Looking for new mattress set in Southern California, around 92345 area?

I found this site through YouTube “Beducation”. SO Happy I found you and “Beducation”!!!

We haven’t shopped for new mattresses in many years, and boy, was I shocked!
We checked out a few retailers and some online reviews and do NOT like what we are finding.

Seems they are REALLY pushing the memory foam - which we do NOT want. I don’t think we want any “gel infused” either.

We started out just simply looking for a spring mattress and box spring foundation. Son wanted a double pillow-top like he had bought about 10 years or so ago. It was still good, but he movedback home and the matresses had been stored in the garage for about 8 years until some stray cat had kittens in the garage and ruined the mattresses. Thus we had to trash them :frowning:

Now, he’s moving and needs new.

I have looked at flexuscomfort.com and berkeleyergo.com websites, (and called Berkeley Ergonomics), but have not been to their places yet - as they each are at least an hours’ drive or more from us.

I was wondering if there are other stores which are not on the list of members in / around the 92345 (Hesperia, California) area?

We haven’t tried any of the “Latex” beds (Or combo of latex/innerspring), but I’m curious to try out these options. We also want to find innerspring mattresses/foundations which are better quality than what we’ve seen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

Hi Cathie,

As you probably know … I think very highly of Jeff and the Beducation video series. They are a great resource and he is one of the most knowledgeable people I know in the industry.

The Greater Los Angeles area list is in post #2 here but Flexus is the closest to you and most of them are further away. Berkeley Ergonomics is a wholesale supplier and while they do have a small group of retailers across the country and I think highly of them … the only retailer in Los Angeles that carries them I’m aware of is http://www.ergocomfort.com/ in Irvine.

I’ll take a look around the Hesperia area when I have the chance tomorrow or over the weekend to see if there are any possibilities a little closer to you that may be worth including in your research as well.


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Hi Phoenix, and thank you for your response.

I did NOT know about your “thinking highly of Jeff…”, but I do now! I LIKE him so far. (I’ve only watched/LISTENED to a few of his videos, and that is how I found THIS site!)

I DID call Berkeley Ergonomics on Thursday 03/07/13. They had just moved recently…still in the same area, but a bigger place.
I called to find out about local dealers, and yes indeed, they have one in Irvine, CA. (Which is more like a 1-1/2 hour drive one way from us. I am familiar with the area, as I lived/ worked very near there many years ago.)

The gal I spoke with at BE was very nice and helpful with the few questions I had. She also told me that the “Irvine Dealer” did NOT carry ALL of their products.

BUT!!! She welcomed us to go to the Factory Showroom in (Ontario, California?) - but would need about 3 to 4 days’ notice so they can set up the beds we think we may be interested in. (Ontario is a lot closer than Irvine!) (They completed their ove, but still have a lot to do at the new location - understandably.)


It is just frustrating that people have to go WAY out of their way to even ‘try out’ mattresses.

I’m hoping we can at least “try out” some LATEX, combo latex/innerspring…or just innerspring LOCALLY.

Thanks again, Phoenix, or anyone else who can help!

(I REALLY am glad I came across this site via the “beducation” youtube videos!!! GOOD JOB, JEFF!)

Hi Cathie,

I’m not sure what is happening with logging in but it seems you have solved it (you can’t post unless you log in first). If you have more problems then maybe you can let me know what the message says exactly and I’ll see if i can figure it out.

He thinks the same way about mattresses and the importance of knowing what is in them as I do and we have had many great conversations … mattress geek to mattress geek :slight_smile:

Yes … that’s what it appears from their site. You can see all of their current lineup of mattresses here. As a group … the retailers that carry BE are very knowledgeable, helpful, and open in my experience.

That’s good to know that this is available (I didn’t know it was). They are certainly very accommodating and I also know that they will ship their mattresses but this has to go truck freight and it can be quite costly. This kind of service is typical of the smaller manufacturers that really do care about their customers.

