Perfect Match/Bed match system

Any experience with this? Any validity to the concept?

Looks like there may be some validity to those just starting out in their search, but wil the “science” do anything more than point in a general direction?

That’s not new. They have that in Sleepy’s for years. You lay on it for a few seconds and they print out a sheet telling you which one to buy.

Unfortunately, it’s too late for you to go down that route. Sometime, too much knowledge can be a curse :silly:


That’s kind of what I figured. On the plus side though my partner simply “tolerates” what works for me and isn’t much help when shopping so maybe I can get her stats through the machine and see just what works for her in theory…

Hi TD-Max,

In almost all cases … the computerized pressure testing or pressure mapping systems or selection systems are directly connected to a specific line of mattresses that may all have poor quality/value and are more of a sales and marketing tool than anything else.

While they can be somewhat helpful generically (if you know the layering of the mattresses they are directing you to which is often unavailable) … I would tend to avoid a retailer who used them to replace good judgement, knowledge, or experience or to “direct” you to a specific brand of mattress that is the only one programmed into the results.



I was hoping we could gain some “science” that could be applied to a latex design. Looks like that is not the case.