Sleep design mattress protector

Anyone have experience with this mattress protector? Is it good?

I’m particularly interested in it because it is the only mattress protector I’ve seen that recommends washing/drying on hot. That is important to me because I need to wash my bedding in hot water to keep my dust mite allergy under control.

Would love to hear from anyone who has one. Is it nice and stretchy? How thick is it? How durable? Price? It isn’t clear they would ship one, although I’ll call tomorrow to find out. Does anyone know of any other all cotton stretchy mattress protectors that can be washed and dried on hot?

I called them today & they were very nice on the phone. The cover is intended to be washed on hot, which is great. The price is $189 for a king size, and they will take phone orders. So I will be giving this mattress protector a try.

Hi awoods,

I’m looking forward to your feedback when you receive it.

I’ve also added this protector to the “stretch cotton” section of the mattress protector post here.


I ordered it this evening. I’ll post an update with how I like it after I receive it.

Hi awoods,

That would be great … and I’ll add a link to your feedback in the mattress protector post as well so that others can benefit from your experience :).


I received my mattress protector, and am very happy with it. It is very luxurious feeling material. Very nice hand, stretchy, and washed and dried on hot beautifully! It is sufficiently stretchy that the edges don’t quite line up with the edges of the mattress (pull toward the middle a bit). Not a big deal, but may bug anyone who is OCD about straight lines. Here’s a couple pictures

Right out of the box

Laying on top the bed before stretching it to fit (the thing already on the mattress is the dust mite encasement)

Stretched to fit

I don’t know if this is the same mattress protector, but I followed the link provided. It specifically warns against washing or drying on ‘hot’.

CARE: Machine wash warm or cold, dry low, no bleach. *Warning: using high heat or harsh chemicals like bleach will cause the waterproof barrier to blister and peel voiding the 5 year warranty. - See more at: Mattress Protector made with eco-certifed cotton

Just thought I’d give a heads up since apparently washing/drying on high heat will void the warranty (as with most PU backed mattress protectors).

Hi brass,

There are two mattress protectors on the page you linked and awoods has the one on top of the page which is the non waterproof stretch knit cotton protector and in the middle of the page it says specifically to wash and dry it on hot.


Oh ok, my mistake. That’s definitely a perk. Somehow I missed that, didn’t realize there were 2 different protectors on that page. They looked similar so I thought they were different pics of the same protector. Maybe I need glasses :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi brass,

If you need glasses then I probably need a telescope (at least on some days when my eyes start to go blurry) :slight_smile:

I’ve seen you pick up on a lot of details that most people would miss!


Yes, thanks for clarifying Phoenix. There are two, and the hot water washable one is not waterproof.