mattress manufacturer near San Luis Obispo, CA

Hi, I’m looking for a mattress manufacturer near San Luis Obispo, CA-- preferably memory foam-- 5lbs like you suggest

Hi dip,

There aren’t any local factory direct manufacturers near you but there are a couple of possibilities in terms of local retail stores. These will need more research to find out how knowledgeable and open they are about the materials in their mattresses. I’ve also listed the brands that they carry that may have better quality/value. San Luis Obispo. Diamond San Luis Obispo. Arroyo Grande, Atascadero. Stress-O-Pedic, Therapedic San Luis Obispo, Grover Beach. Diamond, Paramount. Arroyo Grande. They carry some major brands which I would avoid but they also carry Pure Talalay Bliss latex mattresses and Diamond mattresses which may be worth considering. Atascadero. Diamond. Be very cautious here to make sure that any mattress you purchase is new AND has a factory warranty and isn’t what they call an “overstock” or a “scratch & dent” or "blemish (which are usually used or returned mattresses).

Furniture Depot Santa Maria. Golden (they may have some good value memory foam), Diamond, Gateway, Stress-O-Pedic Santa Maria. Stress-O-Pedic

Find Cool Home Furniture and Mattresses in Nipomo, CA Atascadero, Nipomo. Stress-O-Pedic

The closest Factory direct manufacturers to you that I’m aware of would be in the Santa Barbara/Ventura list in post #2 here or in the Monterey/Salinas/Santa Cruz/San Jose list in post #2 here or in the Fresno/Visalia list in post #2 here.

Hope this helps.


thank you!

what do you think of rocky mountain mattress? do they make quality mattress for the value you would expect?

they are willing to build me a bed with same density foam, etc. as the tempurpedic rhapsody. how would you rate or compare Bayer ultracel supersoft, softcel, and ultracel to the product type tempurpedic uses? if they built me a similiar feel bed-- what rocky mountain mattress products, layering, and inches would you expect in a final product?

thank you, again!

Hi dip,

Rocky Mountain Mattress is a manufacturing member of this site which means I believe they are among the best of the best in the country in terms of quality, value, and service. This page goes into more detail about the manufacturers and retailers that are invited to become members and are recommended by the site.

As you may know from reading the mattresses section of the site … memory foam density is the most important part of the quality/durability of a foam. Having said that … there are hundreds of different memory foam formulations even if the density is the same. Some of the differences between different memory foams are in post #9 here and there’s more in post #8 here as well.

There are really 3 different ways to “match” one mattress too another (more about this in post #2 here). Since your custom mattress would be using similar layering and quality/density of materials but materials with slightly different properties … you would be using the third method where the manufacturer themselves would be the ones that know their foams the best and specifically how a certain design may compare to another design that is familiar to them.

So in this case … I would trust Rocky Mountain to be able to do what they tell you they can do and I would let them design the layering and tell you what it would be. This would be much more accurate than any ideas I may have about what it “should be” because I don’t have the same knowledge and experience with the specific materials, components, and designs that are used in their mattresses that they do. It would likely end up similar to the rhapsody in terms of layering but may also have some differences that take into account the differences between the components and materials they use and those in the Rhapsody.

Hope this helps.