Latex Mattress in Canada

Hi Everyone,
I just recently discovered this forum, and I am very glad I found you guys. I learnt so much by looking at the previous threads. I started my journey to find my dream Mattress. I am interested in a Latex Mattress, but I live in Canada. Out of all the big box stores I went only sleep country carried 1 non pocket coil mattress that contains Latex (that one was too firm). I was wondering does anyone know other stores within in the South western ontario area which have latex mattress for me to check out? I would be also ok with online retailers that ship to Canada, but I would like to try laying on another latex mattress first.
I don’t like springs and I hate the sluggish response of memory foam mattress. Any good alternatives? I’m a side sleeper, 6’0", 150 lbs with big shoulders, so firm mattress really hurt my shoulders. I have only slept on medium/medium firm pocket coils previously but after trying soft mattresses in store (lying on there for 5 mins) I think I prefer soft. Would sleeping on soft mattress for a whole night be a lot more different than what I tried in stores? How does pure latex match up with foam and latex? I hate heating up on mattress, but I heard that latex has high retention, is this worse than memory foam? Can it be alleviated with special mattress covers? Sorry for the blurb of questions but I am moving very soon and is in a rush to buy a new bed. Thank you.

Having just recently purchase a new latex bed, after much research on this forum, I can recommend Dormio Organic Beds. There is a new store open in Kitchener as well as one in Mississauga, Toronto and in Vaughn. My wife and I dealt with Eric at the store in Kitchener and he was extremely accommodating and informative. They have ALL of the mattresses they offer setup in store for you to to try and they will go through the differences of each. They also have various dual comfort combinations setup so that you can feel the difference of mixing the layers, i.e. firm, medium and soft. We also received the mattress underground 5% discount which was appreciated. Bear in mind, you will pay more money for this type of mattress, however, having slept the last 2 nights on our new bed - it is awesome. If nothing else, a visit will at least provide you with useful information and a reference to other mattress options you look at. There is a listing of other retailers in Ontario posted elsewhere on this site, that’s how I initially learned of Dormio. Good luck and thank you to Phoenix for this site and all of the useful unbiased insight.

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I’m glad that you’ve found us.

I’m not sure of the exact area where you are at, but you can perform a forum search for a specific town and see what businesses have been discussed here on the forum previously. The southern area of Ontario was also previously mentioned here. If you’re in Windsor, you may even consider visiting the Detroit-metro region.

I don’t actually have a list of all manufacturers or online stores that ship across Canada but here are few site members that do:

Canadian site member manufacturers or retailers …
Dormio Organic Beds
Memory Foam Comfort
The Mattress and Sleep Company

US site member manufacturers and retailers that ship to Canada across the border …

A mattress using all-latex or a polyfoam support core with latex on top could be an alternative for you. This would be more buoyant feeling than memory foam.

Of course, spending more time on a product will be much different than testing in a showroom, but latex does not get softer with body heat, so the feel of the product you would have tested in a showroom would be consistent with how it would feel in the middle of the night.

A latex support core is more durable, more resilient, more elastic, more adaptable to different weights and shapes and sleeping positions, more supportive (it has a higher compression modulus so it gets firmer faster with compression), more “natural”, and has a different more “springy” and responsive feel than polyfoam. It is a higher performance material. Of course, it is also more expensive than a polyfoam core and for some people … a latex hybrid which has the benefits and “feel” of latex in the upper layers (the top 3" - 6" which are the most subject to wear and tear and contribute more to the overall “feel” of a mattress) is worth the cost tradeoff. For others, it isn’t.

I’m not sure where you had read that, but it would be incorrect. Latex, specifically Talalay latex, is generally the most breathable of all foams, followed by polyfoam and then memory foam. All foams are insulators to some degree, and a mattress that is very plush can tend to feel warmer than one that is firm, as you would be “in” the plush mattress more and “on” the firm one more, exposing less of your surface area for heat exchange on the plush model. An all-foam mattress can also tend to be less breathable than one that has an innerspring support core.

There are many variables that can affect the sleeping temperature of a mattress or sleeping system and post #2 here can help you choose the types of materials and components that are most likely to keep you in a comfortable temperature range.


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And congratulations on your new mattress. :cheer: I’m glad that you had a good experience at Dormio, and I’m glad that you were able to receive your Mattress Underground discount.

What item did you purchase in their line?


Hello Phoenix!
I just want to thank you again for creating this site and the vast wealth of information contained within it. We ultimately decided to go with the Dormio Cambridge Mattress as well as the Dormio Premium Plus Foundation. I know we must have spent at least 6-7 hrs at the store over three separate visits. We really like the idea of being able to fine tune the mattress at any point of our choosing. From placing the order to delivery it only took 3 weeks, so we were more than pleased to get our new bed so quickly. We also purchased a set of Dormio Royal Latex Pillows. It was an investment, however, it is nice to wake up in the morning feeling ‘rested’ rather than having aches and pains you didn’t have when you turned in the night before :).

Hi Ekim70SS,

Thanks for the reply.

You certainly chose an item using good quality and durable materials in the Dormio Cambridge.

