Latex mattress

Hi everyone,

What Trusted Member companies produce Latex mattresses?



Hi nblindle.

A complete list of our trusted members can be found on this page here Most of our trusted members offer latex options in one form or another. At a quick glance the following site members are currently offering mattresses using latex. I suggest that you visit each of their websites for more details of their all latex, latex combos, or latex hybrids mattresses.

Online Latex mattress Manufacturers (Trusted Members) :

[indent]Arizona Pr Mattress Comp
Beloit Mattress Company
CozyPure (if you are considering natural and organic options)
Flexus Comfort Mattress Company
Foam Sweet Foam
Kiss Mattress
Latex Mattress Factory
Luma Sleep Retail Online
Magic Seeeper
My Green Mattress
Q3 Nest Bedding Latex Mattress
Reverie some Latex options here with DreamCell foam springs
SleepEZ Many lines of all latex mattresses Good value
Sleep On Latex All latex mattresses
Sleeping Organic
Spindle Good value options
Texas Mattress Makers
The Mattress Factory
This should give you a good start and once you narrowed it down to a few finalists I’d be happy to try to clarify any questions you may have.