I couldn’t agree more but it’s also a reflection of the state of the industry as it currently stands. Currently the top 15 brands control about 86% of the industry. Over 3/4 of this is the top 5 which I wouldn’t consider at all. Most of the chain stores and mass market retailers carry these and they dominate the industry through advertising and marketing and consumers have no way to know any better until they learn to insist on knowing what is in a mattress they buy. Currently advertising controls the industry and most consumers have no idea that most of the mattresses that are close to them and that they would normally look at aren’t even worth considering.

A good analogy is looking at two pieces of furniture where one is made of particle board and the other is real wood. They both perform the same functions and the particle board can also look very nice with a good veneer but it just won’t last as long as real wood. Imagine someone selling the furniture refusing to tell you what it was made of or helping you know the difference between the materials … or worse yet telling you that “you don’t need to know” or “nobody asks that so I’ve never looked into it” or “only engineers need to know that stuff”. Most mattresses that people buy are the equivalent of particle board but they sell at “real wood” prices. A mattress will have a bigger effect on your overall wellbeing over the next decade or more than almost anything else you will buy and if it’s necessary its usually well worth some travel time to work with professionals that really can help educate you ad help you make the choices that are most suitable for your body type and sleeping style and are also better quality and value. It only happens once a decade or more so it’s well worth doing right IMO.

There are probably some that are closer to you where you could do some testing and may be worthwhile looking at as well but these may take more research and effort to make sure that the retailer is able and willing to disclose the quality specs of their mattresses so you can make meaningful comparisons and have a way to identify any weak link of a mattress (which are usually lower quality materials in the upper layers of the mattress). The retailers who understand the importance of this are usually the ones who will also help “educate” you and guide you more than just “sell” you whatever they can.

More tomorrow as I get a chance to look at some of the retailers nearer to you and perhaps make a few phone calls.


Thank you, Phoenix.

(And I DO understand about the “Particle Board” cheap furniture, also. I’d rather buy Used good quality than the stuff they are forcing on people today at overblown prices.)

Thanks again for any help. (We won’t be able to visit those TWO places until at LEAST next week…IF we’re lucky! It will have to be considered a ‘short road trip’, I suppose! :slight_smile: )

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Tomorrow is another day. Maybe better.

Hi Cathie,

[quote](About the logging in thing… I don’t know HOW or what, but it wouldn’t recognize my log-in attempts…stayed blank and I couldn’t get anywhere. It was saying “GUEST” and prompting me to log in in order to post.

Then, I found the page still open in another window from when I FIRST posted and never logged out. This is how I was able to post. BUT…even though I ‘thought’ I was logged in, it was still prompting me to log in? LOL!!! I am confused…)[/quote]

Well I have to admit I’m just as confused as you are! Sometimes when you try to log in and another session is still active or in memory you will need to do it again but this is the only similar thing I have encountered. Let me know if it continues and if for some reason you can’t log in then you can email me at the contact link to tell me but it doesn’t seem to be affecting most of the members so it could also be something on your computer somehow.

In any case I did a little research closer to the Hesperia area to see what was available and here’s some of the possibilities I found after spending a few hours looking at and/or talking with a couple of dozen retailers or so that are between you and Rancho Cucamonga or San Bernardino (about a 40 mile radius).

NOTE: I have expanded the original list and it now includes the better options or possibilities I’m aware of within about 40 miles of San Berdardino which would include Hesperia, Riverside, and Rancho Cucamonga. There are also more options (with some overlap) in the list for the Greater Los Angeles area in post #2 here.

https://www.flexuscomfort.com/ Covina. Local factory direct manufacturer who makes a range of high quality mattresses, including latex component mattresses that have great value. They are very knowledgeable and service oriented and are what I call “mattress people”. I am happy to have them as a member of this site and recommend them.

http://www.berkeleyergo.com/ Ontario, CA. They manufacture a range of mattresses that use high quality materials including 100% natural Talalay latex, microcoils, and high quality pocket springs that can be customized before and after a purchase and are usually in a good “value” range. They are normally sold through a network of carefully selected and knowledgeable retailers in various parts of the country but the factory now has a showroom where customers with an appointment can test their entire lineup as well.