I am hoping to learn about how your new mattress is working out for you after you’ve had a chance to sleep upon it for a while longer.


Thank you very much for your replies. Yours links really helped me out a lot. I checked out all the latex mattress stores in the kitchener/waterloo area. I eventually found online latex suppliers listed in another post by Phoenix to be the best for me in terms of value and customizability. I purchased the 10" NATURAL Latex Mattress King split All Natural Talalay cores, 3 inch soft comfort, 3 inch soft core, 3 inch medium core and 1 inch cotton+ wool cover. Can’t wait to try it out.

I am looking at bedframes and foundations now. I like my bed high and I thought this 18 inch smart was pretty good. I am worried about the wire grid though, the gaps seem a bit big. In previous post Phoenix recommended a thick foam layer or some sort of vinyl lattice underneath. I was wondering can you expand a little more on what kind of material should I put under the latex mattress. I don’t like the memory foam slow response, which is why I opted for latex. Would this effect occur if I used polyfoam? Can you also give me some more details about the covers you were talking about, the previous links don’t work.

There is a local foam factory (thefoamstore) and they make custom foam, if I wanted a layer of foam just for the purpose of preventing damage to the latex, what kind of foam should I tell them to make.?

Hi coolgod,

Congratulations on your new mattress purchase! :cheer: I’ll be interested in learning more about it after you’ve had your chance to sleep upon it for a while. Did you phone the manufacturer for advice before placing your order?

I think I gave some good ideas in the post you linked. I’ll copy them here again for you:

[i]Some of the wire grid foundations come with a cover like this or which can be purchased separately (which may also fit other wire grid foundations of the same type) which would add a little bit of extra support in the gaps between the wires which I think would be a slight improvement. If I was to purchase one of these with an all latex mattress though (where there was latex directly on the wires) and in thinking about what I would do personally … my tendency would be to either buy a good quality cover using a woven (non stretchy), thick fabric or purchase my own fabric and attach it as tightly as I could to the top of the wire grid so that the surface was more evenly supportive.

Other options that may be even better yet would include adding an inch or two of very firm polyfoam in between the mattress and foundation (or reticulated form which is more breathable) or adding a rubberized coir bed rug like this or something like the vinyl lattice here (thanks to srockrae for the suggestion).[/i]

If you’re thinking of putting foam beneath the mattress and on top of the wire grid network, a 1"-2" piece of a high-density very firm (high IFD) polyfoam that was very reticulated would do a good job (any good foam supplier will understand what you’re attempting to do and understand what I’m suggesting her). A coir bed rug at 1" is also a nice option. Both would work well, as I agree the gaps in the wire grid network are a little larger than what I would recommend for a new latex mattress.


Hi Phoenix,
I called the manufacturer and they mostly recommended medium or soft/medium/firm combo, but said it could work in my case. I also ended up getting the zinus 18inch platform bed, it was a tall slatted bed. I will definitely keep everyone updated on the bed + Mattress. Thanks again for all your help Phoenix in creating this site and sharing your in-depth knowledge on mattresses. I could not have made an informed indecision without TMU. :slight_smile:

Hi coolgod,

Thanks for the update. I hope you remembered to get your TMU discount if you purchased from one of the site members.

You’re most welcome, and thank you for the kind words!



Is there a discount code I can use for

Thank you!


Hi Vanesa,

Yes, for your discount please email: Scott(at)TheMattressUnderground(dot)com
Note: … as a protection against email harvesters we replace the symbols in the email with the wording (at) and (dot) :huh:

As you’re aware, you chose something from a site member here using high quality and durable materials.
I hope you can follow up with us once you’ve had a chance to sleep upon it for a while.
Good luck!


Hello coolgod; where exactly did you purchase you’re 10" NATURAL Latex Mattress King split All Natural Talalay cores from? The link appears to have many different sellers.

Sorry for the late reply, been meaning to write a thorough review of the mattress and bed arrangement, its been almost 5 months and I haven’t noticed any off gassing or sag so far. I purchased my Latex mattress from flexus comfort, because I thought they had quality Talalay latex and their overall price was cheapest including shipping to Canada and tax.
The left over 1" is just the wool and cotton layer outside. The order gave the option to pick 2 gifts, I picked a waterproof mattress protector and 2 king sized latex pillows.
Overall came out to be about 2.1k USD + 13% tax charged at border.
Could not get TMU discount because they said discount doesn’t stack on “promotion price”

They originally quoted me a price including shipping and duties, then later after I placed my order told me they couldn’t deliver to Canada!!! After 2+ weeks it arrived in Niagara and I ended up going alone to pick it up, boy was that an adventure.

Everything came in 3 giant boxes and I managed to fit it all in my impreza hatchback. I was annoyed when I got home and found out that the “MEDIUM TALALAY” and the 2nd layer “SOFT TALALAY” was actually Dunlop! I called them the next day but they said they give me mostly Dunlop because TALALAY doesn’t work well as base. Bait and switch :frowning:

Building the mattress was quite a challenge, with a friend I spent 2 hours building the mattress. I later decided the splitside latex can be arranged more symmetrically inside and decided to rebuild it myself. Big mistake, took another 2 hours and got trapped underneath the mattress for a while when trying to lift it on my high bed frame.

