Options in and around Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada)

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We’re currently looking at options for memory foam mattresses and are a bit overwhelmed by what’s out there. We’re 5"11, 210 pound side-sleeper and 5"11, 178 pound sleeper who can get comfortable in any position. I prefer a firmer mattress (I’m finding my current mattress really strains my side and lower back) and he is OK with anything. His major concern with memory foam is being too warm. Any suggestions for ones that we should consider, which will be available to us in this area?

Hi Lulu,

I don’t know how I managed it but somehow I missed your post.

You’ve probably already read it but just in case … post #1 here along with the information it links to has the basic information you will need to make the best possible choices.

I haven’t done any research in the Halifax area (it’s one of the few areas that I haven’t) so I’ll take a look tomorrow to see what I can find and post it here.

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Hi Lulu,

I had the chance over the last couple of days to take a look in the Halifax/Dartmouth area (I’ve since looked at Cap[e Breton, Truro, and Yarmouth areas as well to include most of Nova Scotia) and make a few phone calls. I looked at about 15 different retailers and stores or chains in the area. The list includes the retailers and the brands they carry that I would include in my research there. Several of these indicated that they would call the manufacturer to find out any foam densities they didn’t know and disclose them to their customers that asked to the degree that their mattress suppliers makes possible (and some of them may not provide this information to their retailers in which case I would tend to pass the mattress by).

http://nurtured.ca/ Halifax, NS. They carry a range of SleepTek latex mattresses which are very high quality although they are in a higher budget range.

http://attica.ca/collections/mattresses Halifax, NS. VI Springs, Hypnos. These are “super premium” manufacturers that make a range of natural fiber/innerspring mattresses that would not be good value by most people’s standards but for those that are in much higher budget ranges where cost isn’t as important a part of their mattress purchase they may be worth testing. NOTE; They used to carry EQ mattresses made by Natura which is the reason they were originally included on the list but they no longer carry these.

http://www.mattressmart.ca/ Halifax, NS. Galaxy Bedding, Endless Comfort. I talked with their head office and they confirmed they will call the manufacturers and disclose the layers and foam densities to the degree their manufacturers allow (NOTE: their website no longer lists Galaxy mattresses so I would call them first to see if they still carry them. I would avoid the major brand mattresses they also carry).

http://www.comfortfoam.ca/ Dartmouth, NS. They make “good, better, and best” quality polyfoam mattresses and because they are a foam supplier they will also supply foam quality and density information. Limited selection of mattresses but what they have would likely be better quality and value.

http://www.nothinfancy.ca Halifax, Lower Sackville, New Minas, Bridgewater, Newport, Yarmouth, NS. Springwall, Therapedic, and MacGregor (made in Moncton). I talked with Jason here and he understood the importance of foam density and said they would also make the calls to their manufacturers and supply the information you need to make good choices to the degree possible.

http://www.hometownfurnitureltd.com/ Halifax, NS. They are appointment only which can sometimes be a sign of “pressure” but they sell Springwall mattresses which are generally more transparent about the materials and components in their mattresses than many other manufacturers.

http://www.kelticfurniture.com/index.html Sydney River, NS. Springwall.

http://www.wlnelson.com/ Yarmouth, NS. Springwall.

If I was in the Nova Scotia area … these retailers and manufacturers are where I would focus my attention to the exclusion of the others (that I’m aware of) that are available in the area.


This is amazing! Thank you so much for this information, which gives me some direction and ideas where to look (I never would have even considered Attica!) After we make a decision, I’ll come back and post what we got and what we think about it.

Hi Lulu,

i was wondering where and what type of mattress you guys bought from in the Halifax area, as I am going through the process now. Thanks!

I had forgotten to come back and give an update! We wound up testing out a few (Simmons, MattressMart, and Nothin Fancy, if I recall correctly) and my husband really disliked the feel of the matresses. In the end, we came to an agreement on a Sealy that we purchased through Costco.