http://www.bannermattressonline.com/ Inland Empire, Chino Hills, Hemet, Corona, Riverside, Apple Valley, Murietta, Rancho Cucamonga, Redlands, San Berdardino, Temeculah, Cathedral City, La Quinta, Palm Desert, Victorville, CA. Factory direct manufacturer that makes their own but also carries major brands. They make a mattress with a couple of inches of latex over memory foam but no pure latex or latex hybrids. They also carry and promote major brands and it always seems very odd to me when a manufacturer does this and I would be cautious if you go here and make sure you stick to their own brands and make some careful value comparisons.

www.europeansleepshop.com/ Riverside, CA. They make their own line of latex mattresses and also have memory foam mattresses and mattresses that are made by other manufacturers including Natura and Orthogel. They don’t list the specifics of the mattresses they make on their site so I would make sure you can find out the specs of their mattresses so you can make some good value comparisons with other mattresses you may be considering.

http://mattressxpressonline.com/ Victorville, CA. These people are bizarre. I called to ask a few questions and they told me “they weren’t at liberty to tell me” when I asked what kind of mattresses they carried. Called back and they told me they had a customer and he would call me back. Of course he never did. They also didn’t answer when I called again several times. Very strange. I had to call their San Bernardino location to find out what they had which turns out to be Diamond and they do have a latex/innerspring hybrid.

http://dreamlandmattress.wordpress.com/ Retailer in Covina, CA. They carry Spinal Care Bedding mattresses (made in Gardena) along with Stress-O-Pedic, Spring Air, and Spring Comfort. I have talked with Bruce the owner here and he is knowledgeable and experienced with mattresses and mattress materials and understands the importance of providing the specs of his mattresses. Well worth a visit.

http://www.mattress-brothers.com/brands/ San Bernardino, Riverside, Moreno Valley, Redlands, CA. Carries Definitive Rest, Spinal care, Spring Comfort, Diamond (gel only), and others. Latex as well as gel with good selection and they seemed to be quite knowledgeable. They seemed promising.

Mattresses | Mathis Home Ontario, CA. Lady Americana including their Eco comfort line which have an Omalon (polyfoam) base and various foams on top including latex hybrids.

http://www.dannasmattressforless.com/ Rancho Cucamonga, CA. They normally carry Pure Latex Bliss which are all Talalay latex mattresses but they are switching to the new model lineup and it will be about two weeks till they get them.

www.comfortpedicmattress.com/locations/index.php Rancho Cucamonga, San Dimas, CA. Makes a range of mattresses including latex but tends to focus on “telling stories” and not so much on sharing information about the materials he puts in the mattress. Also seems to be “on the high side” in terms of pricing so included for reference only.

http://costplusmattress.com/contact.html La Verne, CA. Paul is the owner here and he carries Pure latex bliss and his own line including latex hybrids and other styles which may have good quality and value. He is focused on educating his customers rather than just “selling” them. Well worth visiting for anyone that is close to him. You can read more about him in post #25 here. Clearly what I call “mattress people”.

Boys Comforter Sets Deals | High Quality Boys Comforter Sets | restezmattress.com Hemet, CA. Carries a range of independent manufacturers including Diamond, Stress-O-Pedic, Lady Americana, Southerland, and Custom Comfort which make latex or latex hybrid mattresses along with a range of other types of mattresses as well.

Some wholesale manufacturers that sell through retailers in the area that may also also be worth including in your research include …

http://maximmattress.com/ Local wholesale manufacturer in Commerce, CA. They are making some good quality mattresses including microcoils, latex, and memory foam and have a retailer locator on their site.

http://spinalcarebedding.net/ Local manufacturer based in Gardena, CA that also makes some good quality/value mattresses that includes latex, memory foam, and some very high quality pocket coils.

http://www.stressopedic.com/ Regional west coast manufacturer based in Ontario, CA that makes a wide range of a mattresses and is committed to being completely transparent about all the materials in their mattresses.

http://www.diamondmattress.com/ourmattresses.html Local Wholesale manufacturer in Rancho Dominguez who is making some very good quality and value mattresses. Has a store locator on the site so you can find out if they are available near you.

http://www.latexbliss.com/retailers Wholesale manufacturer that makes several lines of latex and latex hybrid mattresses that are available at many retail locations across the country. Also has a retail locator on their site to check for any retail locations that are near you.

www.anatomicglobal.com/ Wholesale manufacturer of some good quality memory foam mattresses owned by FXI/Foamex. Has a store locator on their site to find out if there are retailers near you. It is sometimes difficult to find out the specifics of the memory foam in their mattresses so make sure you find out the specs of any of their mattresses you are considering so you can make more meaningful comparisons.

