly good value … and certainly not compared to an all latex mattress at the same price.

Post #269 here as well as post #2 here and this thread has more information about some of the options available to you although in the Oahu market what you are looking at would seem to be (subject to the few unknowns and confirming the layering) good value.