[shot in the dark] iso value innerspring in Tyler, Texas or online


My wife and I really like the comfort (and durability) of latex after trying several expensive name brand models in town. I would like to get a full latex, but it is out of our price range ($1000 tops king size). So I’ve decided to go the innerspring/latex topper route. Are there any options online for a quality innerspring $600 or less? It looks as though a 2-3" topper will be $250-350 rounding out my 1k budget. We are in Tyler, Texas (75701) and as far as I have can see Big S mattresses are the only option in town. I know there are some great independent factories in Dal/Ft. Worth (2hrs away), but the high delivery costs seem to negate their value. And we can’t pick it in a Civic :stuck_out_tongue: So I am hoping to find a decent online option for an innerspring, or it may be that a low end Big S firm innerspring purchased locally may be my best option to pair with a latex topper. Unless I am overlooking someplace in near Tyler. Any advice is welcome, thank you!

BTW, I have to say. This site is awesome. This is the kind of website that makes the internet so great–really. I am mattress enlightened after reading many threads and articles here.

hi ryan,

I think one of your best options for a very firm innerspring with as little as possible foam or fiber in the top comfort layers happens to be local to you which is Denver Mattress.

They use thinner layers of 1.8 lb polyfoam (good quality) and fiber in their firm mattress with your choice of various types of springs in their lineup and most of them are within your budget.

One other option you have is a mattress with a high quality polyfoam base layer and then a latex comfort layer over this. If this is a possibility worth considering for you … then there are a couple of good online choices, both of which are among the members of this site that specialize in online sales that make a good quality and value latex/polyfoam hybrids and are well within your $1000 budget. They are …


Hope this helps.



This is a list of possibilities for others in the Tyler area that may be looking for better quality/value and want to avoid the major brands. I would suggest some phone research with these before visiting them (along the lines of this article) to find out their level of transparency about the materials in their mattresses, their knowledge and service, and to get a sense of what to expect if you visit them (based on how helpful they are on the phone). I’ve also included the brands they carry (according to their websites) that I would focus on.

Denver Mattress® - The Easiest Way to Get the Right Mattress Tyler, TX. They are a regional factory direct manufacturer that makes a range of mattresses including their iChoice which is a “mostly latex” mattress with either a memory foam or latex topper, a line of innerspring mattresses, and a line of all latex mattresses as well. They disclose all the information about the materials they use in their mattresses and are typically good quality and value (and certainly better than mainstream brands). I would avoid the major brands they also carry.

http://www.ivansmith.com/ Tyler, Jacksonville, Athens, Longview, TX. and others in the larger area. Restonic, American Bedding.

http://www.mattresshq.com/ Tyler, TX. Sherwood, Sleep Designs, Mlily.

http://www.sleepmasterstexas.com/ Tyler, Longview, TX. American Bedding, Mlily


Definitely helps, thank you. Denver Mattress was the first stop we made when we were looking at latex, but I was not aware they were a good choice for innersprings. This is great, because we need to get back by there anyway to try their latex models again for help deciding on the right specs for a topper. We tried them before, but this time I can do it smarter because I will be on the lookout more for the way the bed provides pressure relief and spinal support rather than just “feel.”


We liked the Winterpark Firm at Denver Mattress—I think it will be a good support mattress for our latex topper. Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction, I feel good about getting that step settled.

I’d appreciate some advice on selecting a topper also. I am 5’ 10’’ 150 lbs. My wife is 5’ 4" 120 lbs. Both side sleepers. While at DM we were able to give the Snowmass a good try and did not find it cushioning enough. We also tried out the Telluride Plush, DM’s spring/ latex hybrid. The Telluride was closer to what we want, but it too could be a little more giving. Both the Snowmass and Telluride contain 2" of talalay in their comfort layer. The Snowmass is 24 ILD, according to other threads, but I can not find anything on the Telluride.

With all that in mind, I am thinking about the 3" topper from from Mattresses24/7 22-24 ILD. It is the same ILD as the Aspen that is too firm for us, yet an inch thicker, so may allow the right give. Do you think this is a wise choice given our mattress selection and personal stats?

Hi Ryan,

The Snowmass actually has a 3" comfort layer (1" polyfoam in the quilting and 2" of latex) but I don’t know the ILD of the polyfoam. I do know however that it is firmer than the 3" comfort layer in the Aspen which also has an inch of polyfoam in the comfort layer but it is under the 2" of latex and is softer. This may be worth testing as well.

The Telluride has closer to 6" of foam above the innerspring for the comfort and transition layers.

1½" 1.8lb Density Convoluted Foam (likely softer)
1" Bioflex™ Soy Based Foam (unknown ILD)
2" Talalay latex (I’m guessing this is also 24 ILD)
1.25" convoluted polyfoam (again an unknown ILD)

It is called Plush so the thicker layers of foam and the combination of ILD’s probably makes this a little softer than the Snowmass but it’s difficult to know for sure where it fits because of the unknowns.

Because of your lighter weights though and also because the Winterpark only has an inch of foam above the innersprings and then just a fiber layer (which will tend to compact and firm up over time) … I would guess that a 3" 19 ILD topper may work better for you than the 22-24 which is similar to the mattresses you tested that were a little on the firm side. There are some good sources of Talalay toppers or layers in post #4 here and mattresses.net has a 3" Talatech topper (Latex International’s brand name) which is 3" of 19 ILD (which also has a good quality cover which is necessary for a latex topper).