Mattress cover


I recently purchased the 4-way stretch zippered non-quilted mattress cover from SleepEZ.

The material is very stretchy and does not interfere with the feeling of the latex. The zipper is located in the upper third of the cover’s side, making it easy to rearrange latex layers. Kristina, from SleepEZ, explained that the cover is fire resistant as a result of the rayon fibers.

Customer service was outstanding and they made a special order cover with a 10-inch profile.

I can strongly recommend this cover. A couple of pictures follow:

Hi Toro,

Thanks for the comments and for posting the pictures of the SleepEz stretch knit cover … I appreciate it.

Your pictures are much more realistic than the pictures here I’ve linked from time to time here which were taken in poor lighting and don’t show the color accurately so I can use them as a reference instead :slight_smile:


Thanks Phoenix!

For people that like to compare products, in my humble opinion, this cover may be even better than the cover in the Pure Latex Bliss mattresses.

Is it really non-quilted? It certainly looks quilted.

Hi eek,

Yes … it’s a stretch knit that isn’t quilted but has a “structured” fabric that looks quilted.


Is the fabric composition of the SleepEZ cover known? I didn’t see it on their site. Also, does anyone know where their covers are made?

I seem to recall that it’s 60% cotton/40% poly or rayon.

I was surprised when I saw this cover in person. It appeared thinner and had a predominately synthetic feel (IMHO). I preferred their cotton/wool quilted cover. My friends have it and they love it, by the way.

Mattress Premium aka seems to have a fine cover for a reasonable price. Queen Organic Cotton Zippered Mattress Cover, Replacement Mattress Covers

Am going to get some info on it. Not sure what the 8,500 means. I assume it is a 8.5" deep. Price is certainly right at $140 shipped.

Strange, as that mattress encasement does not look like mine. Same product but the zipper on mine is located at the top, not 1/3 down from the top and has a rayon backing that is NOT stretchable. Mine has the words “organic cotton” on it and a completely different pattern. Bottom line, I did not receive the product as presented in their ad.

Like I opined in another thread, that really disappoints me as the ad indicates it’s s 4 way stretch mattress encasement. I’ve been contemplating putting on a topper as a solution like a 1" 19ILD to get my “cloud” and to eliminate the hammock effect but a conversation with Louis yesterday from Suite Sleep has me convinced me that is really not be a reasonable and viable solution. The top 3"’ slab of my DIY latex mattress is 19ILD so I’d like to take advantage of what I put together.

Anyway, I need to find out why my mattress encasement is different than the one that is featured in this thread.


Hi Mark in Texas,

I was talking to Shawn at SleepEz today (for other reasons) and I solved the mystery of why your cover was different.

The cover you received uses organic cotton and was recently introduced to accommodate their customers that wanted a more natural cover and where the material was more important than the stretch. It seems that they pulled the wrong one off the shelf for you and that they have now sent you the other one in addition to the one you received.

The square knit cover is a 4 way stretch and is more stretchy than the organic cotton version (even though both have the fire retardant) which is why your experience and the look of your cover was different from the other member that received the cover that is now being sent to you.

I’m glad to see the mystery was solved and I’m looking forward to your feedback when you receive the new cover


Jeremy (who handled the process/shipment) told me they didn’t pull the wrong one, they sent a unit that the seamstress has been directed to make from now on. Jeremy explained to me that as a manager sometimes he is the last to know and didn’t realize what was sent. Whatever… Am looking forward to receiving the product actually ordered and am appreciative of their fine service. But, they need to change the encasement photo and description IMO… just in case you talk to them again.

Am hoping the rayon fibers are woven in and as opposed to being a fabric backing that has no stretch. I’m getting a little gun shy these days. :frowning: I just want a stretchy encasement such that I can feel the plush latex I paid dearly for. As part of that “need to feel” thang I also ordered a mattress cover/protector that is soft and super stretchy. It is made by Suite Sleep. The Sam’s Club $38 Serta mattress cover has got to go! :slight_smile:


When you receive the Sleepez case, the new stretch one, and the Sleep Suite stretch cover, I would very much appreciate a review. I have been following your threads as your wife and I are of similar height and weight. Can you tell me what layers you ended up purchasing and how you have them stacked? I would like to compare… still messing with my latex layers.