At least there are a few choices a little closer to you that are better options than the majority of the mainstream stores around you.


Thank you SO much, Phoenix for that list you provided for us!

I haven’t had time, but I may try to call that frist one - “MattressExpress” (the bizaar) just to see if they will tell me anything.

After looking at the sites you provided, (and we had already been to a “Banner Mattress” - not the one in Victorville, but in Apple Valley which is next to VV…), AND after reading more on your site and finding some other people who were very pleased, we just went straight to Cost Plus Mattress (“Cost+Mattress”) in La Verne, California.
It was a one hour drive one way, but well worth it!

We introduced oursleves to “Paul”, told him we found him on “The Mattress Underground” site. After just a couple minutes he said that he had talked to “Phoenix” just a few days ago. I told him it was because “I” had asked about any local dealers, and that you were trying to help! LOL!!! He spoke highly of your UN-BIASED site - said it was the best out there. (I also told him I had first checked out youtube and found “Beducation” - watched a few videos and learned about your site from him.)

He asked where we drove from, and told him Hesperia. Without us even asking him anything, he automatically said "We deliver there.) Of course, we had been wondering how much a delivery charge would cost…it could have come to a “deal-breaker”.

We spent at least two hours there (more like THREE!).

My son ended up buying actually TWO sets from Paul: One All Talalay for himself, and one “cheapy” full sized set for the guest bedroom. Was interesting - son was considering a bit of higher priced bed for the “guest” bed, and Paul told him that if it is for guests only, “Get one of those over there.” as he pointed to CHEAPER priced mattress sets. (Felt comfy, but cheaper)

Since Paul (and his sons) will deliver for a very reasonable price, my son decided to purchased the second bed at the same time - thus paying only once for the delivery.

Son also asked him if he knows anyone who sells quality furniture (for decent prices). “Well, not really”, but Paul DOES / CAN sell “Coaster” brand if we know what we want. He will try to beat or at least match the price!
We can shop locally and try out locally and call him up and order from him.

We had a GREAT experience, NO high pressure sales…and the BEST PART? He even threw in a FREE Made-in-the-USA T-SHIRT! HAHAHA…OK, that wasn’t really the best part, but that was nice.

Hopefully the beds will be delivered in a few days (He was going to call and order as soon as we left).

We talked about a lot of things, and feel very positive about this experience. We shall see how the delivery/set-up goes. (I have a good feeling about it though) AND…Of course, a few weeks or couple months sleeping on this new mattress…

You are correct, Phoenix. “Real mattress people”!

Thank you again SO much for this site and all your help! It is greatly appreciated!

Hi Cathie,

I’m so glad you had such a great experience. It was also a good chance to re-connect with Paul who I think highly of and we spent quite some time on the phone as well.

A bonus is a bonus … and a nice T-shirt can be great to sleep in so you could almost say you got some new pyjamas as well :slight_smile:

In any case … thanks for your feedback and I’m glad the site could help you.

Perhaps most important of all … congratulations on your new mattresses and on all the other “stuff” you bought :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to your feedback once you’ve received everything.


"A bonus is a bonus … and a nice T-shirt can be great to sleep in so you could almost say you got some new pyjamas as well "

We actually told Paul we would FRAME the t-shirt, and it would be hung over the bed in the bedroom…AND…will be the very first piece of “artwork” hung in the kid’s new house! :lol: (Of course, that was a bad joke.)

Thanks again, Phoenix.

P.S. We will (have been and will continue to) also be spreading the word about “Beducation”, “The Matress Underground”, and, of course “Cost+Matress, La Verne, CA”. :slight_smile: