Side Support for Latex Mattresses?

Hi, I’m new here, and new to mattress shopping. This is an amazing website. I’ve been through the tutorials and am considering a latex mattress. I currently have an old innerspring with memory foam topper on a wood platform. It’s a converted loft with entry/exit on one side only, and has a large sag on the side/middle of the innerspring as a result. I’m a side sleeper, on the heavy side, in central NY but willing to consider purchasing online with a good return/exchange policy.

I know there are pocket innersprings with foam encasements for side support, but I’m having difficulty finding information on side support for latex. I looked at Brooklyn Bedding and saw a complaint about lack of side support for one of their latex mattresses. Maybe I just haven’t looked in the right places yet or have inadequate understanding of latex?

Can anyone point me toward information on side support of latex mattresses or latex mattresses with good side support? I might still consider a two-sided innerspring with latex topper, if I can find one that’s affordable and addresses my side support concerns. Thanks!

Hi SueR,

Most foam mattresses (including latex) don’t have or even really need side support if they have a support core that is firm enough and the comfort layers aren’t too thick and/or soft for the person sleeping on it. There is more information about edge support with latex mattresses (or other foam mattresses) in post #3 here and in post #33 here but with a latex or latex hybrid mattress that is a suitable firmness level relative to the person sleeping on it then it normally wouldn’t be a significant issue for most people unless you often sleep or sit with most of your weight concentrated on the very outside edge of the mattress although the outside edges of a foam mattress would generally be softer than an innerspring mattress that has a specific edge support system.

The only way to know for certain whether the edges of a specific latex or other foam mattresses will be suitable for your specific body type and sleeping style or your preferences will be based on testing the mattress in person (or a mattress that is fairly similar) before a purchase or by actually sleeping on it (if you can’t test it in person before a purchase) and if you are uncertain whether you are one of the few that may “need” firmer edge support then a good return/exchange policy may be a more important part of your personal value equation just in case you are one of the few (generally in higher weight ranges) that needs or prefers a firmer edge.

I don’t know of any latex mattresses off the top of my head that have added edge support although there maybe a few that I’m not aware of or that don’t immediately come to mind.