Polyfoam Base

Decide to put a full bed in the guest room instead of the twin that is in there now. Don’t want anything expensive as I don’t have guests very often. The bed that was in there was from 5 years ago and was 5 inches of HD36-R from foambymail and 3 inches of 20 something latex from foam by mail. I see that place is not well liked here and have read the posts about them. I’m sure it is not the stats they said but it has held up okay and was used for the first 2 years every day. Wonder what the cheapest foam base is from a recommend supplier on this site is. Am I correct to assume from the component list that its this :

Foamonline - 6" conventional foam block - full size
Eco Flex C33 - 1.8 density 33IDL

Thats the closes to the foambymail polyfoam I had in the twin bed that has done its job.

Just wondering if that the cheapest option for 1.8 density polyfoam full size block from a recommended place on this form?

My other option would be to get a 5/6 inch HD36-R from foambymail for around 100 dollars.

The latex I have now are 3 1" layers, i’m going to cut them to make a 2" layer on top of the full .

Thanks for any help in advance

Hi jasesu23,

[quote] Wonder what the cheapest foam base is from a recommend supplier on this site is. Am I correct to assume from the component list that its this :

Foamonline - 6" conventional foam block - full size
Eco Flex C33 - 1.8 density 33IDL

I don’t see an Eco Flex listed on the foamonline site but this probably wouldn’t be the lowest cost for @ 1.8 lb polyfoam in the thickness and size you are looking for. I don’t know the current prices for each supplier off the top of my head so you would need to check their websites to compare their prices for similar foam layers in the size you are looking for but Posts #5 to #7 here include some more specific pricing comparisons that may be helpful.

As you know … I personally would be very hesitant to make any purchase from a supplier that has a history of misrepresenting their products.

A electric carving knife along with a straight edge works very well to cut foam. If you wish to glue the layers together then you can usually purchase a can of foam glue from a local foam or upholstery shop or you can also purchase it online (here and here for example)


Phoenix thanks for the quick reply. I must of been typing too fast. I meant the ECONOFLEX C33. It seems to be foamonlines cheapest high density foam. Everything above that jumps to 2.6-2.9 density and the price jumps up with it.

I really don’t think I need more than 1.8 as surprising as it is the foambymail lasted this long and seems to still have good support. I’d consider maybe getting foambymails again but I’d like it to be certipur, and even though they claim this its hard to trust with the post on here about them.

Thanks for the tips on cutting ,and gluing sounds like a good idea, I always seam to have to recenter all the layers once a week

I’ve used the list in this link under polyfoam online to look at a couple sites but couldn’t find any cheaper than foamonline.com 6 inch foam block that is 231. Is there a longer list of site you might have that I can search.

Thanks again for the help and for this forum

Hi jasesun23,

[quote]I’ve used the list in this link under polyfoam online to look at a couple sites but couldn’t find any cheaper than foamonline.com 6 inch foam block that is 231. Is there a longer list of site you might have that I can search.

Yes … this is the list I would use.

I don’t believe that foamonline sells Econoflex foam and I suspect that you may be looking at the Foamorder site which sells the Econoflex C33 foam you are looking at.

Did you check and price out the other sites I linked in my last reply for prices for similar foams?

A quick comparison for 6" cores of @ 1.8 lb polyfoam shows …

Foamorder 1.8 lb Econoflex C33 = $231.87

Foamonline medium firm 1.9 lb density (the closest they have) = $319.23

A1foamandfabrics medium Everlon 1.8 lb density = $149.58

Albanyfoam 1.8 lb density medium = $143.82

Foamproducts 2.0 lb medium soft or medium firm (the closest they have) = $226.91

I didn’t check any of the others that don’t list their prices online.

There are also other foam specs and properties (such as compression modulus, resilience, tensile strength, and other foam properties that can be formulated into the chemical formula of a foam material) that can also contribute to the cost, feel, and performance of polyfoam so if these are also important to you then it may also be worthwhile talking to each supplier about their specific foams.


You were right again. I meant foamorder.com. I had a hard time finding others but you have found a few which means I didn’t look as good as I thought. Thanks again.

