Gulf Coast locations

Searching through the forums, I can find no information on any sales locations down here on the Gulf Coast area. Can you offer any information in the Mississippi area regarding possible outlets?

I am also on the coast and Phoenix pointed me to a couple places in Slidell that offer Pure Latex Bliss, that is where I would start. I am sure he can also point you to some manufacturers in the area. Good luck.

Hi MS Man,

Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of manufacturers along the Gulf Coast but there are certainly some options that are better than others…

The better possibilities in and around the Gulfport area (including one local manufacturer in Meridian and the outlets in slidell) are in post #4 here.

There are no local manufacturers in the New Orleans area but the better possibilities are in post #4 here.

There are several local manufacturers in the Baton Rouge and Lafayette area that are in post #191 here.

The manufacturers and some better “possibilities” in Mobile and Pensacola are in post #365 here.

Hope that helps.