finding a latex mattress in my area

I’m looking for a latex mattress retailer in the Palm Springs area. Can you help

Hi Phooenix,

I live in Carroll, Ia and have been trying to find a latex mattress in the area. I had a tempurpedic cloud supreme for a month but could not take the smell. After reading many of the posts, where could I find a latex mattress in the area. I am 6’2 and 210 and my wife is 6’0 and 160. I slept and felt great on the cloud. I have looked online at Plushbeds and at the Snowmass. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi fdd87,

Palm Springs has several factory direct manufacturers which are reasonably close but several don’t fit the profile of a typical local manufacturer and may not have the typical value or selection you would otherwise expect. I am listing them with a few comments for each. They manufacture their own mattresses but they don’t carry all latex that I know of (I could be wrong here) and they are unusual in that they focus more on other brands and major brands than they do on their own. This is often a sign that their own are higher priced than would be typical for a local manufacturer. Desert Hot Springs. Carry memory foam mattresses which include crystals inside them so you can reach the astral realms while you sleep. Way overpriced unless this type of “extra” is important to you and only included for reference as they don’t carry latex. Palm Desert, CA. Carries a selection of mattresses and adjustable beds including several that use Talalay latex. They would be worth including in your research.

Diamond Mattress is a wholesale manufacturer which makes a range of mattresses including latex and latex hybrids which have some better value. Their retail outlet finder will give you a list of local outlets which carry them and I would make a phone call to the ones that are closest to make sure they carry latex models that you may want to test.

There are also several retail outlets within reasonable distance that carry brands that make latex mattresses which may be worth a phone call and including in your research if the phone call is promising. I would focus on some of the smaller brands using better quality materials these stores offer and avoid the larger name brands, which tend to not use materials that are as durable. Redlands, Riverside, Moreno Valley, San Bernardino. Englander, Diamond, Stress-O-Pedic, Lady Americana. Small retailer that carries a wide range of mattresses including several all latex. I had a long conversation with him and he is clearly “mattress people” and well worth a phone call and/or a visit. If you do go here let Glenn know that you came from “the mattress underground” and he said he would look after you well. Hemet, CA. Carries a range of independent manufacturers including Diamond, Stress-O-Pedic, MBC and Therapedic, which make latex or latex hybrid mattresses along with a range of other types of mattresses as well. Local. Diamond, Englander, MBC. Carry several manufacturers that make latex mattresses along with other types of mattresses as well that may be worth including in your research. Palm Desert. Diamond Mattress. Cathedral City. Has a few smaller brands using latex and memory foam that may be worth investigating if you can find out the materials used inside.

Hope this helps


Hi Big 10,

I did a google search for Carrol, LA and nothing came up so I don’t know what your closest city is. Did you mean Carroll Parish? If this is it … how far is a reasonable drive for you?


I live in Carroll, Iowa. The should make it easier to find. Thanks.

Hi Big 10,

That makes more sense … I originally searched for Carroll and Carol in Louisiana and was pretty sure that I had it wrong.

Unfortunately, your local choices right in Carroll, IA seems to be very limited and your best value would almost certainly involve a drive. The only stores that came up on a search were Slumberland who seems to only carry major brands (although they may carry others not listed on their website) and Good to Go Mattress outlet who carry only Restonic and didn’t seem to know a lot about the different types of materials or be so interested in helping to identify the layers in the mattresses they carried (the lady there seemed to be quite happy to say goodbye and deal with “easier” questions). TrueValue also appears to carry Restonic mattresses but I would be a little hesitant buying a mattress from a hardware store unless they were very knowledgeable about mattresses in general and their models in particular.

There may be other outlets close by that didn’t come up but it appears that your better choices would be either in the direction of Des Moines, towards Omaha, or an online purchase from a knowledgeable manufacturer.

Towards Des Moines … your better choices that I know of would be … Retail direct outlet in Ankeny, Urbandale, Des Moines, Ames. They carry Restonic and have a very close relationship with the local factory and can even customize their mattresses if necessary. Joe the owner is very knowledgeable and helpful with his customers and also runs his outlets with a lower profit margin which along with his direct relationship with a local factory means he carries great quality and value mattresses. They are also a member of this site and you can read some feedback about them in this thread and post #18 here. Ames and other locations. Factory direct manufacturer. Builds a range of mattresses that includes memory foam, latex, and innerspring models. Altoona. Retail outlet and manufacturer. They used to manufacture their own mattresses but because of the fire regulations that were introduced in 2007 that required the use of new machinery to comply with the fire code, they now only manufacture RV mattresses or mattresses with a prescription (that don’t require the fire barrier). For typical home use they carry Restonic and Glideaway and are quite knowledgeable about the components in their mattresses.

Towards Omaha:

See Post #2 here.

I would tend to make a few phone calls before going in either direction to discuss your needs and preferences and then visit the ones that seemed to be the most knowledgeable and helpful on the phone and provided a good choice of options that would be worth testing in your price range. Local manufacturers usually have the best value but I would include the retail outlets as well in your phone calls and research as sometimes they can also have very good value.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the help. What do you know about I was online and called and talked with them. They seem very able and willing to help. Just am worried about buying a mattress online. I was looking at the 9" model.

Hi Big 10,

Plushbeds carry some very nice latex mattresses using good quality materials (6" natural Dunlop base with natural Talalay latex comfort layers and with a good quality cotton/wool quilted cover). The quality in other words is not in question.

If you compare them to more “mainstream” choices … their value is good.

If you compare them however to the much wider range of choices available to members here from local and online manufacturers … the options available and the prices/value don’t compare nearly so well.


High Phoenix,

Went to a vball clinic in Ames and stopped in at Lebeda after the morning sessions. Chad was very willing to help and explain their products. I liked the Heritage Plush. I could only spend about twenty minutes in the store but it is 4.0 Talalay latex over 805 coils. 15 year non prorated warranty, 30 day sleep trial and 2 year comfort customization. What are your thoughts? Thanks.

Hi Big10,

I don’t know all the layers in the Heritage Plush (or whether the 4.0 refers to density or to thickness) but on the face of it a talalay latex over pocket coil mattress can be a great choice … particularly if you have tested it for pressure relief, alignment, and overall feel. There are some who prefer it to an all latex mattress.

As you probably know … I would also personally prefer (and would pay a small premium for) a local choice that I have tested over putting something together that I haven’t tested as long as the value is similar.

Their 30 day sleep trial and especially their 2 year comfort customization is also a great benefit to have and IMO one of the benefits of dealing with a local manufacturer.

I would certainly give it serious consideration, especially if the value was similar to or better than other choices in your area.


I live in St Cloud MN and would love some recommendations of where to look at getting a mattress from. I almost bought an iMattress but your site saved me. Now I cant find anyone who carries anything other then the big brands you say are not the best value.

Hi Jzschmity,

See my reply to your other post here :).