Now after all this trouble was is still worth it? Absolutely, it was the most expensive piece of furniture I’ve purchased and it was worth every cent. It is the best thing I’ve ever slept on, my female friends also agree :slight_smile: Be warned though, it’s so comfortable that if you go for a quick snuggle or just temporarily close your eyes you’ll doze right off.

TLDR: No TMU discount, vendor lied about shipping to Canada, had to pick it up in US after 2 weeks, also pulled bait and switch substituting Dunlop for Talalay. No off-gassing or sag observed, best mattress I’ve ever slept on. Would buy again, but probably from another vender.

I’m also looking for latex mattress in Canada, but closer to Montreal. I’d like to try Dormio but it’s a 7hr drive, so I was wondering if there would be any alternative closer to where I live. Thanks!

Hi John667.

I agree that 7 hours’ drive to Dormio maybe a tad too long of a drive unless you have some other business in or around Toronto, but if you decide to shop online they have a wide variety of mattress types for all budget ranges and I think they ship nationwide for a flat fee.

There are quite a few factory direct mattress manufacturers in and around Montreal (within 100Km) and almost all of them produce latex mattresses as well as every other style and combination . In an ever-changing mattress landscape it would be too much of a job to keep current any listings of potential mattress retailer/manufacturers in various geographic regions (unless they are already approved Trusted Members of our site) but there is a list in post #276 here of a few places to try in and around Montreal (I appended the cities for ease of reference). You have some good choices near you but whatever you test make sure to find out the information you need to make an informed mattress purchase which is listed in this article here and compare it to the mattress shopping guidelines here. Also, a forum search on Montreal (you can just click the link) will also bring up more comments and feedback from other members in the area that may be helpful as well.

Good luck with your testing! I know from my own experience that sometimes the most difficult part is remembering what each mattress felt like and I’d suggest keeping some notes. The good news is that you have lots of options in your area.

If you have any questions about specifications or certain products you discover, feel free to post back on the forum and I or any of the Expert Members of our site will be happy to assist you


Wow thanks ! I’ll take a look at those posts!

Yes I know that Dormio does ship, but they don’t advertise their prices and I can’t test them. I’m not sure about buying online as I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. I like a bed firm enough that I can lay on it in the day to read or be on computer (I mostly do computer laying down, because of back problems) but soft enough to sleep on the side.

I’ll check those retailer, but from what I have seen so far, having visited some already, is that there isn’t much of a choice for latex and the level of knowledge from retailers isn’t that great.

I’ll keep looking. Thanks!

Hi John667.

You are correct that the least “risky” of all options would be to buy something you know and had tested locally, especially if the retailer/manufacturer is knowledgeable, experienced, and is transparent about the type and quality of all the materials and components in their mattresses and who would be able to provide some good guidance and/or has good options and/or suggestions after a purchase to help you make any “fine tuning adjustments” at a nominal cost if your sleeping experience does not quite match showroom testing.

If you cannot find any high quality and value local options, or if they are too costly compared to a directly comparable mattress from an online manufacturer or retailer … then I would consider going in the direction of buying online with the help and guidance of a manufacturer/retailer that you can trust that has your best interests at heart and will help you make your best choice out of the options that they offer. You’ll find that many manufacturers/retailers that are offering online options are moving away from the “one size fits all” products and are offering component style system designs that can be customized to different degrees and/or usually offer some ability to exchange your choices after a purchase at a reasonable cost if it doesn’t turn out quite right as you hoped for. While this is more “risky” because sometimes smaller changes from your “preferred” design can make a bigger difference than people suspect, this risk can be reduced by having a more detailed conversation with the manufacturer who you are considering. If the price difference and your “personal value equation” justifies it though, it would certainly be worth strong consideration.

In your local testing and when assessing any product, also be sure that you find out information listed here so you can compare the quality of the materials and components to the durability guidelines here to make sure there are no lower quality materials or weak links in a mattress that would be a cause for concern relative to the durability and useful life of a mattress before making any purchase.

I look forward to hearing about the results of your local testing and if you narrow down your options to 2-3 choices and can find out the information linked above and post it on the forum then I’d certainly be happy to comment about the quality of the materials


Thank you very much Phoenix, I will check that.

So far most products I like are from the U.S. so I have to consider shipping charges (and many duty fees?), but it may be a good idea anyway.

I’d prefer a reversible mattress, but it’s more and more difficult to find I guess. I have a 17yr old mattress with pocket springs that I reverse monthly and it’s still not that bad. I don’t want to buy a cheap mattress but don’t want to overpay as well.

I really like your site. I wish shopping for a mattress was easier.

Will continue to search for a good mattress and read the info on TMU.

Hi John667,

If you want a reversible latex mattress, we can custom make one for you in organic Dunlop latex using your specifications, plus we ship free from Canada.

Please let me know if I can assist you further,

all the best