Just wanted to update this tread of how my polyfoam order went. I ended up ordering with Albanyfoam. I emailed back and forth with Patrick who was very quick and helpful. He assured me all the foams are certipur certified and Cal Bul 117-2013 certified, and made in America.
Their website is a little confusing. I need a 5" full size piece. According to page 3 of their catalog it was 120 dollars. On page 10 it was priced by inch and 5" came to 160. Patrick said he’d honor page 3. So it was 120 plus tax plus shipping. Total 147 dollars. Very fair deal for something I can feel is legit compared to foambymail which was 100 for the same size and density.
The piece I got is pretty spot on in size. Its 74.75 long, 5" on the dot thick, and 54.25 wide. I’m going to have to cut it down a little due to my platform being 53.5 inches wide.
The spaces between my slats are just under 3 inches, however, when I lay on it and the last game I can feel a lot of foam pushing through. I do not bottom out, but prefer to have more support between the slats. I put some pegboard on top, and drilled bigger holes to give more air flow.
At 5’10" 155 I’m no where near bottoming out when lying down. The 35 IDL barely goes down 2" inches at my heaviest area.

Thanks for your assistance Phoenix - made sure to tell Patrick I found Albanyfoam through this site and what a great tool this site is.

Now all I need to do is find a new 3" latex topper and so I can get rid of all my old foambymail foam.

Hi jasesun23,

I agree that their site can be a little confusing (see posts #6 and #7 here as well) but their prices are good so it’s worth a little extra searching.

Thanks for the update and for letting us know what you ended up deciding … I appreciate it :).


Slept on just the polyfoam last night just to test it out. It was much firmer than I am used to and doesn’t have that springy feel like latex that I’m used to, but, I had a good night’s sleep. I might sleep on this for a week and maybe adjust my own bed after. Also, if I decide to order a latex topper it might be in the firmer range.
I’m sure there are bigger differences, but I feel like this what people might be talking about when they say the Tuft and Needle polyfoam bed is very firm but still like it.


Hi, I am curious, I haven’t had a chance to follow-up as it is the week-end, but just got a delivery from Albanyfoam (Centipur certified polyurethane) and it had a couple of Prop 65 warning labels which stated that the “foam” contains chemicals known by the state of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm to humans. I will follow-up on Monday with Albany, but just wondering if anyone else is running into this. There was no communication or information informing me that I was going to receive this warning, so am concerned now about some flame retardant like “FireMaster 550” being used, etc.

This is pre-emtive, and will need to follow-up at this site after having a conversation with Albany Foam, but am “biting at the bit” here…


Hi river,

If the foam you ordered contains any of the chemicals on the proposition 65 list then it would trigger the warning whether it was fire retardant chemicals added to the foams (for FR foams) or the chemicals were used to manufacture the polyfoam itself and would be a requirement for any business that was doing business in the state of California. The warning would be a requirement if the product contains either a higher level of the chemicals that have a safe harbor limit or if they aren’t on that list then if they contain any of the chemicals on the list in any amount even if the amount of exposure to harmful substances or VOC’s would be less than the CertiPur testing criteria.


Thanks Phoenix for your quick response. I’ll follow-up to get specific information. The good news is that the ultra-foam (2635) makes a great base. Hopefully will be able to quickly assess the health concern aspect. Thanks again…

Hi river,

While I’m no expert in materials science or chemistry … just as an example Toluene diisocyanate (TDI) is on the list and is one of the two main chemicals used in most of the polyfoam made in the US but when it’s reacted with a polyol and cured to make polyfoam then it becomes inert and isn’t considered to be harmful (see III. Scope of Review on page 2 here) yet they would still be an “ingredient” in the polyfoam. They could present a risk to the people who manufacture the polyfoam or handle the unreacted chemical itself but the risk to consumers that purchase the final product would be minimal.


Thought I submitted a response yesterday, but it’s not showing. Just wanted to follow-up quickly. I had a conversation with Albany Foam and one with Certipur. I feel comfortable that the prop 65 warning is more of a convoluted (red-tape) issue to cover their bases legally. I also feel comfortable that their polyurethane is free of fire retardant (my main issue) and therefore the poly in and of itself is safe. It feels very high quality in terms of “support factor”; not advertised as HR, but definitely a nice HD foam.

Thanks to Phoenix for all the useful and well-thought out information this forum provides, very helpful.


Hi river,

Thanks for the update … I appreciate it.

I would agree that if the polyfoam you ordered is CertiPUR certified then it would certainly be “safe enough” for most people’s criteria.