Three 3" slabs of LI talatech. Starting at the bottom and working up - 36, 28, 19 ILD. I’ll try and remember to update this thread with photos. Cover will be here this Tuesday.

Hi Mark in Texas,

The “rayon fibers” are the fire barrier that is necessary to pass the 1632 and 1633 fire regulations which are a legal requirement for all mattresses (see post #4 here).

There are also differences between the design and functions of a mattress protector (see post #89 here), a mattress encasement (see post #2 here), and a mattress pad (see post #10 here) from a mattress cover (or tick as it’s known in the industry). Mattress protectors (like the one you linked) and encasements are mainly designed to protect a mattress that already has a cover or tick and have as little effect as possible on the feel of the mattress. Mattress pads are usually meant to fine tune the feel and performance of the mattress although some also function to protect it as well. Mattress covers or ticks will tend to be more durable and are meant to be part of the mattress itself and enclose all the materials and components to help it keep its shape as well as being part of the feel and performance of the mattress relative to its design goals.


Abraxas, I’m curious if you received the other case yet. I was told by Jeremy today that the 4 way stretch cover is a 100% cotton cover with a 100% rayon backing. I’m wondering which of these he’s describing.

Over a week ago I bought that Suite Sleep cover. Well, I tried to anyway. What I got is oatmeal colored with large loopy vines that are darker than the background. I thought I received the wrong product. I called The Clean Bedroom, which at the time of my sale was listed as the sold by shipped from company.

The Clean Bedroom had no record of me & I had just dropped $199.00. Then I noticed my invoice was from The Organic Mattress because TCB dropped the order to TOM. So I call them. The Organic Mattress sells this product, but had no idea that they had changed fabrics until I my call.

The Organic Mattress suggested I call Suite Sleep. At Suite Sleep I spoke with a very knowledgeable person, Angela O., who said that they had to change fabrics for a few reasons & that the fabric is GOTS certified organic, but not sewn in a organic shop, which is cost prohibitive & doesn’t diminish the quality. She also said I was only the second person to complain about the switch. Make of that what you will. :dry:

I am feeling sullen because I really wanted it to look like the pic, but I decided to keep it because it is organic cotton. The Organic Mattress people emailed & want me to be happy. They said they would take steps to see that the pic on Amazon is changed but after & seeing the same pic of the cover I wanted I wonder if people are receiving a different cover than they expected & hoped for, like I did. I explained to The Organic Mattress that people were going to be disappointed in not getting the depicted product. I also told them I think it will still be a good seller if people see the actual product picture.

It is stretchy.

I can see the design through my soft but not thick GOTS organic sheets in natural.

Hope you get what is pictured.

Just received that cover and a quick cursory glance after washing it, etc. suggests it’s exactly what I want. Very stretchy and of very high quality. Me and a friend are about to rebuild our latex mattress (received a new/replacement encasement) so I’ll post an update when that exchange is done.

Talk to Lewis Mirelez, Operations Manager for Suite Sleep, for more info. They sell the cover for $50 more than Amazon or thru other vendors in order to protect their retailers. You can buy the cover at Amazon for $159 shipped -


Please let us know about your new encasement and cover when finished…anxiously awaiting. Curious to know how both affect the feel of your latex.

Thanks so much!

EDITED 4-17-2014

The “new” encasement from SleepEZ is much more stretchable than the original “organic” one replaced. The rayon backing looks to be knit and also stretches both ways. The Suite Sleep mattress cover is also very stretchy and of high quality. It’s knitted 6" oversized on purpose… upon washing it shrinks to fit. There’s plenty of pocket depth in the stretchable skirt for thick mattresses. Both combined, casement and cover, there’s more feel to the 19 ILD topper with a very plush feel while having excellent support thanks to the medium and firm slabs below it.

This is a first night report on the “new” system. Here’s some pix.

Laying foam into encasement:

Positioning 19 ILD topper

Zipping up cover on new encasement:

Finished mattress with new encasement and new Suite Sleep cover:

Rayon backing on encasement showing knitting which DOES promote stretch. Cotton top is VERY stretchy:

Tough fabric bottom of new encasement with a side showing at bottom of photo: