Ultimate Dreams mattress - lower density foam?

Hi Phoenix,

I bought one of the original Ultimate Dreams 3" Latex and 5.5" 2.35lb Polyfoam base mattresses.

My parents are looking to buy one as well - but I read online that the new Ultimate Dreams mattress for the same price only uses 1.5lb Polyfoam as a base instead of the 2.35lbs.

Is this true? And if so - do you still recommend this mattress?

I worry the 1.5lb will not last as long as the original.

Notably on Amazon it no longer mentions the 2.35lb density for the foam base.


Are you talking about the review by cinnamonsticks for the Ultimate Dreams Latex mattress? That review concerned me a bit as well, was thinking about buying one.

Hi ryanc,

Yes the foam has changed because the original foam was no longer available to them and because they now need to compress the mattress for longer periods of time as Amazon takes over their fulfillment.

It is a lower density foam which by itself would translate into lower durability but the support layers of a mattress are not usually the weak link of a mattress and the comfort layers are the same which is the most important part of durability. The “feel” and performance is also the same. In other words in practical terms and for most people it would make little difference in terms of durability. You can see more of my thoughts about the change in post #14 here.

I don’t recommend specific mattresses for people but in terms of quality and value yes, the Brooklyn bedding and Dreamfoam mattress lines continue to be among the best quality/value in the country. For someone who was heavier and where there was more risk of “going through” the top layer and more deeply into the layers below then it may be worth considering one of their Brooklyn Bedding models which use higher density foam in the base layers and have exchangeable layers (to adjust your comfort choice after a purchase) but of course these are also more costly so this would involve a tradeoff. For most people of average or lower weight it would make little practical difference.


the funny thing is they still have the 2.35 LB foam listed for their natural latex mattress that uses dunlop in the comfort layer. Chuck even emailed me his thoughts on the dunlop and the 2.35 LB foam:

Hi Mike,

The Dunlop bed is going to use the 2.35 base foam.

The 2.35 foam is denser foam, but I would not buy it solely for that reason.

If you want my opinion the 1.5 foam is a better foam for a mattress. The 1.5 has a quicker response and better contouring. Huge companies like Tempur-Pedic actually use the 1.5 because it is better in a mattress.

If you want to buy the Natural latex because of the Dunlop then you are ok, but definitely don’t buy it because of the base foam.

We have an 85, 75, & 65 for density in the Dunlop latex.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me or give me a call.



i am strongly considering this mattress in the dunlop rated at 65 but i am awaiting a few answers from an email i sent friday. i think the less springy dunlop and the denser foam might just be the trick.

Thank you for the information and the link Phoenix, I will be placing my order tomorrow for one. :woohoo:

I really appreciate your site and the knowledge you share here.

Hi suffolk,

One other benefit of the natural Latex mattress is that it uses quilted wool in the cover which is a more costly material and will add wool’s natural humidity and temperature regulating properties to the mattress.

They must have saved some of the 2.35 lb polyfoam for this mattress.

I have had some very long and interesting conversations with John (the owner of Brooklyn Bedding and Dreamfoam) and he is amazingly meticulous in choosing the foams he uses in his mattress designs for their feel and performance. He even has a “hobby” where he will spend a weekend with a friend (that I also know and is another “mattress expert”) tearing apart mattresses to see what is inside them and the type of foams they use that makes them feel the way they feel.

I’ve told him on more than one occasion that it sounds like a lot of fun and that I’m kind of jealous that I can’t be there to join him and help him tear a few mattresses apart … just to see what makes them tick :slight_smile:


Hi waterman,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I think you’ve made a good choice and I’m looking forward to your feedback when you receive it.


[quote=“Phoenix” post=20194]Hi suffolk,

I’ve told him on more than one occasion that it sounds like a lot of fun and that I’m kind of jealous that I can’t be there to join him and help him tear a few mattresses apart … just to see what makes them tick :slight_smile:


When I returned my Sterns and Foster, I wanted to rip it open so bad. Not for $1500 though :slight_smile:

Hi ejcrossl,

There are a few links in the mattress surgery post here which includes some pictures from some of the members here that have done mattress surgery that may be interesting.